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In Data Centre or Comms room environments it is best practice to segregate fiber optic cabling from all copper services. Utilizing an enclosed fiber ducting containment system clearly defines the fiber optic cables by means of distinctive yellow containment, providing protection against compression and ensuring the minimum bend radius of the fiber cables is never exceeded.

We can also provide a full range of colors to enable a containment system in line with corporate color schemes. Lepin have produced thousands of meters of fiber and copper cabling ducting systems both above data cabinets and under-floor. We are certified ISO901 manufacturer .

If you have any questions, pls contact with me :

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I was thinking of a story the other day, one where something bad was going to happen.

The fallout would be severe, likely with monetary penalties and more than 1 person losing their job.

The people involved (let's go Dragnet-style and say: "the names have been changed to protect the innocent.") were doing a battery change out on a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) that serves a newsroom/broadcast studio.

They were following procedure in that the proper steps were taken to transition from bypass power to UPS power, keeping the electricity flowing to the cameras, producers' booth and broadcast equipment.

The only problem was, they were performing the transition during a live TV broadcast, something that was strictly against policy.

The flip of a wrong switch at the wrong time could have left the entire studio dark, and countless viewers with a blank screen.

Find out what happened:

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What has been the most disappointing promised technology in cabling?

You know, something that got a lot of marketing hype but never panned out!

I'd love to hear your opinions....

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Ahhh, Summertime.
Hot days, warm nights. Picnics, with ice cream for dessert.
Ice cream, good. Ice cream sandwiches, even better!
It's starting to sound pretty nice, right?
You know it does! But, what about a concrete sandwich?
Huh? Concrete?
Errr, not so much. 
But that's what most access floor panels are: concrete sandwiches.

They put a bunch of concrete between two layers of thick steel, and then you walk on top and run cables and pipes underneath.
Doesn't sound so bad, until it gets old and you have to get rid of it. You do the right thing and decide to recycle it.
Ooops, the recycling center doesn't like concrete sandwiches!

Please, keep reading!

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