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Highlights of the G+ Help File Settings Tab: Use Less Data in Google+

Once upon a time, many of us Android users enjoyed the perks of an unlimited data plan through our providers. This allowed us to do everything we wanted while on our devices with zero fear of consequence. It was a good time. Then providers realized they could charge us more if they changed the data schemes, so unlimited went bye-bye and caps were introduced. Oh, the pure joy of realizing everything you’d grown accustomed to using your devices for was no longer cost-effective, and from then on you’d be constantly scanning for Wi-Fi everywhere you went. Even services like Google+ could hurt you, along with Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and on and on, by downloading data in the background, or uploading every huge image posted to your feed in full, spectacular detail. That’s a chunk of data and it can cost you money.

For many services, the only option you have for limiting your data is turning them off when not on Wi-Fi. This includes all activity – location data, feeds, and updating via the Play store. This is a completely workable solution that solves the problem 100% of the time, but at a pretty steep cost. You’re basically turning your smartphone back into a dumb one for 75% of its lifespan and seriously curtailing your ability to enjoy the apps you’re using in the first place. So, while it’s a functional solution, it’s overkill for most people.

Luckily, Google+ has a way you can limit the data you use and still enjoy your favorite platform when on the go. All you have to do, aside from having an Android device, is follow the directions in the image above. It’s really as simple as activating a slider function. Once you select “Conserve Data Usage”, you’ll no longer be served GIFs or high-quality images. It’s a vanilla version, to be sure, but it will save you data in the long run – lots of data. If you’d like to see a GIF or high-res image, all you have to do is tap it and let it load up. It’s a good solution to a common problem and will allow you to remain “online” without the weighty data costs. So, give it a shot if you need to keep the GBs down this month.


Hi can anyone please suggest... How can a share a post to multiple communities spontaneously on google plus.

I want to share pictures to non gmail account holders

How to share a pdf file on Google+

how do I bbcode


I manage a brand page, and am facing an issue with uploading / publishing new posts.

1. When I create a new posts from "My Business" and publish the same, it does not display on my Brand page.
2. When I go to the brand page and write a post using the red create post icon on the bottom right of the screen, the posts are displayed.

Could somebody please tell me the difference between the two methods and why are my posts not displaying from "My Business".

Thank you in advance.

I will appreciate if Google rectify the problem of emails ids. I have been getting emails which are sent to other email ids because gmail is not able to differentiate the ids if it has "." It just check the characters and number.
For example: will also get emails marked to and vice versa.

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Highlights of the G+ Help File Settings Tab: How Google+ Works for Teens

There’s no arguing the fact that social media is a hazardous place for young people – especially teens. There are dangers and pitfalls aplenty and young people, much of the time, are not prepared for what they find when they venture out into the digital beyond for the first time. That’s just one of the reasons Google has put so much thought and energy into designing a system that protects young people at the same time it gives them experience in the wider digital world – speaking from a social media standpoint.

Google+ for teens is very much like Google+ for adults. The main differences are found in the default settings. In adult profiles, these settings are defaulted to their public options while teens have much more conservative default settings across the board. Many of these settings can be changed by the teen if they so choose, but it’s a good idea as a parent to keep a close eye on whatever changes are made.

A teen or their parent can learn about how their posts are shared and who will, or will not, be able to see them by checking the default settings in their profile when it’s first opened. While Google+ tries hard to set things up for safety, you’ll probably want to work out the precise settings you feel best for your teen as a family.

Here’s a list of what’s kept private by default:
• Gender
• Introduction
• Links
• Home & Work Contact Info
• Occupation & Employment
• Education
• Places Lived

Teens and parents may also control the notifications generated by Google+. By default, teens only receive notifications from people in their circles, but you can even disable that if you so choose. Google’s entire effort is geared toward protecting your teen and their privacy from anything and everything found online that may do them harm. That’s why, by default, your teen’s Google+ profile isn’t even discoverable by Search. They really do their best to keep it away from prying eyes.

The last few sections of the page deal with how to keep teens from viewing a +Page, how to block users from your teen’s profile, and how to go about reporting offensive content to Google’s administrators. There’s also a link to Teens & Google+ a bit further down the Settings Tab. This page gives some excellent resources, including all we’ve just discussed, for parents and teens who’re struggling with issues either related to or unrelated to their Google+ profile. Everyone, especially Google, wants teens to use social media responsibly for fun and interaction with friends and family. That’s the whole purpose of these settings and resources – to make sure they have that chance.

Parents may want to visit Google’s Safety Center to learn more about protecting their kids, and themselves, from the possible dangers found across the internet. You can find useful information on a variety of topics related to online safety sourced from Google’s Partners within the child safety community. It’s a good place to start if online security is new to you and your family.

Google’s Safety Center


Hi Guys,

Following is my page/profile.

I am unable to know which email Id i have used to create this page. Is there a way i can see who is the owner (email) of this page/profile?

If i know which email i have used, i can try logging in.

I can edit a Google sheet that I was invited to edit on every computer in my office except my personal one. I have been editing this sheet for months and suddenly I can't do anything with it on my computer. I can open it, but I can't even move the page up and down to view it. I changed my account to a Microsoft account last week (so it would sync with my personal accounts) and it started right after that. I disconnected from that account today and signed back in to the regular account I have always used, but it still won't let me edit it! What do I have to do?? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
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