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Name: Nate
Age: 15
Birthday: November 5
Weapon: I am a spear
Gender: male
Personallity: I need to be by my Meister almost 24/7 unless they are changing or going to the bathroom, I am sensitive and emotional
Bio: I am the second son of Medusa Goron, I have never made a friend and have been inside my house my whole life up until now

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It is a silent now
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Name: Tomo Dakamono
Age: 14
Birthday:June 5
Weapon or Meister: Meister
Gender: Male
Personality Trait: Fun,Talkative, Always Happy (When with friends). Silent,Deadly,Serious (When alone). Philosopher, Otaku,Gamer,Lover, Thrill seeker(All the time)
Bio: One of the last Time Lords on earth. After his parents died of a car accident he decided to live a non ordinary life on his own and leave his sucky life from home. So he decided to enroll in D.W.M.A. to live his life to the fullest and help people along the way.

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Name: Lily James
Nicknames: Demon (get me mad and you will understand why)
Age: 16
Birthday: 11/6
Weapon: Dagger
Gender: Girl
Personality: Shy or distant,when you get to know her she becomes outgoing
Likes: Music, hanging out with friends, reading
Dislikes: Loud noises, really over protective people
Bio: When she was 10 she learned that she was a weapon when her parents where killed by a kishin and she ended up turning her arm into the blade of a dagger. After that, she freaked out until she learned about the DWMA and desided to become a student.
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Name Kimial "Kim" Diehl

Age 16-17

Nicknames Tanuki-Chan. Kim.

Weapon Or Meister Witch/Meister.

Gender Female.

Personality Manipulative. Outgoing. Tomboyish.
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Name:Allias Star Light
age:12(in shapeshifter years)126(in human years)
Info:her parents were killed in front of her when she was only 3 (35 in human years).she was adopted into a new family,but they abused,she ran away and moved into death city and got enrolled into the DWMA.she's new there and is bullied because of her differences.she is very kind and loyal to all her friends.well,the few friends shes please be her friend.sometimes she will have wings.Enjoy.

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name: kuroyasha  evans 
gender: female
personality:  cold , distance , a little evil ,brassy , bold , brave , determined ,dangerous , sassy ,naughty.
Weapron or Meister: Weapon and witch 
powers: geting people to do as i want them to .
i'm a witch  and  an fallen angel stealth but when i was younger i was kidnaped by medusa  and raised by her  but  now  there   are things i need to know  that she wont  tell me . the only things she would  tell me is maka is  my mom and soul is my dad 

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Name: Spectra Fox
Partner: none
Skills: excellent cook
Weapon: broad sword, one handed
Abilities: rose petal barrage, rose protection (can only be used when protecting friends)
Personality: tries to make friends while keeping her heart closed off

Note: when betrayed will change completely.

Name: Spectra Dark
Age: ???
Element: anger/curiosity
Servants: none they'd all die
Master: herself
Abilities: bloody rose cannon, thorn wall, thorn dissection
Personality: well lure you put alone then chop you up for the fun of our.
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Name: Johanna Death
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Species: Grim Reaper
Birthday: 12/30
Wepon or Meister: Meister
Personally: Nice, mysterious, a bit of a perfectionist ((not nearly as bad a Kid thought.))
About: DTK's younger sister
((I'll be posting her wepon, Lauren's profile soon.))
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