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Here is the episode line up, as chosen by players:

Episode One: Unsettling Uncertainty
Episode Two: Saviors or Brigands
Episode Three: The Enemy of My Enemy
Episode Four: Seeing Yourself as the Enemy and Your Enemy as Your Friend
Episode Five: Fort vs. Village

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Another free online course about Rome starting today and running five weeks. This one is about the Eternal City itself--a virtual tour using a 3D model of architecture. I don't know yet if it covers late Roman period featured in Eagle's Twilight.

This kind of thing helps transport me to the "long time ago" and culture "far, far away", part of the creative appeal for me of RPGs.

Note to players: despite the long period of winter inactivity, I haven't forgotten this game and intend to schedule Season Two in the spring. I've got some FG desktop repair to do, plot prep, and my Hadrian's Wall history course to complete first! More soon.

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Hector, someone posted this on a Facebook page. Figured you would appreciate it.

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Perfect historical background: a 3D rendering and walk through of Housesteads (Velurtion) Fort and its adjacent vicus, where Eagle's Twilight takes place. 

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Welcome +Johannes Oppermann to Eagle's Twilight!

We'd love to have you play a Roman character, since we need to balance our mix of Britons/Celts and Romans. When there's a chance, let's discuss character concepts.

In the meantime, you can read up on existing protagonists in the Player Characters section and read what's happened so far in Episodes & Recaps. See the dramatic relationships between protagonists summarized in the relationship chart here:

Also, here's the nutshell series pitch:

For generations the wall Hadrian built protected the far edge of the world’s greatest Empire. And then one day Rome recalled her legions.

You and yours have decided to stay.

Yesterday you were Romans.
What are you today?

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Roman Fort

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Could not for the life of me remember if I had shared this link here, please remove it if it duplicates, this is pretty cool.

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Here are the topics from the course syllabus for the upcoming free online course, Hadrian’s Wall: Life on the Roman Frontier.

"The course will take place online and will consist of a variety of videos, articles, discussions and quizzes.

The six week course structure looks like this:

Week 1: Welcome to the Wall: An introduction to the Wall, the course and the course team

Week 2: The Roman Army in Britain

Week 3: Frontier communities: Life on the northern frontier from the late 1st to the early 3rd century

Week 4: Ritual, religion and the Roman Wall

Week 5: Conflict, consolidation and renaissance: Life on the Wall in the 3rd and 4th centuries

Week 6: The ending of the Wall

In the meantime, you may find it helpful to:

Keep an eye on our blog:

Follow us on Twitter - @NCLMOOCS

Use the hashtag #FLHadrian for any discussions in social networks

There is still time to invite friends and colleagues to enrol on the course and take part alongside you. Having the support of learning with people you know can really enrich the experience of studying online. As a reminder, the course page where they can enrol can be found at:

The course is due to begin on Monday 7 November. We will contact you again a week or so before the course begins, and we will also send a welcome note as soon as we have got started."


Best wishes,

Ian Haynes
Professor of Archaeology
Newcastle University"
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