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This is a new profile template, but if you use the old template that OK you can still use it and we do have a new leveling up system.

Rank: (beginner)
Level: (New members 01 to begin with)
Bio: (Optional)
HP: ????/4000
Attack: ????/2500
Defence: ????/2500
Speed/Agility: ????/2500
Stealth: ????/2500
Accuracy: ????/2500
Hand to Hand Combat: ????/2500
Extra information:
Team Name:
Team Leader:
Number of Members:

New leveling up system
Level System: Gain Experience by role playing owner or mod must read the fight before it is recognized to give you Experience 1 role play with equal 1 EXP point, EXP to LVL up will be shown below, Stat upgrade points will be rewarded each lvl up in the sum of 250 per lvl to be allocated to your stats as you please.

1>2 5 EXP
2>3 10 EXP
3>4 15 EXP
 4>5 25 EXP
5>6 40 EXP
6>7 65 EXP
7>8 105 EXP
8>9 170 EXP
9>10 275 EXP

"Welcome to the games, your in the Arena. Your first tasks if you want to survive is to escape this arena or you will die" walls starts closing in "Good luck."

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♣Profile Template♣
Name: Taiyang Xiao Long
Gender: Male
Age: 30s
Species/Race: Human
Rank: Beginner I think
Level: 1
Weapons: Fists
Abilities: Unknown
Class: Huntsman
Likes: Her daughters, Ruby Rose and Yang Xiao Long, Raven Branwen, Summer Rose, Qrow Branwen.
Dislikes: Qrow's rude attitude.
Weight: 184.6 ln
Height: 6'1"
Appearance: (In photos)
Bio: (Optional)

HP: 3700/4000
Attack: 2000/2500
Defence: 2200/2500
Speed/Agility: 1800/2500
Stealth: 1500/2500
Accuracy: 1700/2500
Hand to Hand Combat: 2400/2500

Extra information:
Team Name: STRQ
Team Leader: Summer Rose
Number of Members: 4
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Name Mercedez Lya Rosario
Nickname lya, princess
Age unknown
Weapons swords and rifle
What I look like dark brown hair and eyes
Spices human and a little angel/demon
Gender female
Likes winning
Hates losing

A lot of stuff unknown about her

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♣Profile Template♣
Name: Summer Rose
Gender: Female
Age: Late 20s
Species/Race: Human
Rank: Beginner
Level: 1
Weapons: Summer Slammer
Abilities: Can move at speeds to fast for the average human.
Her silver eye trait means she has special powers she can use to freeze or kill her opponents.
Class: Huntress
Likes: Making cookies, Qrow Branwen, Taiyang Xiao Long, Raven Branwen, Ruby Rose, Yang Xiao Long.
Dislikes: Evil, disrespectful people.
Weight: 168.4
Height: 5'6"
Appearance: In photos
Bio: (Optional)

HP: 4000/4000
Attack: 2500/2500
Defence: 2400/2500
Speed/Agility: 2500/2500
Stealth: 2000/2500
Accuracy: 2500/2500
Hand to Hand Combat: 2300/2500

Extra information:
Team Name: STRQ
Team Leader: Summer Rose
Number of Members: 4
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♣Profile Template♣
Name: Raven Branwen
Gender: Female
Age: 30s
Species/Race: Human
Rank: Beginner?
Level: 1
Weapons: Sword
Abilities: Create portal with sword, can shape shift into a Raven.
Class: Huntress?
Likes: Qrow, team STRQ, Taiyang Xiao Long, Yang Xiao Long.
Dislikes: His brother getting drunk.
Weight: 172.2 lb
Height: 5'8"
Appearance: (In photos)
Bio: (Optional)

HP: 3900/4000
Attack: 2500/2500
Defence: 2450/2500
Speed/Agility: 2400/2500
Stealth: 2100/2500
Accuracy: 2000/2500
Hand to Hand Combat: 1800/2500

Extra information:
Team Name: STRQ
Team Leader: Summer Rose
Number of Members: 4
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Animated Photo
Animated Photo
Animated Photo
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♣Profile Template♣
First Name: Shadow
Nickname: Reaper
Age: unknlwn
Gender: male
Skill level: ? Master?
Weapons: destruction magic, demonic power, and clamymore
Friends: none
Enemies: none
Likes: dubstep girls fun
Dislikes most people
Weight: 200
Height: 6'6"
Bio: explain later

Team name: N/A
Leader: N/A
Members: N/A

Health: 100/100
Attack: 100/100
Defence: 80/100
Stealth: 30/100
Speed/Running: 50/100
Strength: 100/100
Intelligence: 60/100
Accuracy: 60/100
Hand to hand combat: 60/100
(My human form is my profile pic)

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Name: White Rose
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Species/Race: Unknown
Rank: Master/Creator
Level: 10
Weapons: unknown
Abilities: unknown
Class: Attack and Defence.
Likes: Death and watching people lose the games
Dislikes: People winning.
Weight: 90
Height: 6'10
Appearance: Picture below
Bio: I'm the creator of the games and luckily for you, you have been chosen to be apart of them.
HP: 3500/4000
Attack: 2400/2500
Defence: 2400/2500
Speed/Agility: 1000/2500
Stealth: 1200/2500
Accuracy: 1000/2500
Hand to Hand Combat: 1000/2500

You have two hours to get your team before the games begin, or you can go alone. This will be hard and most of you will die. So find your team. See ya in two hours.

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My upcoming team.
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