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Name: Yukari yukamo
Age: over 1200 years old
Likes: sleeping
Dislikes: People destroying or attacking cities
Abilities: can open portals and fly had control over the boundries between dimensions. Also carries a pink umbrella around that can block many powerful attacks and is used as a wepon
Gender: Female
Bio: She is an old yokai with power over boundries she was a profound leader in the creation of her home town she had even waged war on the moon and its inhabitents but her and her yokai solders were forced to flee back to earth. She never revealed the reasoms for this war however and many dont trust her for it
Personality: Lazy and she will help others and steel from them at the same time. In a way she is very care free.
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Hang on do we have a fukua yet?

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Any RPs out there? Well any open ones?

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Name: Sienna "Squigly" Contiello

Age: 28 (14 at death)

Personality: Graceful, well-mannered but tough and determined when it comes to her mission.

Gender: Female

Parasite (optional): Leviathan

Weapon (optional): N/A

Powers: She and/or Leviathan use long-range attacks to prevent close range combat. However, their mid-air attacks are quite limited and short-ranged and need to be timed correctly. Most of her ground attacks while squatting are very slow and easy to be seen and spotted at any distance on the screen but each hit does massive damage. Whereas Filia and Samson have limited cooperation in the attacks, Squigly and Leviathan synchronize their attacks to move fluently.

Squigly uses her voice (with the assistance from Leviathan) in battle to not only have the screen focus her and drag opponents towards her for her advantage, but also to produce a big projectile that resembles a musical note to deliver damage. She can also charge her moves with stances so they can become more damaging or last longer. The stances can be canceled into different attacks to throw opponents off their guard.

Like Filia, Squigly does very little of any actual fighting, merely acting as a vector for Leviathan to lash out with his attacks.

Bio: Squigly is the last "surviving" member of the Contiellos, a famous line of opera singers and long-time clients of the Medici family.

Fourteen years ago, tragedy befell Squigly’s family when the Medici Mafia came close to obtaining the Skull Heart. Lorenzo's top assassin, Black Dahlia, was ordered to murder Squigly and her parents by the Mafia - the very people who seemed to be some of their family's closest allies. It was during this incident that she became one of the Skullgirl's undead minions. Once the threat had been defeated, only Squigly’s body was recovered, and she was buried in a service provided by himself.

Squigly was not resurrected during Queen Renoir's transformation into a Skullgirl, as the Queen was currently in another land at the time and her powers did not extend back to the Canopy Kingdom's dead-and-buried.

Fast forward to the present: Bloody Marie's emergence has awoken Squigly from her long sleep. As part of the Skullgirl’s undead legion, Squigly should have become nothing more than a mindless servant of the pale maiden. However, thanks to the powers of her Parasite, Leviathan, she is spared this fate.

Having been passed through the Contiello family for generations, Leviathan is refined and dotes on Squigly like her father and previous host did. This long familial history has made Squigly's bond with Leviathan deeper and more fundamental than that of most Parasites, and allows them to work harmoniously both in and out of battle like synchronized dance partners. Their unique circumstance also seems to have given them abilities beyond this world, as well.
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Got the ps3 version of skull girls?
If you do I'm looking for anyone to play with online
My username is
Hit me up if you wanna have some hot 2d action

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Name: Gardevoir

Age: 17

Gender: fem

parasite: ( na, optional)

Power: physic and fairy abilities

Weapon: (optional)

Bio: I'm just a Pokemon
There's not much
I'm here.

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I need some good images of Squigly. Then I can start the profile.

Sorry +emerald robo​ I forgot to let you back in

Hey long time no see has anyone taken over my squigly account while i was gone?
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