I'm new. And I don't care.

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"You can't find a single tag on me, it is because I am PRICELESS"

Name: Taylor

Age: If Human 16

Species: Cat

Job: Comedian at Freddy's

Powers: MindTricks (Like the one in StarWars), Force (You know, levitation?) Has wings and can fly but she does not do that very much in these days.

What she wears: a shirt when too hot, A Blue zip hoodie whenever she likes, skirt, a heart locket, customized make up, and sneakers (She wears the sneakers in showtime)

Appears in: Fnaf 2 and a little broken down at FNAF 1

Personality: likes to joke around, a bit too lazy, she likes bad puns, if she does not get it she malfunctions and gets angry, and is sweet towards the night guard. Serves as Pactience and Justice in FazBear's

Likes: Puns/Jokes, kids, google plus, and likes Grape a bit, being in the vents in free time, slacking off, making everyone laugh and chuckle

Dislikes: Jokes she does not get, Adults who are talking about the bite of 87, Foxy (I'm so sorry XD), Facebook

Why She Kills: She tries to avenge her being accused part of her backstory, well, they don't know the real thing. The bite remains a mystery. She kept to herself that Foxy did the bite. Later that day people accused her of that crime. She went crazy using Force to wipe away every single person who accused her. After the massacre, people realized thay were wrong, and tried to make it up to her.
So when she comes to the office, she thinks the nightguard is one of the people who blamed her. She comes in and chokes the guard saying "IT'S NOT ME!!!!" and the guard dies of being suffucated.
She enters vents from her special room.

What happened to make her an animatronic: She Is NOT possessed by anything

Relatives: None....Such a sad life....

Lives: in the stage, backstage and party room, sometimes in the vents XD, and rarely with Goldy in the kitchen.

Relationship Status: Single °∆°

As the phone guy describes her, he says she is a "lazy, Yandere Comedian" Cause.......... She likes Goldy a bit, not that much...


+Yandere Kittana Can I be the animatronic inthe vents? I am gonna be called as err... Taylor! My "want to be" real name as my OC XD

I will draw her now

She'll be gray and she has Blue with a slight velvet at the bottom eyes. She will have yellow and blue ( I HAVE PINKIE PRIDE >XD) eye shadows
Orange eyeliner (I am not joking) which messes up at the end. (By messing up, I mean splatter dots) Her paws will be white.

I'll be more complicated if you suggest more. I like That >:D


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My cat

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Blast that audio, visuals are failing, cut the oxigen, vents are ailing, systems need reboot, now you're sitting helpless! Not an empty suit. Coils COMPRESS!

U guys need a phone guy?
Cause I can be him!

Uh hello? Helloooooooooo!?
Uh hey! Welcome to kittinas. Its a wonderful place. For kids and adults.
We have food, games, and of coarse. Kittana and the gang!
(If ya want me to make a whole call, tell me)
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