The world changes as we sleep, wake up in a different world every day. its different than yesterday, Our face got older than yesterday. Our hair falls as we sleep our skin peels as we sleep. our body tries to cope with ever changing times.

We don't notice it but its Real. and the body clock never stops until we leave this world. From the moment we are conceived in our mother's womb. to the Time where our bones starts to rattle and knees begin to crack and our hair turns gray. Our skin begins to turn dry and lines begin to show on our faces. We tried to fix it using make-ups and hair color, but still it comes one after another. The body begins to ache, and take pain pills to remedy the pain. but it is still there.

What is it, we begin to realized that we get closer to our dying days. Yes we had our enjoyment our friends and our families, our comfort and our goals. and our wealth and our failures, our success, and nothing is worth the life that we fail to use, the full potential of our dreams.
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