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Dodge released it's ultimate rival to Ford and GM with the re-introduction of the mighty Dodge HEMI engine. Seeing an area for where people are looking for the ultimate performance from their HEMI engine WeaponX has unveiled a true coil on plug ignition system upgrade unleashing project X2 for Dodge HEMI based engines!

The system includes:
-Complete re-design of the OEM ignition coil system. (NO STOCK COIL DESIGN FOR QUICK TURN AROUND TO MARKET)
-Redesign for a highly efficient TRUE, COIL ON PLUG setup.
-Full energy discharge to EACH and every spark plug in the HEMI engine.
-16 newly designed, high energy units to replace 8 OEM ignition coils
-120mJ of energy PER cylinder!
-Each and every spark plug gets it's own dedicated ignition coil for maximum energy output potential!

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Why should you trust WeaponX over others? Did you know, after exhausting back to backs vs all competitors, WeaponX is the chosen ignition supplier to Shelby American Inc for their 1000+hp Shelby 1000.

Here we at WeaponX are a highly innovative, forward thinking individuals specializing in the development, manufacturing of high output ignition components. We come from an enthusiast background and look to do whatever possible to help our customers. If you have any questions, need any help, or just have a question. Feel free to call, email or even post and we will do the best we can to help as soon as possible.
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