does anyone know any tools that can track or count the use of certain hashtag on google+? like we all know there's hashtracking or other tools that can be used to count hashtag on twitter. 
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Can I send my Google+ photos to my Google Drive account, please?
H.T.V. Blu's profile photoJaana Nyström's profile photo
+H.T.V. Blu  If you upload the images in maximum 2120 pixels size, then this does not count towards the storage on Google+. Only if you wish to upload full size images, then I recommend Drive, especially if you have the free 100 gigs.

Here's more:
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Mary Dimitt

Tips and Tricks  - 
How do I transfer my calendar to my pc?
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+Mary Dimitt your calander lives here just save this link as a favorite - when you add new events from mobile/tablet you will be given a choice of calanders - just make sure you always choose this one
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Paula Tedder

Tips and Tricks  - 
Share the URL link to you own site and my URL link below to view this message is not a problem with this one is going to be able to be able to be able for me to find out more information about this topic. Paula Adele Tedder & Hoke
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+Paula Tedder what is your question in relation to Google+, if any?
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Zafarullah Qamar

Tips and Tricks  - 
hi dear i am looking information about how add google badge on my community like this community "created by"  google help badge with follow button.waiting for your kind reply
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Hi, +Zafarullah Qamar.

The "Created by" section is displayed when the community is owned by a Google+ page. This section is not displayed when a community is owned by Google+ profiles.
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Alex Garcia

Tips and Tricks  - 
Time stamps on videos
I do not know why but this feature is one of the best kept secrets in Google+. It gives you an idea of the content and quick access to the sections you might be interested on.
I don't think any of the other social platforms do this easily. Once you link to the video, you just type the time mm:ss or hh:mm:ss
I admit it is time consuming to look for the time location, but the idea of sitting for 30-60 mins or more, to find out what is in the video, sounds crazy to me. 
See this example: Top 10 time-saving tech tips.
I am not focusing on how good the tips are.
Just how time stamp works. Just click on the time stamp (sometimes might require to hit the play button)
00:51 Scroll with the space bar
01:13 Use first letter to get faster down a long list
01:39 Zoom in/out
01:56 Smartphones insert a period with double space.
02:16 Redial with the call button
02:55 Skip voice mail intro
03:16 Google stunts. Dictionary. Flights. Measurements.
03:45 Highlight by clicking.
04:24 Shutter lag
04:55 Turn off distracting screen behind you.
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And it works on comments too. See David lose it at 02:37
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I want to add a manager to help me manage my Google Plus account.  It seems that other computers have the ability to do this but for some reason I my profile there is no "add manager" button.  Let me know how I would go about adding a manager.  Thank you if you are reading this and have run into a similar situation.  It is really annoying.  I cannot find a customer service phone number for google plus either. 
Kamal Tailor's profile photoKaleh Kohler's profile photo
+ILYA SKOLNIKOFF you can designate a user to manage your gmail, I'm not sure if that gives the person managing your emails access to your Google+ account or not though.
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Justin Walker

Tips and Tricks  - 
HATE GOOGLE PLUS NOT WORKING PAID money to watch movie and error occurred! cant watch fucking movie. I will PIRATE EVERYTHING NOW Bc of  THIS
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+Justin Walker
I think you might be better suited to iTunes champ...

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Chinmaya A.S.V

Tips and Tricks  - 
One great thing Google has done is introducing voice recognition for different types of "English " accents.... Awesome... 
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Tips and Tricks  - 
Clipping Path and its Classification:

A clipping path refers to the non-printing line that delimitates a certain area of a raster image that is going to be printed, while the rest is left out. A clipping path service should be employed when you want to eliminate the background of an image. Experts use a pen tool to perform such clipping path tasks.Well-liked Clipping Paths are Basic Clipping Path, Moderate Clipping Path, Compound Clipping Path, Extreme Clipping Path, Complex Clipping Path, Super Complex Clipping Path, Multi Clipping Path, and Clipping Paths with Shadow.Easy Clipping Path is the elementary option to remove background and knockout an image from its original form. It is the easier to reach and engages a single closed path. This type of Clipping Path does not have any holes or transparency to cover up.

 Complex 1: Clipping Path

is used for a composite image. This image would have few embedded transparency or holes. It also includes closed paths that range from five to ten in number and contains many outlining curves.

 Complex 2: Clipping Path

consists of several basic paths. It has few embedded transparency or holes. There are normally five to ten closed paths and several outlining curves.

 Complex 3: Clipping Path

Used for images that have numerous outlining curves. This type of clipping is tremendous as the name suggests. It is used for complex images that embed more than ten holes or transparency.

 Complex 4: Clipping Path

 Is taken as the tremendous complex type among the Clipping Paths. This type of Clipping Path is used for images with complex shapes or those with several simple or compound shapes.

 Complex 5: Clipping Path

Has several embedded transparency or holes. It is generally used for different types of intricate shapes or edges.

 Super Complex Clipping Path:

 Is used for images that have a number of closed paths and outlining paths. This is the path with various complex shapes that are simple and compound in nature.Using Clipping Path is often tedious and expensive plan to remove the rear of your photos. So outsource it! Clipping path Helps 24 looks forward to dropout these pictures in cheapest prices. This geographical distribution allows you to benefit from lower prices, thus saving money, and enjoy an unprecedented speed of work with our teams located in different time zones. And that without sacrificing quality, because the clipping paths produced by Clipping Path Helps 24 Hours are performed exclusively by hand in particular through the pen tool in Photoshop. We guarantee the high quality of our clipping path service. You may obtain substantial reductions in regularly using our services. We allow you to be very responsive to your media impressions.
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+SHAMIM FORHAD this is a community for topics relating to +Google+, please read the About this community card for the rules of the community. 
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adam rifai

Tips and Tricks  - 
Check my collection of Amazing Unusual Features about Google and Youtube
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how to increase my social circle in google+ step by step my circle limit is over, Please Help me. My Page Show this message: You've reached the maximum number of people that can be in your circles at this time.
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I'd like to post articles and then post photos and videos related to each article (that can be commented on and shared). Is the best way to create a Google+ Community or Page for this project?

I thought of making a category for each article (and post content/pics/videos within that category), but I'll have 100's of articles, so that wouldn't work.

Would you have suggestions on how others built this using Google+?
Chris Ketchell's profile photoJessie Upp's profile photo
Yes! I see community is the way to go for that. In just unsure how to structure the articles with multiple associated photos/videos. Thanks for your input!
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Marie c.delariviere

Tips and Tricks  - 
Hi, there are many people in a my circle, i've been receiving so many photo posts daily to my gmail account that taking a lots of space, I don't want to receive their posts, my posts, and comments in to my gmail account. 
What is steps I should take? Pls Advise. Thank u
Chris Ketchell's profile photoBob ORourke's profile photo
I like Chris Ketchell's idea and went back to settings and turned off a few more notifications. Not sure yet that I want them ALL off, don't know what they all mean to me yet. By the time I find out Google will no doubt have changed things beyond recognition.
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Vittoria Palumbo

Tips and Tricks  - 
Come attività commerciale se ho rivendicato la scheda senza creare un profilo google plus, posso aggiungere per quella medesima società (stesso nome) ulteriori sedi? devo aggiungere delle schede di lavoro?
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Reggio Emilia!
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Aurélie Hiéroux

Tips and Tricks  - 
Hi Everybody!

In left menu, when I click on profile to view my page, there is a tab "Avis" (review in english?) after my list of "+1".
Do you know what this is? This page is empty. How can I add review into?

Alex Garcia's profile photoAurélie Hiéroux's profile photo
+Aurélie Hiéroux It links to a local shop. It also shows in maps.
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Jaana Nyström

Tips and Tricks  - 
Things to think about! :-)
When posting to Communities, please stay on topic

❒ Check the discussions or topics on the left and the Community guidelines on the right before posting to a new Community

❒ Don't share funny memes, music videos or your family photos in a community meant for serious discussion

❒ Don't spam anywhere or your profile might get suspended because people do report spam

❒ Don't start a community just because you can, without being passionate about your topic, sometimes it's better to join a bigger one and get more interaction that way

❒ Do not name your community with the same name that many other communities already have

❒ Do not use official Google or any other brand logos

❒ Do comment, +1 and share interesting content to and from the Communities!

Read more about How to attract an audience on Google+

#Googleplus #Plushelp #Community
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Google+ Help’s 3 Hottest Questions of the Week
Engagement, Photos to albums, Larger images in posts

Hey everyone! Time for the latest Google+ Help Weekly Round-Up where the top trending questions of the week are answered!

It’s been a busy week, with lots of interesting topics. The three I've chosen here are great, but there are lots more out there. I encourage everyone to look through the discussions in this community, there’s a lot of information out there.

1) Suppose you’re a blogger, and new to G+. What’s the best strategy to get traction and engagement? Public posts? Posts to Communities? Both? And if so, in what order? That’s what +Karie-Ann Cooper wanted to know about, and +Alex Garcia and +John Skeats provided a wealth of advice, including tips about how not to appear spammy.

See the full post here:

2) +Rj Cuaresma asked how to upload photos directly to specific albums using his mobile. +Kamal Tailor recommended using autobackup to upload the photos, and then move them to albums once they’ve been uploaded.

See the full post here:

3) +Katt Mamma was wondering how to share Blogger posts and consistently have a good looking photo in the result. +Peggy K and +David Kutcher both jumped in to help sort out what triggers the system to use larger images in posts. David did some subsequent research that I suspect resulted in this post from him

See +Katt Mamma's original post here:

► Tip of the Week
Did you know you can submit feedback directly to Google? You may not get an individual reply or follow-up as a result, but the team will definitely look at it. This is extremely helpful, because they can’t fix what they don’t know about.

When you do give feedback, it needs to be more than just saying “this isn't working”. You need to give them enough information to describe the problem in detail so that they can understand and reproduce it.
+Jaana Nyström provides the basic guidelines in this post:

Thanks everyone for all of your questions and insights this week, and special thanks to everyone who helped respond to these trending topics. Make sure to check back again next week when +Kim Beasley will help highlight the best questions and answers on the community.

#weeklyroundup   #googleplusprotip   #besthelpontheweb
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+Jerry lessig you need to 'unsubscribe' from the community by the sound of things. Visit the community, and switch off the notifications. How to do this depends on if using mobile or desktop… 
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Bulls Claw

Tips and Tricks  - 
Hi, I was just had a very interesting question!

Is it possible to disable or mute posting comments for only one person, BUT make it still viewable for him. The rest of the public should be able to write and view the post.
For example, Person B is a very rude commenter, and he is commenting on Person A's post along with the general public.

Now Person A wants to teach Person B a lesson, so he only disables commenting for Person B. Now Person B can see the post but not comment, whereas the rest of the general public can.

 Person B realizes his mistake of being rude after seeing how interesting the post has become without his rudeness.
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Asking for help!
From the desk of Googler +Adam Lasnik:

Smartly ask for help, get better help

Not so good:  "[x] doesn't work.  Please fix!!!!!1"

Okay. But please meet us halfway! :) 

Good stuff to include when emailing or posting a message seeking help with a product or service:

1) Detail the basics.  Depending on what's relevant, note what phone you're using, what web browser, etc.

2) Establish the timeframe.  Were things working before?  If so, when did they stop working?  Did this happen after you did something specific?

3) Give examples.  "[x] works, but for some reason [y] does not" or "Here is an example of the brokenness"

4) Be kind.  I can nearly guarantee that being mean, impatient, snarky, etc. will not encourage the frontline person to resolve the issue faster or better.  In contrast, a short "Thanks for your help!" can do wonders!

Thanks for reading :-)

☎ ☎ ☎

Addition - How to send Feedback:

You can share a private post with +Google+ Help or use the Feedback feature:

- On Android you can find send feedback in the menu overflow (3 dots icon)
- On iOS you need to shake your device and the feedback window will appear

Feedback on desktop or laptop: Pop-up pillar on the left, at the bottom.

#Feedback   #ReportToGoogle   #FeatureSuggestions  

Original post:
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