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OK. Do you know the reason why I remade this again. You know why, it's because of the copyright that I had to change into a royalty free songs. So... Yeah...

THXLB 6 Part 1 has released and remade!

Good News:

The computer has been fixed. And it's a good thing I have backup files in the other drive. Also, I composed a full song of "Velocity" which I'm doing it right now.

Well, I'm so glad all the things came back including happiness.

This is JK, signing off!

Well, you know what? I'm not make a redub of Marbles the Movie then.

Click Here to see something cool and cute!

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Check out this new theme.
And can somebody make a new video logo of Phantasia Entertainment?

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A new era of Adonai's Life.... starts now.

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UPDATE (4-21-2018)
Breathes Sigh Okay, before you can say anything else. Let me explain this to you.

Ever since I`ve joked myself that I got mixed up about going to Canada this week, well guess what? ..... I have good news for ya. ... I`m, in, Canada, this weekend!

😁😁😁😁 Yep! After I've felt sorry to myself in my past, I can always find a way to get out of my past and yes... I, am, here! In Canada!

So, as being part of #Adonai21... we salute you! Adonai from BVE, signing off!

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Tomorrow..... the biggest celebration.... begins.
Everyone we have tomorrow for Adonai Brunache's Birthday, is coming the best party!


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