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Google Cast API Deprecation
The following Google Cast APIs are no longer supported and will be removed in early 2018:
• Cast v2 Sender APIs for iOS, Android and Chrome.
• Cast Game Manager APIs.

Cast sender apps should be migrated to Cast SDK v3 before the end of 2017 using one of these migration documents:
• From Cast Companion Library:
• From Android Cast SDK v2:
• From iOS Cast SDK v2:

For Android, these APIs will be available until the end of 2017 and will be removed with the first Google Play services release in 2018.

For iOS, the Game Manager API and Cast v2 APIs will be released one last time with the v3.5 SDK. This release will be available until the end of 2017. In 2018, a new iOS SDK will be released that supports only the Cast Application Framework APIs.

Happy Casting!

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This is not about sender/receiver SDK code but about the complete underlying system that runs the receiver.

We have developed and have in production a networked wifi speaker in which we would like to add a Chromecast audio renderer to it. Being a GUI-less speaker it needs to have the exact same functionally as the "Google Chromecast Audio" device. Other manufactures have successfully added Chromecast Audio to their speakers so the question is how to proceed? Our unit has a built-in high performance ARM processor which handles other rendering such as DLNA. Will this require us to run Chrome OS and will Google release enough information for us to emulate a Chromecast Audio device on top of their OS?

Hi all, Is it possible to get the Google Cast receiver SDK source code ? Can I pleasse know the procedure to have this?


Cast Gen1 on 1.23.84839 firmware fails to play Widevine HLS.


host.licenseUrl = ''

[] Request complete [POST 200]
[cast.player.core.MediaKeySession] xhr success
[] Opening Xhr [GET -1]
[] Sending request [GET -1]
[cast.player.core.MediaKeySession] keyerror UnknownError: UpdateSession failed
[cast.player.api.Host] error: cast.player.api.ErrorCode.MEDIAKEYS/202

When is v3 coming for Remote Display ?

Are there any nice examples for iOS-Swift for Remote Display Chromecast ??


Games in ChromeCast. Please, what your opinion?


I am following

to play with CastHelloVideo-chrome. I put the whole CastHelloVideo-chrome folder to my apache web server. Upon http://localhost/CastHelloVideo-chrome/index.html, I could see the cast page showing up and

"init success"
"receiver found"

Clicking "Launch app" button got me to select my chromecast device, then I got

"launching app..."
"session success: 511bb809-fe65-4fbd-86fc-8c10f2450727"

and my TV screen got the cast logo showing up. But this is where I got stuck. No matter which buttons (like Play, etc) I clicked on my laptop, there was nothing except the cast logo on my TV. Nothing is being played!

Please comment!


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How to register an application as Styled Media Receiver?

I am following the instructions in the link

to set up CastHelloVideoPlayer as a receiver to be hooked to sender (the app_done of Cast iOS codelab tutorial).

2. Uploaded the receiver.html of CastHelloVideoPlayer to my github account,

3. Registered an application as Styled Media Receiver on the Developers Console.

Step 3 is where I got confused. Selecting the type of application as Styled Media Receiver brought me to a webpage where no blank is offered for me to input the URL to my receiver.html (only a blank to input URL of my css file, and this is optional, not required). So, how can the sender know where to find the receiver?

Thanks a lot!

Hi everybody,

I was playing around with the Unity plugin from the asset store and I was unable to detect my cast device from an Android build. I'll try registering another cast device tomorrow and see if it helps. Anyone with the same issue?

I was wondering what's the current situation of this plugin, it's going to be updated with all the new Google Cast features or is going to be deprecated?

Which is the best option to add casting features to a Unity game right now? should I use the official plugin or is there another suggested way?

Thank you!

I was using the sdk cast v2 and can send in the namespace an array ...
now using sdk v3, trying to send a array with namespace, not working ...
* After connecting to my iddapplication using v3, how can I send an array from sender to receiver (with v3)? *

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