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welcome to the awesome club 

we only put awesome things!

also NO fighting
or sexual thing!

come one guy post something awesome if you can't your not awesome

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awesome bus truck

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Dragon rp:
((anymore idea comment.))
Devil dragon: Taken
God dragon: Open
Demon guard: Open
Guardian angel:open
Demon dragon: Open
Angel dragon: open
Serpent dragon: Open
Lightning dragon: Open
Thunder dragon: open
God's servant: Open
Devil's slave: Open
Grass dragon (king): open
Water dragon (king): open
Earth dragon (king): open
Grass guard: open
Water guard: open
Earth guard: open
Devils mate: Open (girl)
Gods mate: Open (girl)
Baby dragons.

Grass baby Clip : open
Water baby Wave : open
Earth baby dirt: open
God Baby: Open
Devil baby: open
Serpant baby slither: open
Lightning baby Bolt: open
Thunder baby Sound: open
Elder grass: open
Elder water: open
Elder earth: open
Elder demon: open
Elder god: open
Elder Lightning: open
Elder thunder: open
Elder serpent: open

Dark wing: open
Dukely: Open
Sky drop: open
Dungar: Open
Wilder clash: Open
Snake spikes: Open
And hashtag, and plus my name

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awesome car

welcome members
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