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We need one royal family. One King, one Queen, one Princess, and one Prince. In the comments, tell me WHY your character is fit to be one of these roles, and link me your profile.


- Please keep swearing to a minimum
- Please sign up before you roleplay (must be approved by a moderator)
- When signing up to become a moderator, please answer ALL questions listed below
- Please do not bully or pick a fight with any members in this community
- Racism is absolutely NOT allowed! Everyone is equal UwU
- Please follow the basic template below (OR add on)
- HAVE FUN! (Yes, its a rule! xD)

Moderator sign up template:
Why are you qualified to be a moderator?
How often do you visit the community?
If you became moderator, what would be your main goal?
Do you have any other experience being a moderator or owner?
What suggestions do you have for this community?

Profile sign up template:
Status (Villager, Merchant, ECT.):
Backstory (must have at least 5 sentences!):

Moderators: +Chara Dreemurr
Owners: Myself´╗┐

Picture Credit: +Chara Dreemurr
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