God like writer haven't found anyone nicer you can put out that lighter cuz I'm about to be brighter I'm the igniter to the rap game money making fire this is what you desire someone who's inspired to rap circles around you like a tire I'll take the stakes higher I'm the highest bidder tipping the ladder yelling timber like winter I'm gonna hold the gold cuz I'm cold with the shit I spit like a number one gift you already sold check the polls mines going north you're going down like a dwarf told you I'm high like the stork  I'm the biggest like a whale's dork when I'm done I'm popping the cork champagne everywhere eating food with a silver fork cuz I'm making jay z money running New York eating rappers like a zombie horde I'm not done I'm going overboard like a nazi warlord I should call you Mr. Perry cuz to me you're just a  Gaylord fuck what you think you've heard I'm better you suck more than a river fill with a cow herd I'm done going berserk just know after I'm done  you're gonna feel the girth but from the words that just occurred isn't it absurd how I sound so superb why waste your time with your turn I'll just have you ashed out in an urn y'all finally bout to learn about the syrus curve now can you feel that fastball fire burn...

call me the number one contender yet don't say I'm light as a feather even though I see myself one day makin tons of doe heat is up when I put these roll like words together meaning there baked ima cocoa gobbler so it must be I eat lines like the Cookie Monster... let me flip my birdy oh lordy I ain't even 40 and my writtens cum sensationally could relate to my mind being thirsty, not a teeny bopping slutty girly it's your wifey that twerking pantyless in front of me ready to lick me up like a big gulp slurpee... this isn't something you hang in a gallery, this something ima use to earn a salary can't you see I eat bars stalked out like celery so dont you think I should be making green cuz the tale I wale is fully pack protein… you'll feel the punch after i'm done revving my mouth like a V8 not the veggie DOPEY! you better continue with finishing that baggy, what's with yalls jeans fitting so tightly n having um hang farther than a 70 year olds titties... it's not at all called having ya pants saggy cuz most you mothersfuckers looking kinda fruity, thats a fact of life so your names should all be Tootie... showing off your undies like a jailhouse tranny trying to get it in yalls booty... after laying that down you should journey on over to sangertown mall’s department store Journey or maybe Champs or Footlocker, I mean come on really you think women wanna get filthy with them nightly when your outfit tighter than a Pamela Anderson worn micro bikini... just had to be a little descriptive so as you read you get the description that I'm trying to give of how y'all look type faggy... so please be my guest if you feeling froggy then leap just try n leave your feet but ya can't cuz 80% of you nice and snuggly in your B.E.D. ....motherfucker I aint even groggy so nighty night you little bitch dont forget your nightee, you gonna need it after this written real life nightmare fucker I'm way worse then Freddy in the month of friday the 13th ending with Halloween cuz my words gonna be echoing in your dream do you get me... meaning you're hypnotized by the way my words lye, so don't make a peep get groggy eat some cereal soggy and go to sleep Shirley...

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Here's how I start to recapture the audience like a Christian rapture hells gates have awoken a devilish demon ready to torture with a lure and a torch... no there's no cure for my demented diseased head ya heard still got women choking my chicken so here I'll just flip you the bird… tweet me like my nickname was tweety, I've been cooped up for a minute now but I'll never begin to curd get your smile on cuz like McDonald's cheesy shit has just occurred... Fuck outta hurr ill lines have just left your minds door ajar so you definitely gonna need a jury to adjourn, it's me I'm guilty of being the nasty MC that wrote this written wizardry it's witchery you gonna have to burn me at the stake so I better call my attorney… bet I'm bound to a law to spend eternity driving myself on an endless journey, meaning my wheel will always be turning looking for something in the sky that has no meaning cuz 100% guaranteed my afterlife ending up fiery….

let me start to get into a mental state that's focused, let me state the skill that I wield with my mind magical like hocus pocus… abra, kadabra, alakazam i'm pulling aces n taking the steering wheel of raps Ford focus... driving to the the lane dunking can you say Shazam… no i'm not a little kid cuz im tokin this like a 3 inch roach clip… shit I got the bug better get the Raid X to get rid of the virus, prolly why my name is Syrus ima bright star so far gone i'm in other dimensions’ inside of Venus a portal that’s hidden… oh wait where am i getting at y'all don’t even get that, outside the box like taco bell that are feeding you  shotgun shell burritos that sell there’s some hard facts this isn’t a tactic but you can see it's fresher than a tick tack… maybe I should make stacks like pancakes while hitting rhymes like QB sacks… do you get the statistics catching so many licks call it monopoly the way I could own a city with the key in my whip, you better cool it don’t ever take nuthin as a diss unless your characteristics fit and somehow your name mentioned in it… you’ll know i'm hellva mad when you see me flip my lid till then ima be a good citizen watch me bisect this rap like an insect from Switzerland… not 007 but your shit bonded mine 100% 24 karat, haha na i'm playing I only got carats with vitamins, also got prescriptions that if I begin defining it’ll leave your head itching you could say I'd give you lice just cuz before I said I got the bug see im fucking nice, but if the curtain ever opened i'd most likely freeze from stage fright like ice… all you gotta do is read the written definition show you an encrypted subliminal texting, god striking better get ready for the lightning… they have reincarnated the one true son and it's quite frightening … got ADHD so i'm hyping up my writing venomous bite when I'm typing so hear that i'm very intuitive and what my prediction is one day everyone gonna  know what my name is but it's nuthin like Jesus….

Everyone says to clean it up better get a bunch of paper towels bout to make these lines fowl moving out words like diarrhea filled bowels, IBS is what I'm naming it flowing better than the Nile, y'all haven't learned yet or paid attention how I have sickly style.. no magic but I'm the commander like a Johnson how could my inner instrematies be more diseased than H.I.V.,,, they do call me Rick Syrus (The Virus) once anybody put a little effort into reading they'll see bars flowing on infinity, forever packing shit that's electrifying similar to wind mill energy… there isn't any ticket stub needed for the entry into a little bit of the intellectuality my cranium hides deep within its membrane cavity… this just a little fun activity you really wouldn't want me open up 100 percent of my brains capacity homeboy try touching my bars that flow together perpendicularly you honestly just living in a fantasy…

The dawn has come for the birth of satan's spawn, cutting you off like changing your gender say you another Bruce Jenner oh hell now your dick gone… you need to stop it before I pull a Lorena Bobbitt and have no bitch bobbing on it, you just a mom of a fawn meaning you're already a bitch munching on a lawn… in this chess game ima knight you just a pawn you couldn't tell right from wrong you just do and move to what you're told upon… I eat bars like Grey Poupon they're going pretty fast so grab your coupon while I sail on… dropping bombs like haymakers to your jaw, backflip kick call me Law… taken my pad and launching off like the game of Tekken Tag, you just a fag with a thorn in his paw wailing like Jennings did you see what I saw a thunderous roar followed by a Ka-Ka cuz I'm slicing you like a hawk claw… I know I got your equilibrium teeter-tawing not to be alarming but yall dumbfounded like when you caught stealing n hearing that siren look at ya jaw dropping… cuffing you up with an uppercut right above the cup till blood coughing up… suck it up like a fat fuck with there gut that trying to get a girl to fuck to bust a nut..but.. the only nut I'm busting is that be be sized thing you call a brain inside your cranium upside your head with an aluminum bat son now I'm fucking done cuz I'm bout to be in your wife's buns...

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Check this I love it!


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