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Hi! Our company is in the process of revamping our Google+ brand account and we have an issue/question we can't seem to resolve. When logging in we see 2 different pages:
1. - the brand account
2. - the profile

We only want to use the brand account and get rid of the profile but weren't able to find an answer to: if we delete the profile will it affect the brand account? We don't want to have both as it's confusing. We also run a YouTube channel. Pleas help :)
Ambi Climate
Ambi Climate

As is the problem with most users, the spam filter for comments is extremely strict and ambiguous as to what it flags. Many comments that aren't spam get flagged, many that are spam do not. This issue is considerably annoying, as it effects not just I, but many users I know (and those I don't).

With due respect, please help to resolve this issue as soon as the time is convenient. Thank you.

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Suddenly, 90%+ of comments on my collection posts are being marked as spam for no logical reason.

What is going on?

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Can you explain why this comment wasn’t flagged as potential spam on +Guy Kawasaki’s post and hidden from view?

I hate Google+ right now. Every single comments people posts on posts, it's automatically count as spam. I know what you mods gonna say "it's a part of G+ system, it's normal" Uh no stupid! It's happening MORE OFTEN than normal. Someone posting a innocent comment saying "Hey" or something. It rarely happens when posting a picture in the comments. But NOW the comments flagged as spam is happening for no reason. Me and all other people can't talk to our friends without G+ flagging every single comments as spam.

Google! Fix your shit! People on your damn website is complaining about it!

Hi there. I seem to be unable to add my yahoo mail account to google. I used to be able to, but now I am locked out. Every time I type in my yahoo password, it says it is incorrect. Is there a setting or something I'm missing. Please advise!

I truly need google to look into my account. I am constantly being marked as a spammer and therefore being caught by community spam filters for no apparent reason. This problem isn't any new to me and I have read several articles in order to not show "spammy" behavior. It's just that every account I make gets marked as a spam within the first post or two into any community. This account is marked as spam and I can't even comment. I know this because I made another account just to check. I am so tired of this. Please someone help me if you know anything else than the same stuff told to me such as don't post to much in short periods of time. I wouldn't be surprised if this post is caught in the spam filter. Anywyas, this account is already marked spam and I'm so very tired of making new accounts.

i m maggi
i have a very simple question how to remove the comments as spam

When one does a search on Jeffrey Grice there is a wikipedia link that comes up automatically on the right of the screen. The photo that appears is not of me. This is a Jeffrey Grice who is an MD in the States. I have no idea how to correct this. Can you help please? I am Jeffrey Grice the pianist...

Open to all!!

How can I showcase followers to my community.. ?
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