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how i write my custom URL

I'm responsible for a Google+ company page. When I am logged in as the company, and I click the "Profile" link, I can see the posts that I've made (via, but if I'm not logged in, or I'm logged in as a different account they do not appear. On mobile I get the message "No posts found". Any suggestions?

Why My count of followers are shown wrongly on my profile? It keeps fluctuating as well.
Yesterday, it was 23, today it is 19. While in the 'followers' list it is 60+.
What is the reason?

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Here's one for you :) All explained in the video. Thanks :) 

Lost progress in dragons world game. Is there a way of getting it back?
My husband got me a new phone. whilst setting it up for me he disconnected the game in Google+ and deleted my play games profile, as it wasn't connecting to the hayday game. It had a different game associated to it, but it was not in Google+ to disconnect. He assumed as i was also linked with Facebook on dragons world it would be fine.
I have spend a lot of time and money on this game.

Возможно ли получить Официальный ответ от сотрудников Гугл , когда Ведущие Участники неуверенно отвечают или их ответы расходятся ?

I´d like to work with google hangout, but in my settings hangout doesn´t appear.
How to activate it?


I have another, older e-mail account that I used to have Google send its e-mails to through e-mail forwarding. I do not want it to do this anymore. I went to Gmail and disabled e-mail forwarding, but I am still receiving e-mails from my Youtube subscriptions forwarded to me by google plus. How do I turn it off so it stops doing this thing?


My company have sent me a link to their app which I am trying to download. Google tells that I have not accessed the Play store with the email address so it won't download though I use the same email address for my mail and to access Google. Can anyone advise me on this please?

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