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tinyCam Cloud

tinyCam Monitor running on Android Auto

DIY: Demo of tinyCam Monitor PRO running on Android device with 24/7 recording on motion. Cheap (50$) DVR.

DIY: tinyCam Monitor PRO as 24/7 DVR on Android Things and Raspberry Pi 3

DIY: Making a Hikvision camera portable with mini router, battery pack, Android tablet and tinyCam Monitor PRO

DIY: Using tinyCam Monitor for professional surveillance (for live view)

DIY: Using tinyCam Monitor PRO in a doorbell project

DIY: Using tinyCam as a part of camera system for cranes (mobile, crawler, tower).
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In theory tinyCam should be able to support any ONVIF compatible camera, right? What ONVIF profiles are supported?

I would like to consider using it as a 'gateway' to control the camera via Tasker/Automagic.

Any plans to extend the Tasker/Automagic integration to support camera functions like PTZ and IR LED control, assuming the appropriate ONVIF profile is supported by the camera?

Hi all . I buy new xvr nvr . How add on tinycam 4ch.

Any solution . Or no help ?

I have a phone I use as a tinyCam 'server'. When the app is being used to detect movement, is the flash being used as a buffer or are frames held in RAM?

The phone just died and I do NOT suspect tinyCam, but just wondering how the app uses and thus wears the flash memory in the phone.

When movement is detected I have tinyCam upload the resulting .mp4 to Dropbox and don't have it deliberately saving to the phone as well (the achive in recording settings is zero, and each camera has local storgage recording unticked.)

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I'm hoping someone can help. I have a night owl 8 channel system, only have two channels set up at the moment, one and three. On their app, it works just fine but tinycam, I can only get Channel 1 to work. even if I copy Channel One settings to a new camera and change 2 channel 3, it still displays channel 1s feed.

I'm at a loss, anyone have any ideas?

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Does tinyCam pro support this type of camera without brand?
This item support RTSP and other on port 34567 tried to find a compatible one but without success

Прога находит камеру (Digoo DG-M1Z) без вопросов, подключается, но при попытке просмотра:
Video failed (Timeout, check hostname and port number)
Порта 5000 и 554 стоят, из публикаций следует, что именно эта прога подхватывает эту камеру без проблем...

Если верить этому, что все должно работать, но не работает...:

Что делать?

Hallo, bin ganz neu hier und habe ein kleines Problem auf meinen Fire tv Stick habe ich das Problem das wenn ich eine Cam auswähle das bild sehr groß und nicht vollständig erscheint bei 4 kleinen bildern ist alles normal. Vielleicht kann mir da jemand helfen. Grüße und Danke.

On Bluestacks the TinyCam pro app fails to start while using a configured WYze V2 camera. It looks like its opening, but immediately disappears after the live feed screen appear (no video is displayed before it exits).
The OEM camera app works fine however. This happens on 3 different PCs with the latest Bluestacks downloaded and installed.

Question on best device(s) to use to run TinyCam pro. I have a raspberry pi, a Samsung s5 and an Intel desktop(32GB RAM) that I can run bluestacks on. Which would likely provide the best performance for the TinyCam app?
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