Major Cities of The World
"Capitals in The Exiled Realm of Arborea (TERA)"

» Velika
A practical and magnificent city, full of comfortable and homely architecture, led by humans.  The goddess <please comment with exact spelling> is mentioned frequently in connection with Velika.

» Allemantheia
An elegant and beautiful city, full of thin and sharp architecture, led by elves.

» Kaiator
A fierce and sturdy stronghold, with dark and hot obsidian architecture marked by straight lines and magma, led by the Amarr.  The goddess Kaia resides within this capital.

"Hero of the Federation"

» Relative to the Player
You are led by Elleon on the Island of Dawn.  He is a friend.

» Relative to the World
Elleon is not the active leader of any particular group.  Like most elves, he has a tie to Allemantheia.

» Relative to Others in the World
Elleon is respected as an almost legendary hero of the Federation, though you wouldn't guess it from fighting alongside him in quests.  He has a particular concern for Fraya, the commander of Allemantheia.
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