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stewart wilson (CarpFreak)

G+ Tips and Tricks  - 
Over the last few weeks ive been working on getting more  followers, Alot of the articles i read online included adding ALOT of people from the people page and hopeing they added me back ,

I tested this and found it was not very effective at getting people to folow me back . And wasted alot of time removing the waster follows via circle count

Ive now founf a much more effective way of getting followers ,

My new tactic is to share my content with communities and then add the people who +1 my content , Ive found that doing this results in a much higher % of follow backs than adding random people from the people pages !

Hope this will help some one get a few more followers !
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Hi +stewart wilson. The following post discusses things to do and things to avoid doing if you want to build a following on Google+. As you will see, adding followers is not on the list. That's because we have seen that it is generally ineffective as way of getting followers. Perhaps more important, the kind of people who follow you back simply because they followed you are probably not going to be quality followers -- and having quality followers is far more important than just having a large number of followers.
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Atmosphere Mind

G+ Tips and Tricks  - 
I'm new & wonder ... Can Google+ & twitter interact with each other ? 
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Hi Im new to this Bonnie is my name

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Parker Farnsworth

G+ Tips and Tricks  - 
How to unblock someone on mobile.
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Dylan Cuffy

G+ Tips and Tricks  - 
Heads up! If you still depend on as your Plus link shortener...

then please be aware that it has been offline for the past two or so weeks—and still is at this writing (with a 500 error now thrown into the mix). Google search doesn't even index the domain anymore, and cannot access it due to the point where is your go-to. (I've been actively keeping track since the weekend of April 23–24.)

One +Chris Lang by name offered this premonition, way back in G+'s early days (, 23/7/2011):

"The problem is that it is owned by some ISP in Turkey. I don't care to trust incoming links to my Google profile to God knows who."

For those who still want to rely on a shortener, look no further than the long-running in the meantime. Just add in your long G+ URL (e.g., followed by the custom alias below it (Plus[USERNAME] — just replace [USERNAME] with your preferred handle). If you have a URL lying around in your Web profiles, now is the time to start changing them and/or converting; I'll do that as soon as time permits.

As for the service itself, I don't know how soon it'll return; the webmasters, as usual, cannot be contacted. Even though their page is still there—with no posts since November 2011! If it miraculously does, I'll let you know.

Surprised that no other users have brought it up till I came in. Good thing +CircleCount and +All my + remain unscathed for this.

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Peggy K
Thanks for the heads up +Dylan Cuffy​! I expect most people who create short links don't regularly check to see if they are still working.
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Jaana Nyström

G+ Tips and Tricks  - 
Where to post your questions about Google products
Google+ Help Community: Over a million members!

The official Google+ Help community was created on the 6th of December 2012.  I've been there since day 1.

Google+ Top Contributors have helped countless users in a variety of topics about and around Google+.

We do wish that questions from other Google products would be posted in their respective help fora:!home

Also, Google Photos has it's own Forum:!forum/photos

#GooglePlus     #Support     #Help     #gHelp   #Community  
Google+ Help
The Official Google Community for Google+ Support in English
View community
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Jaana Nyström

G+ Tips and Tricks  - 
Your Google war room:

My Account

"Control, protect, and secure your account, all in one place.

My Account gives you quick access to settings and tools that let you safeguard your data, protect your privacy, and decide how your information can make Google services work better for you..."

See more:

#Security  #Password  #Device  #Apps  #Google
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Great share as always +Jaana Nyström​
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Alex Garcia

G+ Tips and Tricks  - 
10 things that every new G+ user should know
1) Who to share with.

2) Who can comment on your public posts.'
If you are under 18, your default is only people in your circles can comment. Since you haven't added many people yet, most people can't reply to you. To change this, go to

3) My posts are not showing in communities

4) Posts in public communities are public.
Everyone that visit the community can see them.
Even if they are not community members.
They will show up in G+ search results.

5) I can't change my name.
There is a limit of 3 different names within a 90-day period.
You will have to wait.

6) I want to change my customised G+ URL.
Simple answer. You can't.
But there is only one hope.
Use the Send Feedback feature from the account that owns the URL and explain what you want and why. You will rarely be successful and almost never you will get an answer, but all you can do is try.

7) Do not set audience restrictions by country or age, unless you really have a valid reason to do that.

8) Google plus settings

9) None of the above

10) Still need help.
The official help articles
The official help community for G+ (not hangouts or youtube or photos or business or gmail or google account. See item 9)
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Are you following +Dtya York or are you just getting posts about that?
You just tap the post author or hover your mouse over the name. If it says follow you are not following them. If it says following or a circle name then you have to unfollow.
If you are not following them and you are getting posts it's because you are not following enough people/pages on your own and Google suggested them.
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Parker Farnsworth

G+ Tips and Tricks  - 
Check your recovery options here and change them to your details

Go here and remove any unknown devices, and change your password immediately

Or you can go through this Security Checklist.
Or do a security checkup here

Set up 2-step login here, and ensure you follow All the steps.

Read the following information in full

This is +Kamal Tailor​'s comment. Credit to them!
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+Kamal Tailor Sorry for not giving credit.
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As someone starting to set up my G+ business page, I need a little help. In the Classic version, there was a tab for videos that automatically pulled in my youtube channel. This is crucial for my line of work and advertising. However... I cannot seem to get this to appear on the New Google+. It shows my posts, collections, interest with no problems - but no youtube videos. Any tips for pulling in the old videos tab from Classic G+ to the new G+?
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The page and channels are still connected. 
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Moazzam Munawar

G+ Tips and Tricks  - 
Google forms very good for me to make online quiz and assess them online 
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+Moazzam Munawar how will what work? 
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Jaana Nyström

G+ Tips and Tricks  - 
Block or unblock people's accounts

You can avoid unwanted interactions by blocking other users in certain Google products, like Google+ and Hangouts. 

Blocking takes effect when these people are signed in to their Google Account.

Now you can see all whom you have blocked via a direct link:

See more from Google:

#Blocking     #Account     #Google     #GooglePlus  
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+Regina Gongora On a Chrome browser, check the 3-bar menu top right. Click on Incognito window and you're invisible.
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