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Dylan Cuffy

G+ Tips and Tricks  - 
Heads up! If you still depend on as your Plus link shortener...

then please be aware that it has been offline for the past two or so weeks—and still is at this writing (with a 500 error now thrown into the mix). Google search doesn't even index the domain anymore, and cannot access it due to the point where is your go-to. (I've been actively keeping track since the weekend of April 23–24.)

One +Chris Lang by name offered this premonition, way back in G+'s early days (, 23/7/2011):

"The problem is that it is owned by some ISP in Turkey. I don't care to trust incoming links to my Google profile to God knows who."

For those who still want to rely on a shortener, look no further than the long-running in the meantime. Just add in your long G+ URL (e.g., followed by the custom alias below it (Plus[USERNAME] — just replace [USERNAME] with your preferred handle). If you have a URL lying around in your Web profiles, now is the time to start changing them and/or converting; I'll do that as soon as time permits.

As for the service itself, I don't know how soon it'll return; the webmasters, as usual, cannot be contacted. Even though their page is still there—with no posts since November 2011! If it miraculously does, I'll let you know.

Surprised that no other users have brought it up till I came in. Good thing +CircleCount and +All my + remain unscathed for this.

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Peggy K
Thanks for the heads up +Dylan Cuffy​! I expect most people who create short links don't regularly check to see if they are still working.
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Jaana Nyström

G+ Tips and Tricks  - 
Where to post your questions about Google products
Google+ Help Community: Over a million members!

The official Google+ Help community was created on the 6th of December 2012.  I've been there since day 1.

Google+ Top Contributors have helped countless users in a variety of topics about and around Google+.

We do wish that questions from other Google products would be posted in their respective help fora:!home

Also, Google Photos has it's own Forum:!forum/photos

#GooglePlus     #Support     #Help     #gHelp   #Community  
Google+ Help
The Official Google Community for Google+ Support in English
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Jaana Nyström

G+ Tips and Tricks  - 
Your Google war room:

My Account

"Control, protect, and secure your account, all in one place.

My Account gives you quick access to settings and tools that let you safeguard your data, protect your privacy, and decide how your information can make Google services work better for you..."

See more:

#Security  #Password  #Device  #Apps  #Google
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Great share as always +Jaana Nyström​
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Parker Farnsworth

G+ Tips and Tricks  - 
If you are looking to juice every post out of all your communities you joined or own, refreshing can be your friend. Especially if you finish in one community.
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Jaana Nyström

G+ Tips and Tricks  - 
If you wish to unblock someone, take a look at this post:

NEW!  Now you can see all whom you have blocked on Google via one direct link:
How to unblock someone on Google+

Go to their profile and hover over the grey blocked box under their profile image. On mobile, tap to Unblock.

View a list of whom you have blocked:

Open Google+.
Near the top left corner, click the drop-down menu > People.
Near the top center of the page, click Your circles .
Near the top left corner of the page, click Actions > View blocked.

To unblock, click on the “Unblock” next to the name of the blocked person.

Mobile device

The quickest way to see the blocked list is via the Hangouts app:
Choose the  3-bar menu and you'll see the "Blocked people".
Tap to unblock.

From Google+ app:
You can view a list on Android: tap the people icon, tap See more people and pages, tap the menu icon, then View blocked.

These tips are from Android Lollipop. If you can’t see a list of who you’ve blocked on mobile, please use a computer instead.

Learn more about blocking from Google+:

#Blocking     #Unblocking     #Googleplus     #TCpost  
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carrie lynn

G+ Tips and Tricks  - 
The synergy of Google (and how it benefits you) Google+, YouTube, and Hangouts provide you a pinnacle of benefits when used together than all other… - Shad Hall - Google+
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Inviting people
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Alex Garcia

G+ Tips and Tricks  - 
Fastest way to find an answer
Use the search option on the left menu of this community.
It is very likely that you will find your answer in the hundreds of posts related to your question. And you don't have to wait for someone to answer it.
If you do not find an appropriate answer, feel free to ask.
Some common questions are:
posts not showing
customized url
people adding me to circles
account violation
profile photo
clash of clans
number of views
reporting abuse
reporting profiles

Try your own.

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Only if you had Device Manager installed, it is connected to the internet and it has location on. It only gives you the location of the last time it was connected +surenda prins 
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Timothy Maloey

G+ Tips and Tricks  - 
Just a tip about software that has become available at least on desktop. If your viewing a picture on Google and there isn't enough information concerning the subject of the picture, then if you right click directly on the picture, you should get a list, the fifth item on the list has the words "Search Google for image", then left click on the words mentioned and the software will search Google for the same image. It takes about 30 seconds then your get the same picture from a different site, often with more information. If you still haven't got enough information then you can repeat the process with the new picture and that could take you to another site with the same picture and new info. It doesn't always work but I've been using the software often and it works about 8 times out of 10. 
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Because someone plus oned a comment I've been notified so I re-read the comments and the disagreement that I received from Googlites just for giving a tip to people about a piece of new software that they are able to use on Google "+" is totally extremist thinking. 
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Shad Hall

G+ Tips and Tricks  - 
Here is an article I wrote about the synergy of Google and how it benefits you. Everyone has a personal experience/story, this is mine. :)

The synergy of Google 
(and how it benefits you)

Google+, YouTube, and Hangouts provide you a pinnacle of benefits when used together than all other platforms. Yes, you read that correctly. 

1.) YouTube is a social network in and of itself, but when paired with Google+, the audience-demographic and audience-reach is increased. If you go to a party to meet people, but never talk to anyone, how do you expect to meet people?

2.) Google+ is an efficient way of connecting with interesting-to-you and beneficial people around the world, but like anything of value, you get out of it what you put into it. It's not difficult to use. Actually, it's easier to use and has better privacy/control than competitive social networks, but you have be willing to learn a new way of doing something.

3.) Hangouts (and Hangouts-on-Air [HOA]) provide you the opportunity to chat via text and/or video (or merely voice if you prefer) better than any competitor. Most video chatting services out there only allow 1-on-1 conversations, Hangouts not only does that, but also allows you to add more people during the conversation as well as up to ten people at once! 

You can always argue convenience in not trying a new network as what Google is offering, which is valid when it comes to what you know, but why stop there in your life? Why not expand your horizons and raise the ceiling (or blow it completely away) in regards to how high you can fly!? No? Well, Lemmings need members of the herd. Grow, people! Fly! Don't succumb to typical actions of drones!

Still intrigued? Read on. 

I live on Google+ and YouTube. I watch about 350 videos per month (at this time in my life; a couple of years ago, I was averaging 650 videos per month). I follow some amazing people on G+ and YT, but I have noticed a detrimental lack of understanding by YouTube channel owners regarding Google+. Predominately, they have yet to learn how to link the two resources and capitalize their ROI (return on investment) and I do not mean to imply merely the monitized channels either, but also the YT channel owners simply wishing to provide enjoyable content to their followers for the joy of it. These YouTuber's merely auto-post videos to their linked G+ accounts via an options setting, but they do not interact with their G+ followers. (For anyone who says Google+ is dead hasn't even tried and and in my opinion, already has a closed mind.) 

I've been with Google+ from the earlier days and have gone through many stages of Google's social metamorphosis. I've been there and bought the T-shirt, so I am not going to rehash past events or scenarios.

There is a problem with contacting YouTuber's who do not use Google+, but it's not Google's problem, it's the individual channel owner's problem. If I want to connect with a YouTube Channel owner, I have to make a public post on a video and hope they read it, because unlike the old days, the channel owners no longer receive eMail notifications about new messages in their YouTube inbox and since they don't know how to utilize Google+, they never see a subscriber/viewer message (or shout-out) notification. What a sad shame. They're really missing out on a door opening to their benefit. One reason I am reluctant to make a public post on YouTube is due to the overt and unnecessary "mean [pejorative] comments" by random viewers, so I abstain. Am I shooting myself in the foot by not asking said question? No, I just find another resource to answer my question and that YouTube channel loses another subscriber (at times; one's audience doesn't like to be ignored) at best and at worst, they lose that human connection with their audience/customer-base. See how dangerous lack of knowledge can be to and for the YT channel owner? What you don't know can't hurt you.

Someone once said we're reading the title, "Google+" incorrectly; it's "Google Plus [you]." I agree with this sentiment. Google wanted to create something for you, about you, to benefit you. 

1.) You hate advertisements. So, Google+ has no ads.

2.) You want control of your stuff. Google+ provides full user control over personal content, unless the individual has manually (NOT automatically) given Google permission to reuse their uploaded image content. [Facebook owns 100% full copyright of every image you post, even privately AND even if you delete it (if it got re-shared prior to deletion). FB can use it to their monetary benefit without notice, including marketing and sales in any fashion they wish. You lose all personal and individual rights as a user when you sign up with them.]

3.) You want an easy-to-understand and use environment. Google+ now has a clean vision for their social network and it continues the personal-connect by adding Collections and Communities. 

3b.) You don't want to lose your Pinterest boards? As you will see in the info graphic below, Google has improved the concept of Pinterest's site features by providing opportunity for direct as well as group discussion of said "pinned" (to use Pinterest's terminology) item with their [Google+] new Collections feature. @105866516410377831657 shared a tutorial on how to make the move from Pinterest to Google+, which can be seen here: ( ). 

3c.) You want tailored communities? The cool thing about G+ Communities is that there is just about every topic available and if you can't find it (I'd be surprised), then create it and I have no doubt members will begin to "pile in!" Private Communities are available for you as well.

4.) You want to decide for yourself who sees what. Circles is the G+ feature that allows you to organize people/pages into fine-tuned groups or even general groups of people. Of all social networking sites, Google+ is the only one to offer this feature with such control to the user. Google plus isn't about excluding people, but rather letting you determine who is in your circles and who sees what content; have an unwanted person begging you to "friend" them even though you don't want to? No worries, with Google+ Circles, you can manage them and what they're able to see without them knowing it and everyone is happy. 

5.) You want absolute content control: what is yours is yours. What if you want to erase all of your history, G+ content and such? Most social networks retain such user data for in-house marketing even after you leave. Google+ allows you to wipe your data from your account on their servers. Any and all of it if you wish! 

5b.) You want to manage your content personally. So, you don't want to make such a drastic move as mentioned in the previous step, but still wish to backup your data? Use Google's Takeout tool ( ) and select what data you wish to download.

I love this app! Having grown up all over the place, Hangouts has provided me the ability to text/voice/video chat with my friends (AND up to 10 of them at a time) whenever I want. 

Hangouts-on-Air has provided me the awesome experience of meeting other people of similar interests in a video setting. Want to be part of one, but not be on video? Simply turn off your webcam with a single click from inside the app and voi la, you can still see everyone else and still interact via voice! :) Need to mute your mic for a moment? Yep, you can do that too! For me, as an artist, I have had the opportunity to meet many other artists from all over the world. How cool is that!? 

So, will you take the _red pill? 

Getting started:
Prefer to venture around here and learn on your own? No worries.
Prefer to have a guide to getting started? @108384201920217141722 has a great post to help with that and you can see it here: ( ). Mind you, that his post was written prior to this new version of Google+, but essentially the basics are still the same, so you should be fine in getting started.  Welcome to the real world.  ;)

Small print:
The info graphic associated with this post is set to copyleft. I created it, but being super busy right now, I didn't invest more energy in making it look professional. Feel free to use it as a foundation to recreate a better graphic in the same tone and purpose as I've done here in this post. It is not necessary that you credit me. I just want people to get more our of their Google experience. I do not work for Google, but am a strong believer in what these features are providing users. Cheers! :)

Last, but not least, THIS ARTICLE / BLURB is about the synergy of Google, so please don't post negative comments about something you don't like about an isolated aspect of a feature. (Questions regarding specific issues, please refer to the appropriate support Communities.) Nothing is perfect, but I've talked to Google and I've seen their progress. Your patience is appreciated. Thank you.  :)
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Been with google for 10 years. Never know what's the benefit. However, they surprised me by keeping all that I wrote intact. A platform that I would not hesitate to give credits. 
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Moazzam Munawar

G+ Tips and Tricks  - 
Google forms very good for me to make online quiz and assess them online 
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+Moazzam Munawar how will what work? 
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Jaana Nyström

G+ Tips and Tricks  - 
Block or unblock people's accounts

You can avoid unwanted interactions by blocking other users in certain Google products, like Google+ and Hangouts. 

Blocking takes effect when these people are signed in to their Google Account.

Now you can see all whom you have blocked via a direct link:

See more from Google:

#Blocking     #Account     #Google     #GooglePlus  
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+Regina Gongora On a Chrome browser, check the 3-bar menu top right. Click on Incognito window and you're invisible.
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John Skeats

G+ Tips and Tricks  - 
Dealing with Undesirable Behavior on Google+

There are lots of great people on Google+, but a service as wonderful as Google+ also inevitably has individuals who behave in undesirable ways, as well. The attached post discusses how to deal with the latter. It also includes a section about how to avoid undesirable content and behavior on Google+.
Dealing with Undesirable Behavior on Google+

There are lots of great people on Google+, but a service as wonderful as Google+ also inevitably has individuals who behave in undesirable ways, as well. This post discusses how to deal with the latter. There is also a section about how to avoid undesirable content and behavior.

The first question you should ask yourself when you see something you dislike or are uncomfortable with is whether it violates the rules in Google’s User Content and Conduct Policy ( It is important to be familiar with that policy both to avoid getting into trouble yourself and to determine the best course of action when you encounter undesirable behavior.

Dealing with behavior that violates Google's rules
The best course of action when you see something that you believe violates Google’s User Content and Conduct Policy is to do all of the following:

* Do not interact with the profile or page in any way. People who act in abusive ways thrive on getting negative reactions from people. Don't feed that need by responding to their posts or comments.

* Report the posts or comments that you believe violate Google's policies. The following Help Center article describes how to report violations: When you follow those instructions, your reports will be sent directly to the Google+ Abuse Team for them to verify whether a violation took place and determine the appropriate action. This is the only way to bring the right people's attention to violations. 

* Report the profile if you believe the profile itself (not just posts and comments made by the profile or page) violates the policies. The instructions for doing this are included in the Help Center article referenced above. Again, this is the only way to bring the right people's attention to violations. 

* If you see something you believe to be illegal, report it to the appropriate legal authorities.

* Do not reshare the offending content or links to the content. Doing so -- even if you are trying to get action taken against the content -- can violate Google policies and possibly be illegal. Encouraging others to report violators can also be considered to be a form of harassment even if the violations are real. 

* Block the profile or page -- and leave it blocked. Blocking a profile or page has the following effects:
-- It removes you from the circles of the profile or page you block. 
-- It removes the profile or page from your circles.  
-- It prevents the profile or page from seeing your posts and comments again.
-- It prevents the profile or page from interacting with your posts again. 
-- It demonstrates to the Google+ Abuse Team that you are really serious about the report you are submitting. 

You can find instructions for blocking someone in the following Help Center article:

Dealing with behavior you dislike or are uncomfortable with
If you dislike or are uncomfortable with someone's behavior but the behavior does not violate Google’s User Content and Conduct Policy, that is really between you and the other person -- but there are actions you can take if you find their behavior completely unacceptable. It is up to you to determine when they have crossed that line. If you decide they have, do the following:

* Stop interacting with the profile or page entirely. As mentioned above, people who act in abusive ways thrive on getting negative reactions from people. Don't feed that need by responding to their posts or comments.

* Do not report the posts, comments, or profiles. Reporting is for violations of Google's rules not for things you don't like. Save reporting for situations where there are actual violations involved. 

* Block the profile or page -- and leave it blocked. Blocking a profile or page has the following effects:
-- It removes you from the circles of the profile or page you block. 
-- It removes the profile or page from your circles.  
-- It prevents the profile or page from seeing your posts and comments again.
-- It prevents the profile or page from interacting with your posts again. 

You can find instructions for blocking someone in the following Help Center article:

Avoiding undesirable content and behavior
We run into undesirable content and behavior on Google+ (as well as in life in general) in two ways: Sometimes it is simply presented to us seemingly randomly, and sometimes it is a result of people intentionally pursuing us. 

In Google+ terms, having undesirable content seem to be randomly presented to you usually means that the content is appearing in your Home stream for reasons which you don't understand. The fact is that nothing appears in your Home stream randomly. Google presents everything you see there to you for a reason. The following post discusses how to prevent undesirable content from appearing in your Home stream: 

People who appear to be intentionally pursuing you might, of course, actually be doing that, but they might also simply be unintentionally overly aggressive in their efforts to interact with you. If you believe there is a possibility that the behavior might be unintentional, it is best to gently let the person you know that you don't appreciate it. Doing that removes any doubts about whether such behavior from that point on is intentional. Behavior that is clearly intentional and ongoing constitutes harassment and is a violation of Google’s User Content and Conduct Policy, so following the instructions for dealing with violations above is appropriate. 
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+John Skeats okay so that's the new Google I did not know that but I feel a lot less confused now, thanks for the info John 😊
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Jeff Baker

G+ Tips and Tricks  - 
How To Bring Back Filtering Home Stream Circles

A moderator deleted my post from Google+ Help. So I'm posting it again.

I figured this out. Google+ AGAIN updated to a new version of Google+ without asking me. I could no longer view just specific circles on the stream and the old instructions did not work! Here is how to fix it:

Click on "Settings" and scroll WAY down to Advanced Settings and click on "Enable circle stream in navigation".

Now on your Google+ Home page on the left hand menu you will see "Circle Streams"
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+Jeff Baker How and why do you use Circle Streams? I've never heard of this?
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Jaana Nyström

G+ Tips and Tricks  - 
Google+ Collection tips:

Naming your Collection well brings more followers!
Google+ Collections and how to name them

I was searching for Outdoors in the Collections:
I wanted to find collections with actual articles.  Most of the ones found only have photos or worse - just reshares and no original content at all.

If your Collection consists only of photos and image reshares, please name your Collection thus.
"Outdoors images" or "Outdoors Photography" or "Photos from Outdoors".
This way the folks searching find what they want easily when browsing.

Like these:

Outdoors Photography:
Photos of Finland:

If you share articles and stories and perhaps photos too, then the "Outdoors" is more appropriate.

Like these:

Hiking, Camping and Trekking:
Outdoors Finland:

When you go to your Collection, click on the gear icon, choose Edit Collection and you can add a tagline: The search picks up the words from there, too: Not just from your headline.

Make your headlines more precise to create a better experience for all of us, please.

Learn more about Collections from Google's Help Center:

#GooglePlus     #Collections     #JaanaTip     #GooglePlusTip     #gHelp  
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Rupert Wood

G+ Tips and Tricks  - 
Tricks of the Trade - The +Mentions Tab
+Mentions Are Different To Notifications!

A few interesting facts about Notifications

If you have notifications set to only show notifications from your 'circles', this tab will still show you +mentions of those not in your circles!

They do not 'expire' like notifications do. Notifications will expire after about 60 days. +mentions stick around, see how far you can scroll back ;)

A plus-mention edited into a post after the post is submitted shows up in the Mentions tab, but does not create a notification. And a plus-mention edited into a comment after the comment is submitted shows up in the Mentions tab, but again, this will not create a notification. 

Here's the link- 
I'm hoping it will soon be available in the new UI and less 'hidden' and continue to be 'different' to notifications. 
Currently, this tab is only available in the Classic desktop version of G+

If you wish to request this feature, or any other feature, is included in the new version of Google+, it is advised to use the feedback options to request each feature, or report each issue separately. This will allow them to be categorised and forwarded to the relevant team. 

View previously sent feedback
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+Azlin Bloor I did have to get confirmation on that and test it myself. Though I knew it didn't create a notification, I wasn't sure if it would cause an appearance in the Mentions Tab.
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Steph StephanieSteph

G+ Tips and Tricks  - 
How to NOT have your community post in your profile

I have a tip if you want it. When people visit my profile I want them to see as many different pictures. When I check out someone's profile sometimes all their photography from communities are on their profile. And some people post the same picture to 2 or 7 communities. I go to a person's profile to check out their work. I would see much more if I didn't have to see the same picture multiple times. 

Let me know if you used my tip! 
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Tor Ivan Boine

G+ Tips and Tricks  - 
Nice. CMD/CTRL+Enter finally posts the post. instead of TAB+Enter
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You can find more shortcuts by typing a ? outside of a text entry area. 
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Parker Farnsworth

G+ Tips and Tricks  - 
This is an example of a poll.
58 votes  -  votes visible to Public
To make a poll, simply click or tap what
looks like two bars, one higher than the
other one.
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Where can you do this +Parker Farnsworth
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Jason Telford (Jay)

G+ Tips and Tricks  - 
Hopefully this will help others get more out of their Google+ experience. I wrote a post about using the Google+ web app, which I have attached below.
So I just wanted to write about this. The screenshot shows Google+ in the Chrome browser on my Android tablet. It looks really beautiful and feels like the desktop version of G+. I am only sad that I can not receive offline notifications from the Google+ website, but I have realised that the notifications sync with the Google+ all and as I would have to open the app anyway to view the notifications, I'm not losing anything.

It works like this:

On the App
1: received notification from app
2: open app using the app shortcut from my home screen
3: click notifications tab
4: click notification to view post

Using the Google+ website
1: receive notification from app
2: open the Google+ website using the short cut from my home screen
3: click notification bell
4: click notification to read post

Notifications from the website sync automatically with the app so when a notification is read on the website it automatically clears on the app without you needing to do anything extra and as you still have the app installed you can still click the notification in the Android notification centre by swiping down your screen - this will open the notifications in the app like normal, for those times when you just want to quickly look at what the notification is rather than browsing Google+.

The above works exactly the same on my Samsung Galaxy S6 as described here and looks just as beautiful as it does on a tablet. See the screenshots below.

Google web apps have really come along way and I think this is going to be my preferred method of using Google+ from now on.
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HOW do you post that guys comment?????
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