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Name: Amy Rose
Show: Sonic X
Age: 13
Crush: Sonic the hedgehog
Species: Hedgehog
Eye color: Green
Fur color: Pink
Likes: Chasing Sonic and defeating Dr. Eggman
Dislikes: Sonic running away from her and being captured by Eggman
Best friend: Cream the Rabbit
Other: She uses a Piko Hammer

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Name: Bunnie
Species: Rabbot(half rabbit half robot)
Age: Unknown
Crush: Antoine De'coolette
Friends: Antoine, Sonic, Sally, Rotor, Uncle Chuck, Tails
Enemies: Robotnik, Snivley and Swatbots
Likes: Fighting for freedom
Dislikes: Losing
Other: She loves Antoine De'coolette

and a sonic and sally fan

hi my name is shakoi and im  sonic satam fan.

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