Hey guys :)

Would you help me with another disappeared post? When log in the G+ page the post is there, but if not, the URL leads to a 404 error again? Have you experienced this again lately?

In the last 48 hours I've noticed a SHARP decline in activity regarding my posts. Usually get 10+ likes but these past few days only one or two posts have gotten one like.
Having a look at the Home feed (which usually shows a mix of my own posts and people/pages I follow) I've noticed that a lot of my posts aren't showing up here. Did G+ change its algorithm so that followers don't see all posts like on Facebook? If they have, this has essentially destroyed my account. If not, does anyone know what's going on? 

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I have a verified local business g+ account.. but now I do not see any option to post there: https://plus.google.com/+ArugambayBookingsColombo
why is that?

Having a lot of trouble opening my emails on my computer,no problem on my phone???,have tried to change password about 20 times,but all I get is a new code & then I'm told that Google does not recognize my account!!!!!,getting totally pissed ,as there is no phone # to call,totally user unfriendly can anyone explain

How do you upload videos onto your Google plus profile to share with circles?? I used to be able to do so all the time.... Now its not letting me do anything but photos. I tried uploading in Google photos and on my Google plus profile.

Is it possible to make my posts, when going onto my profile, invisible to people outside of my circles?

New posts don't appear in company page.

I have a past teacher in which I had to fire
she has used a fake name and did a damaging review slandering my name how do I get rid of this ?

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Hello, I'm a newbee so please bear with me!
I created a Google Business Account and verified etc. But only I can see the Business Account Window. There is a message:
From Google Contacts
Only you can see this result
In fact if I'm not logged in to Google Account I can't see anything in the search result.
Can someone PLEASE point me in the right direction.


How do I find posts' that I was tagged in?
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