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Henry Puff

G+ Suggestions and Feedback  - 
Google + is Awesome!
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John S.

G+ Questions - Mobile  - 
Hi, I can view posts, but when I tap to comment on a post, my virtual keyboard does not pop up on my phone and I am unable to type comments.
I can tap the pencil to create a post and my keyboard pops up, just not for commenting.
Android RAZR Maxx on Verizon
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Something that seems to have worked for a few people is this.

Go to your device settings
go to Applications
Go to All
Find the Google+ App
uninstall all updates for the google+ app
clear app data (this doesn't delete any photos, it just resets your settings)

Go to the play store
go to my apps
update your apps from the play store

go to your device settings
scroll to account
tap into google
tap into your email address
ensure all boxes are checked, so that sync is on for that item
especially the Google+, Google+ Photos, and Google+ Uploads

Ensure sync is on for the whole device
Go to your device Settings
Go to Data Usage(this has moved to Accounts in Android v5+)
Tap the menu button
Check Auto-sync data
(depending on your device you may have a quick switch in your notifications drop down panel)

it should work as per normal now.
go to google+ app 
log into app
ensure settings are to your requirements
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Jay Williams

G+ General Help  - 
My dad forgot his gmail password, he doesn't remember none of the info needed to recover it. He has an android phone that is signed in. Can anyone help me help him? 
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Is there an option to send a code via mobile number? 
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Heather H

G+ Questions - Desktop  - 
I am having troubles viewing on my desktop using Google Chrome any Google Plus pages. This has only started in the last few weeks. This is how I see the page although I am signed into my own Google Plus. Please help!!
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Kitty Magic

G+ Questions - Desktop  - 
Are you still able to post polls on Google Plus. I was wondering because I realized that there wasn't an option right there on the share thingy. Would I have to go back to the old Google Plus or is there a way to do so on the updated one?
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+EarthToAccess Agreed, but I just wanted to make sure that +Kitty Magic knew it was definitely still possible on a PC :)
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Business Support Network

G+ Collections Help  - 
Dear Support team

We have a problem with our page and collections,
somehow the profile we had set as the owner
of our page got suspended and our page went down.

We recovered it by appointing a second admin as
owner but when the page re appeared all its previous
posts were gone and more importantly
all our collections are now empty of posts.

can you please assist?

The Business Support Network
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+Paul Snedden Hi Paul, we got a similar problem sorted here before, its not a business issue its a technical issue with G+ thanks
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Syringes Kv

G+ Questions - Mobile  - 
How to fix the permanent "no connection" problem on google+ It does not matter if im using Wifi or Mobile Internet it says no connection check up your internet and try again or "no connection couldn't connect to the server". The phone synch isnt working as well as g+ it says "the synch is currently experiencing problem, it will be back shortly. It started since yesterday. I tried to uninstall the g+ and reinstall it remived cashe unistalled updates and it does not help. Using Xperia Z. 
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Sounds like a problem with Google Play Services. Go into,

Google Play Services' app info>Manage storage>Clear data

This will reset Google Play Services. 
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Scott Shigeoka

G+ Questions - Desktop  - 
We don't have anyone with Administrator rights on our page and thus can't make anyone a Moderator. How do we fix this? Thanks so much!
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+Scott Shigeoka In a word- you don't. If there is no owner to create new mods then sooner or later that community is going to be over run with spammers. Better to create a new community and have the serious posters join it (probably wouldn't be a bad idea to make it "Ask to join" as well).
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Toxic Giraffe

G+ General Help  - 
I Need some help.
Someone who has a grudge on my friend has posted my friend's street name along with his own.
He needs help so I came here.
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+Paul Snedden He has blocked the poster and reported the poster. He is currently seeking legal assistance at the moment i believe. 
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Jahid Islam

G+ Suggestions and Feedback  - 
Plz reaturn my game..
Kingdom 1011
Cass nm naitrick asied
Lord lvl 30
Cass lvl16
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+Jahid Islam Ask a developer of your game. You should find a contact e-mail in description of your game in Google Play Store. Here is Google+ Help Community - Google can not return any game, only developer can help.
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Sangram Reddy

G+ General Help  - 
Hi All,

I need some help with google+ sign in for my web site. I have created a project and a client ID(oauth). When I use it in my website, i am not able to log in. It says redirect_uri_mismatch. 

Do I have to specify a URl in the Redirect uri while creating the credentials?

Please kindly through some light into this.Would be of great help.

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Hi Kamal,
Thanks for the reply...just posted it in the developers community.
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Total Nabs

G+ General Help  - 
I have been using google plus comments for my blog and the counter on the top of the posts is not working.
I am using a custom template but the code for the comments is the same as the native code for any blogger template so no problems there.
When i was using atom the counter was working. I have tested this on an other blog using a blogger template and its not working there either.
My blog is :
I asked help by blogger forums but the Google products expert Jason told me that he recommends me to ask this specific community for a solution of the problem which seems to be the bloggers template as the option doesnt even work on the native template of blogger. Could you please be kind and help me? 
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Can you help mr.david pretty please? :)
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Cars + Gadgets, Girls & Gags

G+ Suggestions and Feedback  - 
Dear Google+ Help

Our page is titled Cars + Gadgets., Girls & Gags

Our page and its owners have been suspended
several times and we would like to try and
prevent this from happening again.

So we have studied the User Content and Conduct Policy and tried to stay within the rules.

With reference to Section 9 of the policy :
where it says "_Do not distribute sexually explicit or pornographic material. Do not drive traffic to commercial pornography sites"
"We do allow naturalistic and documentary depictions of nudity (such as an image of a breastfeeding infant), as well as depictions of nudity that serve a clear educational, scientific, or artistic purpose._"

We don't believe we share sexually explicit or
pornographic material nor do we drive
traffic to commercial pornography sites
there isn't even any nudity on our page, 
so we are wondering how and
why we are constantly in breach?

any advice would be greatly appreciated as its getting
very annoying having this happening constantly
and not knowing what we are doing wrong.

any advice would be great..

the Admin
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Looking at your page +Cars + Gadgets, Girls & Gags you don't seem to be complying with any of the above that you have mentioned. 
For your reference, here are the Terms Of Service
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Denise Ellis

G+ General Help  - 
Where do I go to get logos that I can post on my website showing that we are Official City Partners?
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"Official City Partners", +Denise Ellis? That doesn't sound like a Google Plus question, so you should probably look for help with someone related to that.
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Kim Vital

G+ General Help  - 
I work for a company that handles the social media accounts for several businesses. We discovered an old Google+ page for one of our clients that they opened several years ago. They do not have the login information anymore. How do we get the page removed? 
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Thanks, Paul! I will give it a try. Appreciate your help!
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Doug huth

G+ General Help  - 
how and where can you block unwanted senders?
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Hi +Doug huth, if you find someone who is posting content which is offensive, you have the option of blocking that profile. To do that, simply go to their profile then select the 3-dot menu and select Block.
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Jan Et

G+ Questions - Mobile  - 
I really really need help!!!!!
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+Jan Et yes, by going to the product forum which I gave you.
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Rebecca G.

G+ General Help  - 
Difference between collection and community 
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A collection is a "a folder" where you can put posts so that you can group them to different subjects. People can follow these Collections without following you.
A Community is a group where members can post about whatever the Community is about.
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