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grasias por aceptarme n.n

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Name: bloom Ashley
Age: 15
Power: dragon fire (believix)
Family: sparks

Anyone want to rp?

does anyone want to rp?

Serafino is on the roof of the school looking over the grounds and studying the areaarea. He hated being the new kidkid. He hated the fact that these children wouldn't leave him alone. So he escaped to the roof. He let out a sigh and lent back against the fence. He put his hand to waist when

Anyone wanna rp?

I want to be Simon boss please

Umm quick question when we make our profile do we include our flame attributes (I.e. sun, lightning, rain, etc.) ?

((Open)) I walk down the silent street sticking to the shadows with my fedora tilted down. I calmly look around the area. I scan the dark streets looking for any misplaced shadows. I stick my hand to my hip when

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I made a cookie for all the KHR fans!

hands you cookie
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