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Added support for motion detection mask in tinyCam Cloud.
Account tab - Camera Parameters - Change Mask. Feature available for both web and Android version of tinyCam Cloud.


Hi I'm wondering what will become of the support offered here after Google kills Google+

Hi Tinycam community,

This is my first post and first problem encountered with Wyze cam using Tinycam pro. I’ve been using the Wyze cams for about 6 months and they have been great. I use Tinycam Pro to view them and has been working fine for 6 months or so.

For the past month or two, I noticed that Wyze cam video feed would only work when my phone is on my home wifi and not mobile data. Wyze cam app works on both. I’ve made no change to the wifi router settings and Tinycam pro, I don’t think Wyze cam would need port forwarding either.

I’d only get varies kb/s on Tinycam pro feed and 0 fps. As soon as I put my phone on the home wifi and I’ll see the videos. I should mention that the Wyze cams are on the guest network and my phone are on the 5ghz regular wifi network.

Has anyone encounter this problem? Anyone have any advice on how I can trouble shoot this problem? Thanks so much in advance.

Hello Alexey,
I'm trying to use timycam pro as nvr with background mode.
Since I want to reduce traffic, I prefer to put a dedicated Android phone with tinymon at home, and get notification to my remote phone. For this I use a notification mirroring app (bridge) and it's work fine.
The problem is the multiple notifications tinycam pro creates during background mode which keep my remote phone busy with non relevat notification.
I'm interested in the motion detector notification only....
Please advise.

All Wyzecam camera's are down after recent beta update 10.2.7 Beta1

App pro function with I-pad Huawei?

I have a Zosi HD-TVI which works with the IP cam viewer app. Is there any chance you will get your app to support it also? I've been trying for hours to get it working. Also, you state that the ZM-SH75D0001 is supported but I've been unable to get mine connected. I have static IP addresses assigned and I'm unable to connect.

Does anyone know how to connect with the Honeywell lyric C1 camera

Is there a possibility to play back the SD card from the camera with TinyCam monitor
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