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We recently announced the acceleration of the G+ sunset for consumers. The sunset is now scheduled to take place in April 2019, and over the coming months we will provide users with information to help them migrate off of G+.

Users interested in preserving their G+ data should follow the instructions on our Google+ Help Page.
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So what is the real reason G+ is shutting down?

And no, I'm not talking about the "info leak"

I'm asking for the REAL reason.

Or does no one know...?

i dont know what happened, all of a sudden my public posts on g cld not be seen by others... i tried to see from another id but saw that they were not visible,i deactivated and activated to see the visibility still... same problem, at last i deleted my gmail account and retreived it so that my gmail post may be refreshed and viewed but still not visible to public........... in the mean time i had 2880 followrs on g plus but all of a sudden only 9 followrs so my following is lost toooo

Buona sera scrivo per conto di una mia amica Anna Celeste che è stata segnalata e gli hanno chiuso il profilo
Ingiustamente.. Lei tiene molto alle sue raccolte e non sa come fare per recuperarle ha scaricato takeout ma non funziona e non sa come fare per mandare email.... Ci aiutate?
Grazie intanto

when i post something on G+ in a community after some time a line comes on community in which i shared my post why? it occur on some posts not on all.....


I am not showing on google maps when i search myself for local scrap companies. How do i do this please so we show in our area?
Thank you


Why was my posting Automatically removed claiming SPAM when it was NOT spam at ALL? and there we're NO links and no other Violations? I typed all that for your BOTS to remove for no reason can you email me my post so i can re post it and adjust your BOTS??? here is the Code


Thank You!!!!

I can't join auto enthusiasts community

I have went to Mewe but have been wondering how to switch my photos over to them.. any help would be greatly appreciated..thank you

Hello. I’m Kyle.
My primary account was temporarily suspended under the claims that I violated community rules.
This is clearly a mistake as I have been treading carefully since my first warning.
I’ve not posted anything NSFW minus a few memes. Honestly this is my first and only Christmas on Google plus and now I’m separated from my friends.
I’ve made two appeals and am fairly confident it will be remedied, but I worry because I know the system can be inefficient and unfair at times.
I’d really love any reassurance or info.
Thank you.

Apparently I posted sexual content?? I’ll be honest, I used to belong to a few rp communities... But ever since my first warning I stopped any and all non-appropriate activity and even deleted my NSFW folder a while back. My account is all clean now. I guarantee it.
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