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Just reading an article about an Apple concept from 1996 for a cybercafe ( There was an image of the UI from the tables computer which reminded be of a system (mac os 8) theme caller Gizmo - which was eye-bleeding horrible. I wonder which came first?

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My GMail address is my Apple ID and I'm trying to change it to my iCloud address. This seems to be impossible. I've taken all the proper steps.

Can anyone please assist ?

Hey hi from India, can any one help me in choosing a truely wireless earbuds with some good bass in budget.

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Night Shift-style functionality has previously been available on Macs through the popular and well-known f.lux software, but it will be a built-in feature in macOS Sierra in 10.12.4, eliminating the need for a third-party app. F.lux continues to offer a bit more customization, however, with the option to turn it off on a per-app basis.

macOS Sierra 10.12.4 is only available to developers at the current time, but it should be made available to public beta testers in the near future. It will likely be beta tested for at least a month or two prior to release, so expect to see the update in March or April.

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Article I wrote about video production with iOS.
Best iPad apps for classroom video production.

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After seeing the Apple Airpods
Would you want the QCY Q29 ? 

Hey guys I got a question and hope someone can answer.. what is the best cleaner to clean the fans off the MacBook Pro sent this is my first time am going to do that.. 
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