02/19/17 PROBLEM RESOLVED by clicking the Google+ Settings link provided by Paul Snedden (see Comments).

Although resolved, leaving up for reading by others in case helpful:

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Please help. I did this just a couple days ago, but now am having trouble. If I want to go to

"http://accounts.google.com - Google+"

to change settings, where do I need to be, to type this? Thank You!

Hi. When you type in "Kaevras" in to Google, and scroll down to the Google+ profile, the phrase "Have the most Amazing girlfriend ever. Trudie." shows us, and I can't figure out how to change it because we broke up ages ago and the squad is roasting me. Many thanks.

So... I'm apparently having a laundry list of issues with Google+ now... So better get to listing them I guess... Before anything, I should mention: I have tried other internet types (IE, Firefox AND Chrome) and these are all the issues I'm having across all three different browsers. So I know it's not an issue with the browser. I also tried using a different computer that had Windows 8 on it instead of the one I use with Windows 10. Hell I even tried my old computer with Windows Vista. And of course, as expected, this started with the upgrade to the new Google+. Hell... I even tried to Google app on my computer as I thought it would work better. As expected, it didn't. It did the same things.

1. I STILL cannot tag certain people. I made 3 posts since they changed to the new Google+ but no one seems to want to give me an answer on this subject. I know said person isn't blocked, and they are in my friends list, and I even made a special list for the friends I tag most often to try and get around this, but it doesn't work. And it's always the same friends that I can't tag.

2. Sometimes the "share a post" screen (Where you want to type in what you want to post) will just load forever, and sometimes takes multiple tries before you can get the screen to come up. This also happens if you click on any of the icons as I can only do thinks like share youtube videos or post pictures on Google+ some of the time when the system ACTUALLY decides it wants to load. And don't go telling me this is my internet connection, because it's not. There's nothing wrong with my internet connection as that was the first thing I troubleshooted.

3. Sometimes Google+ scripts will randomly crash, and when it does, it forces me to reload the page in order to do anything. Although 7 times out of 10, this crashes my browser completely. This almost always happens when I go into notifications. Usually certain ones I open up with a lot of comments might do it, or certain posts seem to do it constantly as well. I tried this using only one browser page, and that was Google+, and I had all other windows I normally use closed. So I know nothing else is crashing it. I even tried clearing out my cookies because I thought maybe there was a virus on my computer causing it (Which I also eliminated as a possibility.)

4. Communities on Google+ keep changing size randomly. Sometimes I load it up and the text is suddenly bigger, and sometimes it seems like the posts are zoomed in or zoomed out. I confirmed this is NOT an issue with my zoom tool like I thought, and seems to constantly change whenever I load a new Google+ page.

5. Notifications keeps glitching out randomly. I will be typing in a notification to comment on a post, then the notifications will disappear, or sometimes it automatically moves to the next one while I'm still typing my comment. I thought maybe this as a problem with my mouse clicking the page, but have eliminated that as a possibility. This happens a lot, and the affects are completely random it seems. I am pretty sure there's hotkey function issues, as this always happens when I'm typing a comment.

6. While we're on the subject of notifications, I sometimes don't receive certain notifications when comments are made on my posts on Google+. And sometimes the notifications come LONG after other notifications that happened afterward. I've had comments that were posted weeks ago JUST show the notification. And sometimes the notification doesn't show up at all, and I have to go searching when someone tells me they commented on a post of mine. However, this has been a problem for a long time... So I don't blame the new Google+ for this.

7. I cannot edit communities anymore. I thought maybe I was hitting the wrong button so I asked another owner of a community I own and found out I was NOT doing it wrong, but it just wasn't working for me. The edit community button doesn't do anything and just acts like a dead button.

8. Randomly long posts that are condensed cannot be re-condensed once you click them again. This works sometimes, and other times it doesn't. I haven't found a rhyme or reason for when it happens yet so I have no idea how to figure out what the issue is.

That's all I can think of for now... I think there were more, but that's all I can think of at the moment.

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How do I add a link to the About section on G+???? Check out the G+ page for companies like Burger King. They all have links on their About section. However I can't add a link to any of my clients pages. The link on their business listing does not show on the About section of Google+. Please help!!

How can I personalized my Google+ Account

I want my original profile back
See my friends & followers,and others friends & followers. Too many scams are happening because these people are hidden. Goggle is just helping them hide potential hackers & scam artists with your new set up 

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I can't post in certain communities anymore ..And it's not in spam because I asked to mods to look...And if they were lying ...Then EVERY time I post it goes in the spam box in those certain communities ..I heard you guys can like look into the coding of posts ..Can you look at this post..It was postd in an 800k community and has gotten one like (from one of my followers) https://plus.google.com/113536021070595144384/posts/LnyiL9WbEwP ...This has been going on for like 2 months now and I'm sick of it

Does anyone have any idea when the view count will be returning on the new Google Plus?

Greetings. I'm off work today and I'm in a send feedback kind of mood, but before I do that I want to ask here first so my feedback may be better if I even need to send it at all.

1. There used to be a button/link to view one's own profile as the public would see it, which would exclude private community posts and other private stuff. Does that capability still exist to view one's g+ profile how the public would see it?

2. I have 1049 followers and I'm following 479. Followers are easy to figure out as it is on one's profile header. To figure out how many people one is following is NOT easy, it takes three steps and math, click the three lines>People>Following>math=add up the numbers in all of your circles. Is there an easier way to find out how many people I am following?

3. I can no longer go to someone's profile and see if they are already following me or not by looking for the old arrow symbols. If there is a way to go to someone's profile and see if they are following me, it is NOT intuitive. Is there a way by going to someone's profile to tell if they are follow you or not?

4. Why do photos not all collect to one spot, or do they and I don't where that spot is? I see that there are photos in My Drive and in Photos, but why aren't all my photo posts in there somewhere also, or are they and I just can't find it? I see that when I do a new photo post that g+ lists all of the previous photo posts that I have made, is there a link to all of just those photos somewhere?

5. Separating Hangouts from g+ is annoying. Where I and others used it to communicate both ways we don't use it nearly as often anymore lessening the ability to enjoy instant messaging. Maybe I'm doing it wrong, let me know.

6. The "Your influence" thing(for anyone wondering, on a desktop on your homepage it's the three vertical dots at the top right in between the "ABOUT" link and the "Edit profile" button), how accurate are the numbers there. How is that calculated?

I hope that it is not bad form to ask so much in one post, I just didn't want to spam with 6 different posts. If I need to break this up, let me know.

Thank you.

I need help changing my name to the account holder, Google PlEASE HELP ME
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