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Canon: Dolorosa only speaks French and for some odd reason can't be translated so she gets confused all the time
So Ámos helps her out

I'm bringing this place back to life with much more detail, storylines, characters and more!

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Daily dose of feels for you
Warning for the squeamish

Journal entry: fallen prince

A loud shriek came from the trees. I knew that sound. The sound of death. I tried my best and I failed to save him. I ran straight to the source expecting to find him dead. I stopped lost, when a black liquid dropped on my pelt from the canopy. Blood...
It was his.
I looked up to find a corpse drowned in the stuff, stabbed all over with giant splinters, one giant branch penetrating the chest.
There was nothing I could do except let out a similar shriek of mourning pain. I heard a loud snap when the corpse, along with the limb of the tree, came falling down in front of me splashing a pool of blood that seeped into my clothes.
The cold wind rubbed against my trembling skin, now with pneumonia.
The corpse moaned. He was barely alive.
I yelled his name, telling him I was there, stumbling to his limp body. I grabbed hold of the branch and tried to pull it out. Soon, the other two came looking for me, and helped get it out.
Holding his soaked fur, now mixing in with my tears, I apologized. For everything I wronged him for. He forgave me on his last breath as I caressed him on my lap, rocking back and forth.
The two, my cousin and close friend, swung their bodies above me and gave heart warming comfort. They too, mourned by my side.

Working on a pair of brothers 1/2 done finished the second's torso

I have waaaaay too much time on my hand.
As witnessed by how much junk I have managed to come up with about Dreamer and her "children"
Though I still have something's to figure out. Figured you guys might have some ideas.
Did she have a name before she started being called that dreamer and if so what was it?
Does she really identify with anyone as family?
What does it take to see her as she is instead of how she likes to have people see her?
And why does everyone forget about her?
I'm totally not really tired and bored.

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Daily feels warning

Austrian is suicidal.
He has a cut on his wing because he tried to cut them off and jump of the edge of the castle.
When bis cousin, Vinala/Viné asked him why it was there, he came up with the reply "I tried to fly without wings".
Vinala laughed and told him that wasn't possible. Forgive her, she was young.

The reason for all of this was that his "father" aka the bird ancestor was abusive to Eniema (Austrian's mother) and him. Eniema fell very ill with an unknown and incurable disease. She died shortly after it was known she was going to.
Knowing that his "father" would abuse him to literal death, he merely escaped from the grasp of evil to his current sanctuary known as his uncle's castle where he remains as a guard to his family and citizens (and Vinala's babysitter, as well as Keisha's crush and Galaxy's lover)

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Redheart is Àmos' pet dragon that was given to him by the purebred mammalian Alistar.
Drawings of Redheart and Àmos-
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One of the characters in my book that is under construction
His name is Àmos and as seen below, he is a black and neon green angel dragon. This is his ancestral form, and his other one is a quilled honey badger anthro look.
He has a long history but he was one of the sub-ancestors which is hybrid to the original and first ancestors which are the different types of vertebrae and invertebrate.
Àmos is a reptile and bird mix. His powers are what he considers a curse, and also a spoiler.
But when he was first created by the two figments of our perception Cosmos (goddess of space, and matter), and Narrator (the narrator of the book, also God of time married to Cosmos), his home was rampaged by the God of the void O'lafi I swear I made that name five years before Frozen came out so he fled his home in search for a new one. During the beginning of his search, his defense mechanisms kicked in and his physical appearance changed at the touch of the first creature he came across (and of course that was a quilled honey badger). Across the desert and the city of Anoa, he also found a young girl who resembled a feathered fairy. He named her Leiky and took her in as a young sister.
After all the search, the emperor of PanGur (refuge city) accepted him to be the guard of the forest south of the city.

Let me know what you think and I apologize for the long description, but it's hard to explain briefly.

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To answer questions about what Zora really is, here's an explanation on visualization.

Zora is based on a theory that there are parallel worlds and universes just slightly more different than others. The planet Zora however is the basic disc or experimental creation output of Cosmos (the mother of creation of herself and her children the universes and galaxies) and Narrator (the narrator of the book, also controls time and the wormholes) whom are married. But these two are just figures of our imagination on how time and space is portrayed.
The inhabitants of Zora (a name meaning lab in a unified language) were the first successful creations of life Cosmos and Narrator have created so they gave their "children" their own stories, knowledge and paths as experiments. Zora was the first and largest universe known as the mother verse or mispronounced multiverse. That is why all wormholes connect the smaller universes to Zora as it's main core; to connect and experiment with other species and create hybrids and mutts of all shapes, color, and sizes.

Later on as the purebred and accidentally developed immortal Zorans vanishes at the hand of O'lafi who roamed the lonely and dark void, the stories of Narrator and Cosmos slowly went with the ancestors.

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Narrator X Cosmos
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