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Anyone ever see one of these Macs? Apple was kind enough to ship Mac OS X for a fee of about 17 bucks...
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You really want to get rid of yours, Scott Strool, I would take it! 
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Successful Tech Brands
and their common belief

It takes years or even decades to build up a brand, admired all over the world, independent of cultural backgrounds.

Companies should take this recipe and add an experienced cook (like Tim) to become a well-respected brand:

1 Quality
2 n/a

If you focus on quantity (like many Asian companies do) quality falls behind. Products are made by engineers considering clear targets of the company's leaders.

Companies have the choice

to optimize the price
to optimize the quality.

Sorry, I forgot another important pillar, sustainability, which means, saying Goodbye to bells and whistles and focus on usability and simplicity. If you look at the design of the ultimate German mobile device (the Porsche 911) you might know what I mean. Sustainability can also be found in the product's design.

Everything needs some custom artwork.
Top designed products increase desirability and desirability always goes along with profitability.

Decision makers may subdivide QUALITY, the one and only pillar of success, into durability, timeless design, customer satisfaction, usability, sustainability, etc. What they need is sheer perseverance, a philosophy, and the ability not to jump on bandwagons.

Companies that continually create value over the long term - meaning decades or more, learn how to ingrain the ability into their corporate makeup; it becomes part of their culture and DNA. They create value, jobs, and growth because of their ability to institutionalize innovation.
(Andrew Taylor, Boston Consulting Group)

More ...

About innovation

About quality management

Thanks for paying attention.

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I was going to upgrade, but then I found this out...
Learn about the new iCloud Update, & decide whether it's worth upgrading or not. The iCloud Update is supposed to give access to Pages, Keynote, & Numbers.
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+Michael O'Hara , cut and pasted directly from the article.  Not my text.
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Should #Apple acquire #Twitter solely to keep the social media company out of #Google's hands? #tech
Every so often, Wall Street financial firms and investment banks blindly announce acquisition rumors as if they are facts. This mainly occurs in the tech and biotech sectors, where M&A rumors run amuck. And while these claims are often unfounded, investors nonetheless pile into the alleged "buyer" and "seller" companies.
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Anyone looking forward to Apple Pay in the UK?
Apple has begun enabling its mobile point of sale systems in England-based stores to take NFC payments and has been preparing materials to promote the Apple Pay launch in stores. 
According to the latest report from 9to5mac, Apple is expected to launch their mobile payment service – Apple Pay, in the UK on July 14th based on leaked documents from multiple retailers. Apple has informed selected UK retailers that Apple Pay support will go live on Tuesday, while training of UK staff on supporting Apple Pay will go ahead on July 12th. “Apple has begun enabling its mobile point of sale systems in England-based stores to take NF...
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Thanks +Storm Williams was wondering when this will go live. +Joe Dunlavy 'tapping' your credit card is called contactless payment and that in the UK has a £20 limit going up to £30 in September. I believe banks operate this to prevent fraud. But Apple Pay has more security protection in the form of your fingerprint so yeah hope this limit increases
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The fascinating fact about Ronald H. Nicholson, Jr.
The original Macintosh, released in early 1984, was a groundbreaking machine built to “put a ding in the universe,” and its creators knew it. To mark the occasion, they pressed the signatures of all of the team members into the mold of the Macintosh's rear shell. Open up an early Macintosh and ...
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Gruber: "Why did it take Apple so long to sort the Apple Music mess?"
Daring Fireball: Apple Music Strikes Deal With Thousands of Indie Artists.

Gruber is asking the same question I asked in my piece here -

I personally blame Tim Cook for not asserting himself on Eddy Cue.
Apple Music, the hardware giant's soon-to-launch streaming service, has landed an eleventh-hour coup, striking deals with the independents' digital rights organization Merlin and with Martin Mills' indie powerhouse Beggars Group, sources tell Billboard. Label group PIAS has also announced it has ...
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As long as there are more bugs in iOS than in Tim's or Eddy's decisions everything should be OK :)
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When government comes knocking

Some statements regarding privacy taken from Tim Cook's open letter in Sep 2014 ...

"At Apple, your trust means everything to us. That’s why we respect your privacy and protect it with strong encryption, plus strict policies that govern how all data is handled.

Security and privacy are fundamental to the design of all our hardware, software, and services, including iCloud and new services like Apple Pay.

And we continue to make improvements. Two-step verification, which we encourage all our customers to use, in addition to protecting your Apple ID account information, now also protects all of the data you store and keep up to date with iCloud.
A few years ago, users of Internet services began to realize that when an online service is free, you’re not the customer. You’re the product.

But at Apple, we believe a great customer experience shouldn’t come at the expense of your privacy. Our business model is very straightforward: We sell great products. We don’t build a profile based on your email content or web browsing habits to sell to advertisers. We don’t “monetize” the information you store on your iPhone or in iCloud.
Finally, I want to be absolutely clear that we have never worked with any government agency from any country to create a backdoor in any of our products or services. We have also never allowed access to our servers. And we never will.


See the EFF results about privacy compliance of big companies here

More facts

Life's a bit more complicated than many people think. It's unfair to only accuse a company or single people without knowing the facts behind an issue. Today hackers have to use sophisticated algorithms and strategies to open a door. To say "It's your fault" is easy, to substantiate this is most often difficult and affords a close view on the things. What we learned from most of the issues in which private data are leaked is that in 95% the users themselves didn't follow well-known security advices.

Here are some good reads about hacked iCloud accounts:

Zdziarski's blog

Related ...

Apple and the NSA

2-Step Verification

Thanks for dropping by.

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High Tech, High Risk, High Life

Do you remember TSOP, the short form for The Sound of Philadelphia?

It was a hit single by MFSB (Mother, Father, Sister, Brother) featuring The Three Degrees from the album 'Love is the Message' released in 1974. 'Sweet Philly' was a feeling of being alive and so was the mood of entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley.

TMOSV is The Mood of Silicon Valley best represented by the young entrepreneur Steve Jobs, riding a 1966 BMW R60/2 motorcycle.

27 years old, longish hair, often wearing Adidas sneakers, and no black turtleneck pullover, Steve looks like he’s having the time of his life when riding an old fashioned two-wheel mobile device with some outstanding properties, design and durability. Together with his beloved Porsche Design Watch these two mobiles seemed to be templates for his own ideas.

High Tech High Risk and High Life
in Silicon Valley.

But wait ...

I feel fondly for all riders of BMW R60/2s but what you see in the image doesn't look like Steve ever could be a role model (while riding his beloved horse). This mobile device unconditionally needs these accessories:

1 A fullface or flip-front helmet with chin strap cinched
2 A true, padded motorcycle riding jacket
3 Long pants or, better yet, armored riding pants
4 Over-the-ankle boots because the ankle has many delicate bones
5 Full-fingered riding gloves

Well, in 1966 the world (and Steve) didn't even know anything about a smartphone or an Apple Watch. But today I strongly recommend not to use any of Apple's mobiles while riding your iron horse.

Keep it in mind.
Your family needs you.

More about a modern source of death ...

Thanks for stopping by.
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Is Apple on the slide under Tim Cook?
I already know your answer to this +dum waldo .
"Maybe Apple Music will be great.. But the messaging certainly was not, and as I noted after the Watch unveiling, muddled messaging often stems from a muddled product, and muddled products come from a lack of focus."
The usually bullish Apple analyst, Ben Thompson, believes that Apple recent WWDC Keynote was a tale of two halves. The first segment was very good, the presenters were able to deliver a coherent an...
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+Joe Dunlavy It's all good. We are here to express our opinions.
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WTF...?? Who will spoil a Mac with such keyboard?
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It's actually pretty good. And an alternatives when we bored with the white backlit 
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Looks like Apple is serious about cars!
Apple hiring more people from the auto industry - Apple Car appears more likely!
Rumours that Apple is working on an electric car to rival Telsa has been circulating since the  being of the year. Today, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple had hired Doug Betts, of the auto industry’s veteran manufacturing executives, signals that its efforts to develop an electric car could be gaining ground. “Doug Betts formerly worked at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV until last year, is now at Apple with his job title describes as...
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I think apple would benefit more from developing the tech for cars instead of creating their own car company.  The potential of bad publicity if anything happens to the vehicle is bad but to start a car company from the ground is something different for a tech company.
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Scott D

Apple  - 
ALL Apple laptops on sale all weekend!
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Are you holding out for Apple Watch 2?
"Watch is misunderstood. Critics lambast Watch as an overpriced bauble that won’t sell as well as iPhone or iPad, and does not have a clear value proposition. Use Watch for a week and you’ll see the value proposition is time and convenience." 
I recently bought an Apple Watch and returned it unopened. I’m assuming a lot of folks are like me – holding out for the second generation Apple Watch. I still believe that Apple Watch 1 is a great product, however, I was slightly disappointed that many of the rumored biometric sensors that could record hydration, blood pressure, glucose and sleep pattern data did not feature in version 1.0. Writing for Mac360, Wil Gomez made some salient points ...
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2 years sounds about rite. Sure, why not a software bump next year, but hardware can hold off two years as long as it can handle the software bump. 
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Apple looking to create a unique biometric ID for the Apple Watch.
Apple invents new Biometric ID system for the Apple Watch, which involves the use of a light emitter and a light sensor to determine characteristic(s) of a user’s vasculature.
Apple invents new Biometric ID system for the Apple Watch, which involves the use of a light emitter and a light sensor to determine characteristic(s) of a user’s vasculature. According to a new patent filing, Apple has invented a new Biometric ID system for the Apple Watch. The invention involves the use of a light emitter and a light sensor to determine one or more characteristics of a user’s vasculature (arrangement of blood vessels in the bod...
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+Dave Trautman You are wasting your time trying to enlighten +dum waldo . I think he is still going through the grieving process since Steve Jobs passing. He is switching between the Anger, Denial and Depress stages of the cycle.
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From Apple Siri, to FaceTime and beyond
This 1987 concept video made by Apple, predicts the state of today's technology with surprising accuracy.
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Retro futurism!
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Taylor Swift just made #Apple pay, pay, pay... #music
Money talks; people listen. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. These are undisputed facts. However, after pursuing profits over equality, the world's richest and most powerful company has reversed its business strategy. After facing widespread backlash from musicians, in addition to a written critique by pop star Taylor Swift, Apple (AAPL) announced it will pay recording artists during Apple Music's 3-month free trial period.
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What went wrong with the Apple Music deal and how can the company prevent a reaccurance.
Opinion: Apple’s values are now aligned with those of Tim Cook.  Taylor Swift’s letter and Apple Music fiasco illustrate that he needs to be more assertive.
Apple’s values are now aligned with those of Tim Cook. Taylor Swift’s letter and Apple Music fiasco illustrate that he needs to be more assertive. While the world applauded Taylor Swift for taking ...
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People need to let Steve rest. It's tired and stale and lazy for the tech press to keep going to that dried up well. Steve would have done plenty of things until he changed his mind and did the exact opposite. Please let it go. 
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We are in Production!  Our First Product Ships in 2 Weeks!  We Love this WatchDock!  Check it our here:
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What does the industry think about Oculus / Xbox and the future of VR?
Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, took attendees by surprise when he took to the stage during Oculus' pre-E3 live stream to announce a partnership between the two huge brands. There are plenty of opinion articles surrounding the announcements - but we thought we would get the thoughts from two people within the VR industry. #xbox #apple  
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