Kita Tarou was sitting his First Class Seat on the Plane. Heading to a Region he never heard of until now. He stares out the window just thinking of home... Wondering will anything be the same. He then falls asleep after he closes his window. Soon he awakes when the plane lands. As he gets up to get his luggage, he sighs. Once off the Plane, Kita Looks around. Trying to spot a form of transportation. He sighs again. His first mission was to set up a Base of Operations. And he sure wasn't gonna walk to the nearest city.


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Name: Tarou
Surname: Kita

Tarou Kita (English format)
Kita Tarou (Japanese Format)

Tarou: "Thick, big" + "Boy"
Kita: North


Age: 20

Gender: Male

Hometown/Region: Sinnoh, Canalava city

>Metal Claw
>Zen Headbutt
>Hyper Beam
<Held item: Metagrossite

Clever, Merciful, determined

Likes: Soda. Chips. Burgers. Games.

Dislike: Disrespect

Bio: Kita Tarou was the youngest Son of a single mother and Youngest brother to a boy and girl. Tarou's real father left when he was born. So he grew up with his Step dad. A bug catcher. However, on his 5th birthday. His missing father sent a gift to him.... A pokeball. And inside was a Megagross. The Pokemon helped raised the child Tarou. The family soon became dysfunctional family.... The oldest son ran away...
After some time the brother returned home. Only to pick up his things. He gave a message to mother and left as she cried. The message was,"We are Team Rocket"
This was devastating.... After some time Tarou's Sister showed a rebellious behavior and anger towards their brother's new profession. She spoke of how Pokemon should free from people like him... She stopped saying that after a Team Rocket Grunt to their home. It was two years since the oldest son left... And so. The grunt gave news, that Tarou's brother was passed... Dying while on Duty, he refused to tell how. After that Mother stopped talking... Stopped feeling. Soon the sister ran away, wanted to free all Pokemon from jerks like their brother... She went and joined Team Plasma....

And what about poor Kita Tarou?
He remained silent...and only sat back to watch his family fall apart as Megagross gave him comfort. Soon, his mother fell ill and so soon passed. With the disconnection between Tarou and his step-dad, he left with his Megagross. Luckily old enough to work as a store clerk. Until, he heard of people who wishes to change the entire Poke-universe, to recreate it... Team Galactic... He thought... Recreation could bring back the family he had...or make a family he wanted. And so, he enlisted...and became Comet, Galactic Grunt with his Megagross.
After some years.... Tarou took a short vacation to visit home. Sadly to found out his step-dad already left the Sinnoh Region. But instead he found an old looking man demanding for a battle. The man took out a Golurk. The battle ended with Tarou as winner. As an Reward, He gave Tarou two items. A Key stone, and a Megagrossite. Tarou asked why. He only stated
"No matter what path you take.... No matter what you had done to survive... You are still my son." Before Tarou can react, the Golurk rich away it's legs and hands and flew away when the man jumps on it's back... Tarou will never forget this... Nor will he forget his mission.

Extra Details: His nick name comet comes from his birthday, February 29. Feb 29 only appears every three years. Like a comet who visit earth once every few years.

•Overall Theme: "Final Boss"
( )

•Battle Theme: "New Game"
( )

•Mega-Battle Theme: "Cheat Code"
( )

•Victory Theme: "Check
( )


Place active?

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(Kenarine Sewers)

After receiving Hydrake, the Water-Type Starter, Koutem approached the hole to the Kenarine Sewers. Purple smoke lingered out from inside the sewer, emitting a foul stench. Deerling, come out! Deerling was released from her Pokeball, jumping around. Deerling used Sweet Scent and cleared the poisonous smell. Alright, here we go...

Koutem slid down the ladderand he landed in water... Ew...  *Koutem heard voices...*

          We can take over the world...

                                                              Catch all the Pokemon!

                       _Let's hope my job doesn't get in the way..._

When they reached the voices, two people in purple clothing came into view. One wore a blazer, short pants and had his hair in a ponytail. The other , who was a woman wore short shorts, a crop top, and an unzipped jacket under it. The two turned around, surprised by the boy that entered

Woman: Hey! You wanna piece of Team Sludge?


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Name: Conner Draus
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Hometown/Region: Unknown
Pokemon: Riolu (Lvl 5)
Personality: A bit of a jokester. He's kind hearted though egotistic. At least that's how he acts. He has a more sad, lost, confused, and lonely side he occasionally shows. The kind of person who wears pain with a smile, but is never truly happy.
Likes: Being a hero, Pokemon, Joking around, The spotlight
Dislies: Showing true emotions, others like himself
Bio: One day he woke up on the shore of Avarim uncertain where he was. A Riolu was curled up next to him. It seemed to know him, or at the very least like him. After the two had a few close encounters with wild Pokemon (they fought a few but were forced to flee,) beaten up worn out and confused, Conner decides to find out where he is.
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I wander into the town I washed up near. Perhaps someone here knows who I am? I wonder. I have a feeling they won't. Anyways now was not much of the time to think about that. I was injured, exhausted, and confused. I must stick out like a sore thumb. Perhaps there's a hotel or a center here.

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Name: Ryan
Age: 13
Gender: M
Pokemon: Vulpix
Pokemon Moves:
Quick Attack
Flame Burst
Heat Wave
Sunny Day
Likes: Pokebattles and playing w/ vulpix
Dislikes: Stormy Days
Talent: Best coordinator in all of Sinnoh

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No. 725. Succulax
Flaming Bat Pokemon
Type: Fire
Height: 1'10"
Weight: 20.3 lbs

Succulax are only found as female, they are normally found in volcanic caves. They don't have hands, so they rely on the claws on their feet to attack.

Succulax is one off the three starters new trainers can choose in the Avarim region.

Moves that can be learned:

By level~ Lv.1-Lv.15
Leer, Growl, Scratch, Ember, Gust, Bite, Flame Charge

No. 722 Plantile
Plant Alligator Pokémon
Type: Grass
Height: 1'04"
Weight: 22.8 lbs

Agrigator is found near swamps, they have a nice personality, but are nasty when it comes to battles.

Agrigator is one of the three starters new trainers can choose in the Avarim region.

Moves that can be learned:

By level~ Lv.1~Lv.16
Growl, Tail Whip, Tackle, Vine Whip, Bite, Crunch, Lick 

No.728. Hydrake
Water Drake Pokemon
Type: Water
Height: 2'01"
Weight: 18.0 lbs

Hydrake is a small water type pokemon with wings that allow it to go fast underwater, they all live in lakes, rivers and oceans, adapting to both salt and fresh water.

Hydrake is one of the three starters new trainers can choose from in the Avarim region.

Moves that can be learned:

By level~Lv.1-Lv.15
Leer, Play Nice, Pound, Water Gun, Peck, Take Down, Water Pulse
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