How do I change the order of icons? Otherwise a really great extension. Glad I found it.

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I'm happy to announce +Shortcuts for Google v4.7. This update includes a brand new extension icon, and applied the new Google Branding to the extension. You can now also select new custom toolbar icons, which now support retina displays too.

A lot of discontinued services have been removed, while the update also adds some new YouTube and Maps related shortcuts. Last but not least, lots of shortcut icons have been improved.

You can download the extension here:

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I'm happy to announce +Shortcuts for Google v4.1. This update includes several new shortcuts, alongside new Material Design icons for a lot of services.

You can download the extension here:

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I'm happy to announce +Shortcuts for Google v4.0. This update adds a  brand new setting which adds a filter/launchbox to the popup. This input box allows you to filter the shortcuts, and to launch the first shortcut in the filtered list (by hitting enter). This update also changes the look of the scrollbar and hover state, alongside some bugfixes and performance improvements.

You can download the extension here:

Does anyone use Google Wallet? If so, how is it? I almost signed up for it, It asked me for the last 4 of my social security number. I had to ask .

Just got the 3.9.1 update. No change log?

Can't it be possible to have an option to chose between official icons and yours?
Not saying icons you made are not nice, of course but I also really like the new icon style used by Google (on Android and soon on computer I hope).

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Something's broken for me with last update.

I use grid and 64px for icon size and it was always working as expected.
Now, icons are in a column.
If I try a smaller icon size, grid is back again.
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Current version stopped working. Extension is disabled after button press with problem - settings_corrupt_extension, extension corrupted by malware.

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I'm happy to announce +Shortcuts for Google v3.7. This update includes almost 40 new shortcuts and an option to disable the unread count of google+ and gmail.

You can download the extension here:

Full Changelog
* Added option to disable the unread counts
* Added 39 new shortcuts:
2-Step verification
Project Loon
Advisory Council
Anita Borg
Google for Education
Business Solutions
Newsstand Producer
Spectrum Database
Safety Center
Application Security
Investor Relations
Maps Gallery
Nik Collection
Earth Outreach
Maps Smarty Pins
Analytics Academy
Street Art
My Beautiful Earth
YouTube Creator Academy
Connected Classrooms
Spell Up
Hangouts - new
Contact Google
Inside Search
Cloud Platform
Shortcuts for Google™
Shortcuts for Google™
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