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Google Cast SDK Updates
We have released updates to the Cast SDK for iOS Senders:

• Added support for Audiobook metadata, see GCKMediaMetadata.h for more details.
• Set correct value for static_framework on the podspec.
• Split styleAttributes for the navigation bar and the toolbar in the connection controller.
• Various bug Fixes

Happy Casting!

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Hey Guys!
Using CAF receiver. Thank you for the great SDK.
Can you give me a hint on how to implement the next features:
1) Can I force using the certain variant playlist? or is there a way to limit the highest variant/FPS/resolution for the HLS/DASH stream?
as I understand 1080p-60fps on old devices can be a problem. btw - is there a link on the ​limitation of the chromecast devices? 1080p-60fps supported?
2) Need a feature similar to 'Stats for nerds' on YouTube. Found only .getStats() call that tells me (streamBandwidth, bufferingTime, playTime).
is there a call to get video stats like FPS, resolution, drop frames?
3) is there a way to understand which model of chromecast do we use(1gen, 2 gen, ultra etc)?

Thank you!

why doesnt the bulitin version work on any of my boxes android that is even not with a rom like atv

Hi everyone,
I am trying to find a solution for the following problem:

I have built a custom CAF receiver. We play all kinds of videostreams and it works fine. However, we do have fragments. These are a part of a stream. For example: a stream will last for 8 minutes. The fragment will start at 2 minutes and end at 5 minutes. Changing the start point wasn't hard to find, but how can I stop the receiver once the fragment ends? It won't stop now since the stream length is 8 minutes.

Hi Guys!

I am developing custom receiver and faced with problem related to text track switching.
in general i have one vtt text track. And when I try to switch subtitles (on/off) it stops work. please have look at the example

cast.framework.CastReceiverContext.getInstance().getPlayerManager().getTextTracksManager().setActiveByLanguage('nl') - enables nl text track
cast.framework.CastReceiverContext.getInstance().getPlayerManager().getTextTracksManager().setActiveByIds(null) - disables
cast.framework.CastReceiverContext.getInstance().getPlayerManager().getTextTracksManager().setActiveByLanguage('nl') - stops working, and there is no subtitles until reload media

the same behaviour observed when i use chrome sender api
EditTracksInfoRequest + mediaSession.editTracksInfo

is it known issue or am I not using API correctly?


Is there a API to discover cast devices and active playback sessions (if any) without being a sender media app?

This is something like the Google Home app which is able to display the current playback session, control playback, change volume but does not send any content by itself.

If a device is able to receive cast streaming on youtube, does it mean that is a cast device?

I want to develop a Cast receiver for a device. I would like to try the default CAF receiver.
Do you know if I need to register the app also for that?

My Idea is to develop an app that is able to receive the streaming from the existing sender apps, so develop only the receiver.

The state of the media route button is not stable.

I found in my project that the media route button is not reflecting the cast devices' availability in the same wifi network. I verified this with the example project, cast-videos-android, the same thing happens.

When the example app starts, the button will display as expected, but it will disappear in a while, even there is nothing changed, same wifi, same cast device...

I tried to invoke the button.performClick() method when the button state is disabled, the discover dialog will display and the cast devices available will be found and displayed correctly. All the following cast is working fine.

It seems the CAF not perfectly handles the state of the media route button. Anyone else experienced same thing? Thanks.

I am interested in developing a smart speaker solution with Chromecast built-in. I can't seem to find much documentation on the this; it all seems oriented towards the sending apps. Has anybody had any luck integrating Chromecast built-in into a custom built device?
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