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Random Act of Kindness #2

Watch here

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Seven Sins to Save (your)Self
Starting 7:43AM,4-3-17,another significant "coincidence!"
My life's purpose begins HERE! Become part of something bigger than yourself

My name is Jim, and I’m grateful for my suffering.
I originally suffered from a lack of social and scholastic intelligence, relegated
to remedial track for reading and mathematics early on. I made some friends and
earned good grades in high school, but I was desperately lonely.
I eventually fell in love, lost my "hard earned" virginity, became an English/math high
school teacher, and almost died that first year. Forgiving those responsible for my brush
with death, the illegally slanderous phone call that sabotaged the career of my dreams as
the contract was torn from my trembling hands was difficult. I was devastated beyond my
ability to cope, and seeds were sown that would sprout mental illness a decade later.
After years of substitute teaching while my withering Masters Degree gathered a toxic dust,
I eventually found full-time employment at a non-union school teaching at-risk (often violent)
students while earning half as much.
Visit: for more information
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Special Olympics Fundraiser

Donations are tax-deductible!

All donors will be entered in a drawing to win an Amazon Fire
Tablet with 16 GB in the color of your choice!

Special Olympics has always distinguished itself among humanitarian
organizations by empowering those with intellectual disabilities. It creates
an environment where everyone is accepted and can succeed at their goals
through the power of sports. These programs allow the athletes to build character
and skills that follow them out into the world, helping them to succeed in many aspects of life.

for more information
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Yesterday saw Philip Hammond deliver his first (and last) Autumn Statement as chancellor.

In what was a statement, which focussed on "preparing our country to seize opportunities ahead", there were thankfully few surprises. Although one key point that you should be aware of is that the government is reforming Gift Aid. Intermediaries will be given more power to make decisions on Gift Aid. This, combined with a more simplified process to the Gift Aid Small Donation Scheme should see an extra £60million being raised in the next five years.

We have gone through all of the documentation and collated the key points you should know in our Autumn Statement Highlights for the Charity Sector.

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Charity Risk and Growth Webinar
09 Mar 2016
1100 – 1200 GMT

Fraud and growth management were heavily discussed topics for the charity sector in 2015. Therefore, Raffingers will be holding a Charity Risk and Growth Webinar, which will feature:

-Partner at Raffingers and Charity Specialist, Suda Ratnam, who will be discussing the importance of risk management and how you can implement effective fraud and risk measures

-Motivational and Business Growth Speaker, Asari St Hill, who will focus on successful growth tactics that you can employ.

Other Key Topics include:

- Identifying Risk and Types of Fraud Affecting Charities
- Fraud Prevention
- Assurance mapping risk control and Risk Frameworks
- Growth Tactics
- Strategy and goal planning

This free webinar is essential for any charity or not-for-profit professional seeking information on how they can better manage risk and grow in a saturated market.

to register please go to

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