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Welcome to my role play community
Weapon: (if wanted)
Job: (if wanted)


you are a new student here. I am the quiet student that has a secret background. I am now bullied by everyone. As you walk down the hall you notice that i am being cornered and so you....

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Hi , im princess Azzy im a vampire
Sexuality: straight

If u wanna rp hmu on hangouts , thanks♡

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Open, please ask to join.

Evelyn, a small brown and red crow hopped along a broken fence. She ruffled her feathers, and seemed like a normal crow. The little bird jumped onto a trash can and cawed as you walked past.


-Any gender
-Any species. (Anthro/human etc.)
-Any age (No babyfurs.)
-Must have 5+ lines
-Must have good grammar.

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Shane Teal
Shy both in meeting people and romantic moments. Friendly almost always. Smart and may be violent
Powers foresight only works for himself so he can only see what is going to happen to him before it happens
Backstory find out in Rp
Weapons ((in pic))

Name: blake
Age: 18
Sex/gender: ;) that wont be known
Sexuality: pan.
Can someone direct me to larger rp communities, especially hentai if possible

Anyone wanna rp?

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You were basically a bad boy, a jerk, a player, etc. but every girl still went googly eyes over you no matter how rude you were, you bullied almost everyone, anyone who didn't like you was scared of you or honestly don't care. I was nerdy and shy, I never spoke, most people called me mute but I wasnt... One day you saw me outside could when you were walking with your buddies. your friends saw where you were looking and walked over to me, I didn't notice you guys, you then...

(Sorry I suck at starters)
(Male needed)
(My characters name is Winter)
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