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A long time ago in a galaxy far far away... you are traveling through the desert of a distant come across a message it is telling you you must travel to a planet you then:

Welcome to the continuation of +Meganinja119​s great community where in the year 750 ABY you are a Jedi (or anything else) who must embark to be the greatest of them all.

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We are growing again!!! 20 members!!

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Name: Roi'naa Xann (The First)
Age: 112
Rank: Walker Specialist, Artillery Consultant
Faction: The Gunnery Club (Galactic Republic), Republic Walking Vehicle Engineering
Weapons: Blaster pistol, two thermal detonators, arc welder, hydrospanner, cutting saw
Force Sensitivity: None
Race: Dug
Gender: Male
Personality: Eccentric, Arrogant, Intellectual
Homeworld: Malastare
Bio: Having loved walkers from an early age, it's only natural that Roi'naa went into design work for the Grand Army of the Republic. Many of his walker designs went into use to protect Republic interests and strongholds. He also went into gunnery, and helped in the design, construction, and field testing of the "big guns", mobile heavy cannons, walking tanks, and other artillery pieces went under sharp eyed testing by Roi'naa himself, although unfortunately, one of the "Big girls" kicked back one day, leaving his right eye and heart valves burned and destroyed. Undeterred, he continued to work in the field of gunnery, sometimes taking walkers to the front lines.

Name: Harry Starsworld
Age: 21
Side: The Grand Galactic Empire / The Dark Side / Sith Royal Knight
Weapon: Two Short Bladed custom Mandalorian-steel-made Red Lightsaber
Skill: Mastered the Jedi and Sith arts of Lightsaber techniques,but mainly up does Technique 8
Equipment: Mandalorian Chestplate,leggings,gauntlet,and Royal Sith Knight Helmet
Vehicle: Custom Old-Age pre-battle-of-Yavin tie fighter

Claiming starkiller

Claiming Darth Revan

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Name: Jeremiah Gole
Age: 23
DOB: Unknown
POB: Hoth
Weapon: His trusty knife, a blaster, flash grenades
Alias: Darth Shadow
Faction: Sith/ Grey Jedi
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Relationship: none yet.

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Name: Craig apree
Age: 57
DOB: 692
Weapons: E-11s long range rifle
Alias: N/A
Faction: mandalorian empire
Race: human, mandalorian
Gender: M
Relationship: N/A

A long devoted member of death watch, Craig never saw himself as fit to be leader, but he was proud to watch the death watch grow with his aid. He always defended his men dutifully and with extreme accuracy. He would sooner die then retire. His proudest day was when he learned of their victory over the blood traitors. Since then he has enjoyed watching their empire grow.
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Name: Jonathan Knight
Age: 35
DOB: 725
POB: Dagobah
Weapons: red lightsaber. Clone army
Alias: Darth Reacher
Faction: Sith
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Relationship: none

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The Conquistador
Seeing this ship. You know. You are about to die.

Owner: Darth Reacher
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