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We need a Ms Fortune or Robo Fortune!

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name:jessica Robinson

Nickname : gothgirl


Likes:submission moves,wrestling,winning

Dislikes:losing,being.bullied, and cheaters

History:jessica was a former member of tînkø biango, a clan who dedicated their lives to wrestlinG.thanks to her mother,tina Armstrong, she learned wrestling ,allowing jessica and her mom dominanted thw underground circuit. Afterwards, tina sended jessica to the pro league,but only on one condition: she had to beat her. Aftwr winning the match, jessica left her home, hoping to win in the name of the tînkø clan...

Personality: Jessica isnt afraid of a challenge from anyone, boy or girl.her slender body gives her the ability to slip through attacks,and her training gives her a strength buff, making her dangerous. SHe also is hardheaded and has a bit of a foulmouth,but she relies on the fans to keep her motivated throughout the fight.she also gives her opponent some satisfion and respect,win or lose.

Post has attachment ((For a tune that will bring context to the story.))

(Lives we left behind.)

It's sad when some one finally snaps and is goes into denial. Though she was dead. Squigly had been pushed to the breaking point. She did not care anymore. Some last connection to the real world had snaped and she started to tug on Leviathan's tail. Pulling him out of her skull from her ear. She took a plug and attached another pig tail to it. She shortend her skirt and coved up the holes in her flesh with bandages. She put on lingerie that was all the rage in the fashion world at that moment in time. She even worked her stiff fingers to make a new top for herself. Even painting over the bandages on her skeletal arm to appear flesh like. She daped Leviathan around her neck and moved out from her hideing place in the graveyard. When she enterd New Meriden, she took out some lipstick and gave her lips a light shade of violet.

Look out world! I'm ready for my encore!!

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Name: Foxyminion
Age: 18
Personally: Funny
Gender: Boy
Power: Electronic
Reinforces: FNaF and TF2

"I'm Foxyminion i was created from Lab 8 and i am Squigly's lover"

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Here a Cerebella dump
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Name: emi eldwood
Sex: female
Species: demoness

Personality: cute quirky and a bit innocent...but can be scary as hell sometimes

Age: about 1,000

Likes: sweets eating Kitties gaming and more

Dislikes: seeing those shes close to getting hurt or killed,getting poked being handled roughly and more

Origin: she was born and raised as a human but one day died the day if the Skullgirl's attack. The day she died her father wished her to be reincarnated so she can continue to live on,and since every wich from the skull hearth comes with a costly flaw. The flaw was that she'd end up reborn as a demon with her soul impregnating a younge virgin named Erika,who was for somereason Avery close friend of the Royal family of canopy kingdom...and from there she grew up together with princess parasoul making them become closer and closer each moment they spend together

((Do we have a nurse valentine yet?))

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Remember to set up a profile

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The street lights and shop windows lit the streets of the city with man made light that was some how soothing yet showed the dark parts of the city that made you wish that they were kept in shadow. The stage was set on a street cornner. The oak stage was moveable so it could relocated if need be. The host of the event had a poll for who would be the main event of tonight's performance, and the singer Eliza was the opener. She puffed her cheeks in a pout, but then droped it after she had finished.

"And now its time for the main event!! A blast from the past, a girl who has taken a licken and is still ticken!! Sienna Contiello! Adorably known as Squigly!!"

The crowd was shocked to see the zombie girl shuffle her way on stage and to see her bow curtly before the first accusation came around, it was a beer bottle followed by a spiteful comment.

"Ya gotta be yanken my chain!! This stiff needs to get her stuffy ass back in her hole!! The Undead are not welcome her!!"

The crowd started throwing things at Squigly, she fell to her knees and covered her head, pleading for them to stop, so you got up from your seat and?

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She was sad, cold and alone. Her rotting flesh and exposed bone made her look like a brain dead minnion of the Skull girl, but thanks to the gift her late father gave her, Sienna Contiello aka Squigly, was alone. Though her heart no longer worked, she still felt things. She wanted some one who would accept her for who she is, but any time she tried, she was chased away. She sighs and asks her parasite named Leviathan. Will I ever find love Leviathan? Or am I doomed to spend the rest of my undeath alone?
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