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Big spam filter issue, need resolving

Per +Kamal Tailor as a top level post.

I am the owner of the Chromebooks community. We have 13 posts in the spam filter that cannot be removed. All the posts have categories that are not in our Community. All by the same user. I have attached that user below. What is even more odd is that if you click on the category of a post, it takes you to different communities that are not the Chromebooks community. These posts in question have been in our spam filter since yesterday and still cannot be removed. I did notice that today a couple of posts have a line drawn through the category. I am assuming this means those posts were deleted in those communities like usual? However they still remain in our spam filter. So some form of cross pollination (couldn't think of a better term) is going on among spam filters of different communities, OR spammers have figured out a way to change code to add new categories? That's just me guessing with the little knowledge I have of the issue.

If on the off-chance you are the owner or a moderator of one of the communities in the below posts, please feel to comment below with any details on your side (any issues with your spam filter?). Anything that could prove helpful to engineers in solving the problem. Thanks.

Please only click on the links below if you wish to help troubleshoot or help resolve this issue. They are definitely just pure spam links.

Thanks for everyone's help in escalating and fixing this rather annoying issue.

The posts in question are as follows:

Thanks again for everyone's help in escalating and fixing this rather annoying issue.

+John Elstone +Chris Cox +Madeleine DeRome

PS Note that there are at least two other posts in the G+ Help community since yesterday here with moderators having the exact same issue, which tells us this is not an issue just isolated to the Chromebooks community.

Need to YouTube India and Bangladesh channel

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All I did was advertise my mario community. Are we not allowed to even advertise our communities now? The last time I advertised it was months ago and I didn't have a problem then either.

Also I am extremely aware of what to post and what not to post so this is the very first time recieving any kind of warning from Google+

Is there how to create a private profile? I'm underage and I want to know.

Is there really any point reporting spam? If I see it I always report it, especially in a community I am a member of. However if I go back days, even weeks the post is still there. I know it's down to how many times its reported by people before it's actioned (did read once it's X 1k), but not sure if that's still the case. I also am aware it's down to the mods in a community to do their jobs and use the excellent tools available. This also refers to spam outside communities. However, my question still stands.

Unduly deleted posts

A colleague of mine has been victim of a deletion by Google of her content, they think she was a spammer.
I was following her and I never saw any spam. There was no advertisement on her thread, only photographs of her artwork, that she does not sell. These are weaved mathematical surfaces, with their explanations.

I would like to defend her case so that the deleted content is put back, how can I proceed?

How do I sign into my G+/YT/Gmail account without being automatically signed into Chrome? I can't log in or out of one without doing the same with the other. I don't want Google following me around everywhere on every site I visit (I know they technically do that anyway since it's their browser, but still).

For some reason I can’t access all my pictures in my gallery when making a post on G+, atleast 4 pics. Recents

I got an email from Google saying that some of my content/comments/posts are blocked, reason: spam. ❓❓❓
I am a mod in 11 communities & i am an owner of 1 community. I have 4 very active Collections. I belong to several Android Customizing communities. So am i to assume I'm being flagged as a spammer because i am on g+ often & engaging with several people & posts plus I'm contributing with my own content? This feels like a punishment or deterrent to keep me from using g+ regularly. I have no idea what comment/post Google is referring to either. I read the terms & policy of spamming already. So basically I'm being targeted due to frequently changing algorithms, am i correct? So basically i just have to deal with it & worry that i will lost the ability to use Google products? I own a Pixel2xl phone & everything i use is tired into Google products. I pay for Google drive storage. Etc... Is there anyone i can complain to or report this to? Thank you for your time...
+John Skeats i tagged you because I've seen you help in these situations before... Thank you.
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