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This is a nice introduction to mocking.

Peter Kellner has just announced dates for this year's Silicon Valley Code Camp ( This year's Code Camp will be the weekend of October 5th and 6th.

Last year ACCU-Silicon Valley sponsored a C++ Track that was very well received and I'd like to put together another one this year.

If you are interested in presenting as part of this track, please let me know.

Please reply if you attended last year and/or are interested in attending this year. If you want to know more, please check out the website. If you have any other questions please reply here.


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These are directions to the workshop meetup:

Axcient is at the terminus of San Antonio road, on the eastern side of 101. If you're taking 101, take the "San Antonio Rd North" exit. After you cross 101, go through the two stoplights. Axcient will be on your right.

If there's room, park in the lot closest to San Antonio. There is only one public door in the building; and it's on that side. There will be signs for ACCU on the doors.

There will be someone at the front door until about 7:30 to show you where the meeting is. If you have any problems, call the front-desk at 650.810.2601. See you there!

Dane, tell me more about this "feed aggregator" of which you speak.

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I am pushing to update our website.
I really think it needs a major refresh.
What do you want to see?
Here is what I'm thinking about:

  Our organization:
    Links to this community, the meetup, the parent ACCU.
    Schedule of upcoming events
    Maps, instructions to locations
    Photos of talks
    Comments from participants

  Our members/presenters:
    Blog roll: Links to local/member blogs and blogs of recent presenters.
    Twitter list: twitter handles of members and presenters

  Outside Links: We should link to, C++ on redit, C++ questions on Stack Overflow, C++ classes at local schools, C++ conferences whether local or not.

   Videos: There are lots of videos of people that have presented at ACCU. Even if the video isn't one that happened at an ACCU meeting we should have links to them.

  Tweets: Look at to see a list of recent tweets about that organization. We should have the same kind of thing.

Any other ideas? What would be helpful, useful, or cool?

I've asked Ali to consider going to Tied House instead of Amici's after meetings. How do people feel about this change?

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I just practiced by Exception-Safe Coding talk for Wednesday night. Tweaked a few slides. Added a few for some new points that should be made.

Starting to get nervous, but it is the good kind of nervous.

Thinking about leveraging CLang for development of a C++ JIT.
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