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tinyCam Cloud

tinyCam Monitor running on Android Auto

DIY: Demo of tinyCam Monitor PRO running on Android device with 24/7 recording on motion. Cheap (50$) DVR.

DIY: tinyCam Monitor PRO as 24/7 DVR on Android Things and Raspberry Pi 3

DIY: Making a Hikvision camera portable with mini router, battery pack, Android tablet and tinyCam Monitor PRO

DIY: Using tinyCam Monitor for professional surveillance (for live view)

DIY: Using tinyCam Monitor PRO in a doorbell project

DIY: Using tinyCam as a part of camera system for cranes (mobile, crawler, tower).
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Bei der Floureno Kamera gehen seit neusten die Presets nicht mer ist ausgegraut.

Any chance of fisheye dewarping support?

Background mode turns off after a few hours. Does anybody know a fix for this, please?


I'm trying to hook up a Wansview K1 (X series)
I've tried both MJPEG and RTSP over TCP.
When I run MJPEG it shows a good frame rate but a 100% drop rate,
when I run RTSP I get nothing

Any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong?

Добрый день !
Случайно (просмотрел) стал счастливым обладателем YooSee камеры в реинкарнации SVIP S300. Пока заменить ее не получается, поэтому есть потребность показывать ее в tinyCam хотя бы как generic через rtsp ( готов простить то, что YooSee принципиально держит 554 порт без пароля :).
К, сожалению, не дружат. Порты открывать умею. Через VLC проверял. Ссылкой на живой поток готов поделиться в более приватном режиме.

Рад буду любому совету.

Bad handling of sending email.

"10:39:55.382 ... Email sending for 'Cam2'
10:39:55.502 ... Email sent 111422 bytes
10:39:56.667 ... SMTP connect reply: 220 ESMTP i17-v6sm5519782ede.13 - gsmtp
10:40:00.365 .... SMTP auth reply: 235 2.7.0 Accepted
10:40:11.726 ... Could not connect to server.
10:40:11.727 ... Read timed out
10:40:12.296 ... Email already sent recently (16 sec ago) for 'Cam2'. Skipped."

Have the full Applog for the incident and emails did get sent before and after this.

No motion detection for sricams in the latest beta 2. :(

Trying to add my second camera and get the message "no route to host" it is plugged into lan and found and added the camera so i am confused

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I have come appon an interesting issue where i can only reliably connect to my foscam camera from my phone via my cellphone network. It drops connection as soon as i connect to the wifi network it is linked to stating "video failed, software caused connection abort" . Using a tp-link powerline wifi extender to extend my home network which may be a contributing factor. Anyone know of any way to resolve this or of any way to connect to the internet feed from the camera using my wifi broadband rather than cellphone data allowance (phone .-> internet via wifi -> camera external feed)

Camera does intermittently connect when connected to wifi network. Alway connects instantly as soon as i disable wifi..
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