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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Our wonderful team mates are wearing their best Christmas jumpers to raise money for pancreatic and ovarian cancer.

#ChristmasJumperDay #Charity

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Top Tips on how charities can improve their cyber security
A recent report revealed that charities from around the UK have faced an average of five cyber-attacks in the past 12 months and that security systems are rarely updated.

In our article we have some useful tips on how your hashtag#charity can implement measures to protect itself from attacks.

#CyberSecurity #GDPR #ICO #Malware #Cloud

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* 11 DAYS LEFT *

Some of you may be aware that we launched Raffingers Foundation to raise money and awareness for Ovarian Cancer Action and Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund.

On Saturday 15 September, we'll be celebrating and raising more funds with our 1920s themed Charity Ball! During the night there'll be a three-course dinner, drinks, entertainment and plenty of dancing!

Throughout the previous year we were able to raise over £20,000 and we hope to match this effort to support such great causes. The money has helped so many people tremendously whether it has been counselling, medical expenses or family days out.

We would really love to have your support so if can attend our ball please contact Lauren for tickets on If you're unable to attend, you can donate auction prizes or place ads in our brochure.

Thank you for your support!
#Charity #PancreaticCancer #OvarianCancer #RaffingersFoundation #1920s #Fundraising #CancerResearch

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HMRC has all the details of property transactions dating back many years so if you have been receiving rental income, you may get a letter from there soon.

Register to our upcoming webinar to find out more about the Let Property Campaign and whether you need to get into contact with HMRC.

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Last year there was a consultation regarding changes to the #Charity Annual Return, now the Charity Commission has come to a conclusion. Notable changes include questions surrounding overseas income. Read more about the changes in Suda's most recent blog post.

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What metrics should you be looking at to measure the success of your #business? Make sure to pay close attention to profitability and cash flow.

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We like to keep a look out for initiatives that may be helpful for your organisation. '48 in 48' is a program that helps #charities by building a free website for them in 48 hours.

If your charity could do with a fresh, new website to help further your cause, you should apply. Applications are open now and the London phase takes place in November.

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Here's a great guide for charities and non-profits who would like to implement more technology within their organisation. Don't get left behind when new advancements or programmes come around.
Some charities are quite slow when it comes to adopting new #technology for their own benefit. This could be due to lack of funds or lack of knowledge.

Our latest guide showcases some of the best #apps and solutions to improve every single aspect of your #charity, from marketing to productivity.

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Here's our quarterly newsletter which may help you and your charity! Please share with anyone who may find it useful
Are you aware of the upcoming changes that may affect your #charity? Read our Summer newsletter to find out how #Brexit will affect your staffing levels, how to tackle #fraud and how to improve your charity's #brand.

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Are you worried about how your charity will cope due to Brexit? Recent reports show that many EU nationals may have to leave the UK after the government imposes the non-EU nationals rule on workers. Many volunteers may have to leave.

What are your thoughts?
There have been many negative side effects due to #Brexit, in particularly to #charities and not-for-profits. In a recent report, the government plans to extend non-EU national rules to workers. This means charities could lose their volunteers as they make up a majority of the charity workforce.

Find out more in Suda's latest blog post. You can also contact him on 020 8418 2681 if you would like some advice on issues affecting your charity.
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