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Bundles Vanish at Midnight!

To kick off the launch of our Gazetteer Writer's Manual, we've been offering that book along with a special deal  from Tim Loya Games: discounted bundle deals on The Expedition Journals of Amestus Armen, plus an additional bonus book from WBA.
These deals vanish at midnight Eastern time tonight. Here's the link if you'd like to take a look before these bargains are gone:

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I've just published The Gazetteer Writer's Manual, and wanted to mention something of particular interest to fans of my science fiction work. Namely, part of this book is a "quickstart" example of a gazetteer-type book used to introduce readers and gamers to a setting. And the booklet I reproduced here happens to be a guide to the CAS Sector of the Sa'adani Empire. This is my science fiction setting, and the location is the backdrop of my novel MAINLINE.  So if you want to kill two interest areas with one stone, you might especially enjoy this item that comes as part of the Gazetteer Writer's Manual.  On sale now, with deep discounts through the 10th, and moderate discounts through 14th, after which it is at Amazon etc for the $9.99 list price. Details here:

PS If you want to be notified when I release Mainline as an ebook, leave a comment here and I'll put you in a notification circle for that. 
(If I've +1'd your comment that means I've added you to the circle.)

Just because you have a rich imagination.

Speaking of my recent work (well, I sorta was) I should mention that if you want to pick up a copy of my book Mainline (the precursor to Splintegrate, coming out from Tor next year), don't dash off and buy one of the out of print editions that you can find online (unless you adore hardcopy, that is). Reason:  it turns out I have the electronic rights to this book, and I'll be releasing it in the new year as my own publication through my Storybones imprint.  

Mainline is about an assassin, Reva, who has the ability to move between parallel versions of Now and does so to do her hits--and, of course, what-all happens to her. This book made the Locus list for top ten best first novels in the year it was published (came in at #9). It is the reason Tor prefers my sf writing to my fantasy (I like both genres, and continue to write in both).
I'm actually rather torn about releasing it in a version identical to the older print version, or adding back the 28,000 words I had to cut for length reasons and making it a "Director's Cut" version of the novel. Or maybe I'll make the longer version available as an extra freebie if you buy the book itself. Something like that. I can't tell if my longer version is better, but it sure had stuff in it that I liked.  

There were even better tidbits on the cutting room floor. I'm still trying to figure out how to grow the "blackmailed because of having alien sex with a squid-like creature" dilemma into a proper (or is that, improper?) short story. 

Well, here's a modest start to this community that features my writing and my science fiction setting, the Sa'adani Empire. I'm not going to really fluff this up until after I have Splintegrate revisions off my desk, but did want to at least get this little corner of G+ land all staked out. 
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