How much bandwidth should three cameras (main stream, plus audio) use? Would it be enough to impact wireless speeds on a top of the line AC5300 router?

I'm having major router issues (been through 9 different top tier routers in 6 months and all have issues maintaining expected throughput). I've got 70+ devices connected, but only 8 are cameras. Live streams via Tiny Cam are choppy and terrible. Tiny Cam Cloud replays are absolutely stellar though; they look like movies.

Live streams will go from 5FPS and then jump to 40FPS. The cameras are set to max out at 25FPS. The movement is like you are pressing pause, then 2x speed or sometimes it will be in slow motion and if left on will delay up to a few minutes as a result, playing the whole time in half speed.

Just curious if there's something going on? I've had a few routers telling me bandwidth usage, and nothing stands out at all, but the problem remains so I thought I'd see if since the Tiny Cam Cloud experience is brilliant, maybe the 1080p or 960p cloud recordings are using or restricting the bandwidth need for smooth LIVE playback.


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ok i linked the cloud to my gmail account so how do i get the cameras to record in the cloud? where do i go in the app. maybe that is why the cameras don't show in the app they may be in the cloud somewhere.

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Web client for tinyCam Cloud (Beta) released. It shows only last events at the moment, but more features will be added very soon. Chrome/Firefox browsers recommended. Stay tuned!

P.S. Pointing mouse cursor on top of video will start video automatically.

tinyCam Cloud web client is available at

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Why would Cloud play a recording perfectly, smooth frame rate, but live is like I'm pressing pause, 2x fast forward, pause, 2x fast forward, etc?

hi there,

Looks like there is no record from yesterday 8.39pm UK time.
I checked everything and looks like my side is ok.
error:timeout: camera is not responding.

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Hi, I have set schedule for recording, but today it looks like it records always. Is this a bug? Of schedule is set correct there must be no recording. 
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Just out of curiosity, do you have any ideas about how pricing will work eventually or if there will be a free tier?

Sorry to be impatient, but I really need to know how to reset my TinyMonitor Cloud password. It's important.

Can someone help?

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In the latest tinyCam Monitor 7.1.3 we have released two new tinyCam Cloud features:

- Scheduler. Now it is possible to say when you want the cloud to record you cameras. By default it records 24/7.

- Ability to specify whether audio should be recorded as well. By default only video is recorded.

Please try and let us know how that works.

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