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Hello new members! Here we rate and draw your Undertale OCs . We also do some roleplaying here in this community. Of course like every community there is some rules
-Do not give unwanted insults
-Respect the Mods, if there some problems with the Mods please tell me
-No pervert image
-do not spam
-Do not start a shipping wars, others have their own ships too
-If commission is here, pay for the artist, artists needs money sometime
-Do not get mad over a rating
-Do not hate on a OCs
And for the Mods
-do not abuse your power
-do not ban members without reason
-always treat members with respect too
-Do not demoted other mods

And for other to rate your oc you need to set up a info which goes like this :

Name: (Insert Name)
Age: (optional)
Monster: (Insert species type)
Weapon/powers: (insert weapons or powers)
Gender: (insert genders)
Sexuality: (Insert sexuality like is he/she straight? Bisexual? Gay? Asexual? )
Areas lived in: (insert area or hangout, optional)
Good or Evil : (insert either)
Personality: (insert personality)
Likes: (insert likes)
Dislikes: (insert dislikes)
Bio: (optional)
Appearance: (if no pictures)

Have a nice day :^)

can some one draw a fresh error frisk for me?

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Crush:whats a crush?
Bio:a miniboss. i guess idk

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Name: Jelly
nickname: Jam
Age: 23
Monster: Cat
Weapon/powers: blue shark teeth, and orange shark jaws
Gender: male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Areas lived in: home is in the waterfalls, hang out is Snowdin
Good or Evil : Good
Personality: Sweet, but very skiterish, usually sleepy, slightly perverted
Likes: Cotton candy, games, jumping around, swimming
Dislikes: Fish like animals, lighting, listening to the echo flowers
Bio: lel no

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+Shade, lizzie and Lii​ Here's your oc

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This is my Undertale Oc named Kat, can somebody please draw her?

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(Update on Daniel)

Name: Daniel

Age: 15

Gender: male

Species: human

Soul color: pinkish blue (head canon pink means love, good kind)

Sexualty: bi-sexual

Defence: whiteboard

Attack: marker

Personality: random, energetic, really sneaky at times, trusting (not as trusting as my other oc Bonka), random, not very predictable

Voice: he can't talk, but if he could it would kinda be in between British and Russian

Likes: Stalking, ships (he stalks if he senses a possible ship), cookies, reading, pondering what he's done to end up in his possion, sugary foods in genral

Dislikes: condiments (ketchup, musterd, relish, ect), really sour foods (he's fine if it's just a little bit sour), being forced to be dapper

Freinds: glitch, hopeal, semlie (kinda, she's to shy to attualy have a conversation with), Lil (aka the one he brings during a ship hunt)


One of my first ut ocs

Quite litterly does not keep the same personality

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I'd be kind if you'd not scream or call my oc cancerous




Species:Half demon,Half skeleton

Likes:Food,old weapons,sweets,retro style,flowers and her friends

Dislikes:When the pizza man takes too long,if donuts have less icing than they should,people who try to push her down and cake that doesn't involve icing

Friends:Sans,Papy,Tori,Frisk,Metta,Al,Undyne,Chara,Asriel (Flowey),Asgore and Blooky

Powers:Elemental powers,Time travel

Weapon(s):Revolvers manipulated with soul essence

Crush:............................Sans plz don't kill me

Family:Sister (Grunge),Mother (Penultimate),Father (Jack black)

Other forms:Mettafine (fused with Metta),Sansifine (Fused with Sans),Soul Serifine (third pic,determination transform.) and Grungifine (fused with Grunge)


-Allergic to peanut butter
-Likes the lollipops her mom called disgusting
-Was 9 when war broke out
-Lost Mom and Dad in war
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I used the clear template for this one



Monster:Half demon,Half skeleton (Demonton? Skelemon? Idk)

Weapon/powers:Elemental powers and revolvers manipulated with soul essence



Areas lived in:Overworld,Ruins,Snowdin (current place)

Good or Evil:Depends on your route

Personality:Clumsy,dorky,a bit blind,doesn't go too far into her actions,did lots of bad stuff as a teen,not all too kind but slightly likes the human in pacifist

Likes:Donuts,pizza,food in general,sweets,her friends,training,art and getting people together again Tori and Asgore

Dislikes:When you don't believe in yourself,people who push themselves down,bad Wifi,

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