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ASM metadata blocks are not quite as versatile or well known as Lego® blocks, so here is an attempt to demystify them...

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Yet another attempt at explaining the REQUIRED_MIRROR_FREE_MB and the USABLE_FILE_MB.


1).Based on SunFire X4275 Server.Processor is Intel Xeon E5440 Processor(64 Bit).

2).Exadata V2 requires 11G R2 (alteast 11.2.01)

3).Works with Single Instance /RAC

4).Exadata can offload some database processing to the Exadata Storage Server.This ability is known as Smart Scan.

For Example below operations can be offloaded to Exadata Storage Server.
Table Scan Predicate Filters.
Join Processing
CPU Intensive Decompression and Decryption.
File Creation Operations.

5).Exadata V2 Introduces HYBRID COLUMNAR COMPRESSION.Which mainly Reduces no of IO's

6).Uses Infiband network which has much throughput than conventional storage networks.

7).Exadata cell
A Computer with CPU,Memory,Bus,disks,Host Channel Adapter.
OS is Linux.
Building Block for Storage.
Houses Disk Storage and Exadata Storage Software Provided by Oracle.
Add more cells for More Storage and More I/O Capacity.
8).The Database Server and Exadata Cells Communicate using Infiband Network.

9).Cell is mainly for storing Database Files.You can use it for storing Business Files using Database File System.

10).All the software's are preinstalled.Oracle Enterprise Linux is used as OS for Database server.

Only Storage Network Supported by Exadata
Provides Highest Possible performance available - 40Gb/Sec each direction.
Uses ZDP Protocol (Zero Data Loss UDP Protocol) - Open Source Developed by Oracle Corp
Can also be used as RAC interconnect.
Each Infiband Link is able to carry the full data bandwidth of the entire Cell

12).Exadata comes to 2 DISK Type - SAS and SATA.
SAS - For Maximum Performance
SATA -For Maximum Capacity

13).Sun Database Machine doesn't include any software licence.

14).Sun Database Storage Server Details :
RAM - 72 GBP(18 x4 )
Disk Drives - 584 GB ( 4 x 2.5 146 GB)
Oracle Enterprise Linux
Oracle Database 11.2

15).A Full Rack Exadata can have 8 Database Servers,14 exadata cells,3 Infiband Switches

16).SQL Offloading is done by Database Server using iDB(Oracle Data Transfer Protocol) 

17).CELLSRV component of Exadata storage server is used for Smart scan processing.CELLSERV Scans the blocks from storage and extract the relevant columns and send it back to the database server.

18).Database Server can break the SQL query and send the small portion of it to each exadata cells and upon retrieving the  results ,Database Server constructs the results and required rows are returned to clients.

19).We can use the below query to find the list of functions which can be offloaded to the Exadata.

Select * from v$sqlfn_metadata where offloadable='YES'

20).Exadata Storage server can perform Smart scans on encrypted tablespace and Columns.

21).With Performance of incremental Backup performance is significantly improved as the changes are tracked from individual block level rather than the large group of blocks.

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Enkitec, an Oracle Platinum partner, are announcing the celebration of the "E4 2014 - Enkitec Extreme Exadata Expo", on June 2 & 3, 2014 in Dallas, Texas. #exadata

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