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Here you go.

Really someone answer! what do we do here?

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+Red Fox​ I could not find a mission so I came here to run I have a course I have to clear so here we... GO * jumps over lake ducks ledge grinds rails runs threw loops jumps and destroys a wall and finds a giant ring goes in it gets emarald chaos controls near finish chaos controls to finish* woo I did it SPEED!

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sitting on the couch waiting for sega dreamcast to be deliverd

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This is my profile
profile update

Egg the hedgehog

Age: ageless (body of 33 year old)

Ocupattion: soldeir

Likes: his master, +Metal Sonic​, his robots, his family killing sonic +Kai The Fire Hedgehog​​​,
+Kairos The Hedgehog​​​.

+Kai The Fire Hedgehog​​,
+Kairos The Hedgehog​​, sonic, his machines destroying, crimes that always happen (like stealing money and robbing banks)


Bio: he was created by +Dr. Robotnik​to be a organic version of metal sonic there was also a maid and assistent named scarlett then he married her they used a pod to clone him as they can't reperduce and his name is JACK! He can turn into metal egg and has a bit weaker robot form called mecha egg. he can turn into a werehog at will and if you make him go insane he turns into Egg .exe

Height:100 cm (3' 3)

Weight: 35 (3' 3

So what do we do here? I will have a profile soon

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Name: sonic
Age: 15
Species: hedgehog
Likes: tails and his friends
Dislikes: eggman
First game: sonic 1991

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[]name[] metal sonic neo 2.0
[]age[] ageless
[]gender[] male
[]powers/abilities[] all the powers of the original metal sonic neo, including the metal overlord form, however he is able surpass that to become the metal emperor!
[]Bio[] built to be a better weapon the metal sonic, metal sonic neo 2.0 broke free of his programming much like his predecessor, however, he didn't decide to rule the world, instead he decided he would fight against eggman, as one of the good guys! He refuses to work with the freedom fighters as he still holds a slight grudge against sonic. But he does not object to helping them from time to time.
[]alignment[] ex-villian/good guy
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Likes:Chilli dogs,Running,Exploring,His pet Zane


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Like my picture 
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