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Start with reviewing current industry standards for frontend development, and end with creating a native application using the same codebase.

#iphone #iOS #Safari  #HTML5
Create compelling web applications specifically tailored for distribution on iOS Safari.
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If you are looking for a good app to work with Trakt library and track your TV shows, 60Hz has received a nice update. Check the latest UI and features of 60Hz.
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iPhone  - 
All #iPhone ads display the time as 9:41am, which is the time that Steve Jobs unveiled it in 2007. #Trivia #AppleFact
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“Enterprise customers are now using Redpark cables to connect the iPad/iPhone to routers and switches, cable TV set top boxes, gas meters, electrical relays, propane pumps, flow controllers, barcode scanners, receipt printers, motor drives, seismometers, intelligent door locks, elevator control equipment….”
Yet another lucrative new sector of the enterprise market is being opened up for Apple thanks to Redpark’s latest innovation.
Yet another lucrative new sector of the enterprise market is being opened up for Apple thanks to Redpark’s latest innovation.
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What’s next for Apple after the SmartWatch? 3D Imaging?

Apple never ceases to amaze us. Be it laptops, tablets, smartphones, and most recently smart watches – Apple’s products create a storm in every market it enters.

In the last few decades, companies have sprung up and vanished. But thanks to its continuous effort to make things better, it seems Apple will immortalize itself.

The tech giant in its trademark style aims to simplify existing 3D technologies and methods and achieve the impossible.

Apple’s recent patent indicates at projection of 3D  virtual keyboard on air to allow mid-air typing.

Complete detail are here :
Apple’s recent patent indicates at projection of 3D virtual keyboard on air to allow mid-air typing.
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Apple Watch 2 ?
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I recently left Android having most recently owned an LG Nexus 5 and a OnePlus One.
(I currently also own an iMac, Macbook Air, and iPad 3.)

1. iOS is very smooth, quick, and well integrated.
2. The screen is beautiful, proving that the pixel wars by other manufacturers are meaningless.
3. Excellent call quality and volume range.
4. The phone is well made with a good size & weight.
5. TouchID is handy and generally works very well.
6. Battery life is excellent. And there's almost no drain overnight when set to Do Not Disturb.
7. The camera takes high quality photos.

The BAD:
1. Many apps, including GMail and SwiftKey, have limited functionality when compared with their Android counterparts. 
2. GMail simply doesn't work well with iOS even when using the GMail app, including small text, the lack of hyperlinks for dates, phone numbers, and addresses in messages.
3. The stock Mail app is disappointing and rather primitive.
4. Safari page loads are rather slow and scrolling is annoying slow.
5. Dynamic Type is not supported by many apps. 
6. The resolution of photos being taken cannot be controlled.
7. The resolution of photos being sent cannot be controlled unless the Mail app is used. 
8. The search function in the App Store is surprisingly poor.
9. App switching with iPhone's physical button is slow.
10. Why can't Apple make a phone that isn't so slippery ?

THE VERDICT:  Android wins easily. For a smartphone, it's quite simply better in many ways. 
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+Jim Sheridan One year ago last month, I got pissed at my laptop, ordered a MacBook Pro, loved it so much I decided to try an iPad. Loved the iPad so much, decided to get a 5s. Loved it, then got an iphone 6 when it came out and updated to the ipad air 2 and gave my old phone and ipad to my daughter. Pretty happy with my current lineup. I went from being a hardcore android guy to all Apple in one month. Everything works so well together, and I was able to organize my life with these devices. I HATED Apple before all of this. I still can't believe I switched, but I did, and I'm happy. Bottom line is, iOS is not for everyone, and neither is android or windows OS. I found my groove for now, and I'll switch back if I'm ever given a good enough reason. For now, I'm good.  
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#hack   #iphone   #ipad  
Find out the most accurate #tech #news headlines.
The only solution for users of Apple tech? Leave the affected area immediately
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wow, never knew
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I came across this video, and boy does this hold true in real life as well. Almost all the kids/teenagers I meet these days want an iPhone. 
Kids Choose Between an iPhone and a Samsung Galaxy
I came across this video on Business Insider, in which kids choose between an iPhone and a Samsung Galaxy.
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Apple can get rid of the protruding camera & revolutionize the mobile camera at the same time

Apple has bought the Israeli camera technology company LinX. The company makes multi-apperture camera modules that makes it possible to have really short (thin) camera modules, but with even better image quality than we have ever seen in a mobile camera. This way Apple can get rid of the protruding camera on the next iPhone and revolutionize the mobile camera at the same time. Check this video out!

#Apple #linx #mobile #camera
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Estimated Sold Almost a Million ... Not Quite a Million

Still Nothing Official From Apple as to How many Actually were Available in Stock for Sale

Perhaps we will never Know

Million Preorders Some being Actual Stock isn't a lot .

Yet Apple Fans have to now Wait as far afield as June ... what the ... ??? ???
Nearly 1 million people placed an order for an Apple Watch on the first day it was available, with most going for the cheapest model, a shopping research firm estimated.
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+Bruce Jordan
Not a life Changer ... Tim Cook
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Not really.

Nobody needs a definition of the term "smartphone" because all of us own one (or more). So I restrict myself to define just one of the competitors.

Modern humans are the only extant members of the hominin clade, a branch of great apes characterized by erect posture and bipedal locomotion, manual dexterity and increased tool use, and a general trend toward larger, more complex brains (not valid for fanboys) and societies.

There are some similarities between an iOS device and a human being. Here is a simplified explanation of a computer-like device by using some well-known facts about human beings. Which of them is more complicated cannot be assessed. But it’s obvious that humans learn during their whole life whereas the basic skills of a device are fixed when the production process ends. Adding further skills means installing apps but even features of apps are already clearly defined by the developers whereas the owner is able to improve his skills and personality. He can be creative when using his brain together with his little helper, a smartphone or a tablet.

Differences …

Comparing the two systems might be useful for those who are not deeply involved in computer technology. So first of all let’s see where the differences are to avoid misconceptions. Keep in mind that these differences are not valid for supercomputers with hundreds of processors or implemented artificial intelligence. We are just talking about a device with a single processor.

01 Brains are analogue; computers are digital
02 Brains uses content-addressable memory
03 Brains are massively parallel machines; computers are modular and serial
04 Processing speed is not fixed in the brain; there is no system clock
05 Brains cannot be divided in hardware/software
06 Synapses are far more complex than electrical logic gates
07 Processing and memory are performed by the same components in the brain
08 The brain is a self-organizing system
09 Processors only can handle commands predefined by the operating system
10 Brains can learn

As far as I know there are two areas where even iOS devices improve their capabilities over time. When writing words iOS frequently saves written words in an individual dictionary. Power management adapts to usage over time.

Bonus Difference

The brain is much, much bigger than any current computer.
Accurate biological models of the brain would have to include some 225,000,000,000,000,000 (225 million billion) interactions between cell types, neurotransmitters, neuromodulators, axonal branches and dendritic spines, and that doesn’t include the influences of dendritic geometry, or the approximately 1 trillion glial cells which may or may not be important for neural information processing. Because the brain is nonlinear, and because it is so much larger than all current computers, it seems likely that it functions in a completely different fashion. The brain-computer metaphor obscures this important, though perhaps obvious, difference in raw computational power.

There are similarities but only in a figurative meaning. Human beings learn many additional skills and can change their reactions even if causes remain the same. An iOS device gets its skills when manufacturing is finished and it can only expand them with the installation of an updated operating system. Advantage human being. So keep control over yourself and do not delegate essential tasks to your device. Just use it for what it is intended for. It can show you the way with the app Maps, connects you with giant sources of knowledge, and helps you being creative by using apps like a mind mapping tool.

Related ...

About multitasking

About being creative on a smartphone

Thanks for taking your time.
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Easy to Follow Steps Connecting your Google Android Smartwatch to your Apple iPhone ###
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Switch Points of Power

Even if your mobile device already took control over you, there are some ways out of possible dilemmas and it's not necessary to make extensive use of your brain. Just look at my collage to see what can be done.

The worst case for a mobileholic is malfunctioning of her/his beloved companion (stats say that 'his' is more likely than 'her'). A common problem is mismanagement of the device's memory.

Think of it like this:

You want to send money to an account and already looked up the account number. Somebody asks you ‘What time do we have our appointment with Mr. Smith?’. After answering, your short-term memory containing the account number is deleted or the account number you are sure it’s right now contains transposed digits.

You have to reboot and load your memory again with the account number.

If you don’t look up the account number again your money transfer might fail. Regarding your device an app may execute an unwanted operation which might freeze it e.g. by running into an endless loop. You tap on a control but the app doesn’t react or delivers wrong information to the brain of your device, the processor in cooperation with the memory.

A REBOOT removes any not-wanted elements associated with apps or the operating system in the device’s memory and trimming it down to the core elements.

More ...

If you are already on a 6 or 6 Plus, the Sleep/Wake button got a new home on the side of the device to put it comfortably within reach.

Thanks for dropping by.

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Simon introduces challenges and then provides an overview of his solutions in Swift. Challenges include topics such as statistical analysis, searching directories for images, and accessing peripheral devices.

#Swift   #iPhoneapp  
- To save us a little time I have created the skeleton of an iPhone project to begin with. Now I've done nothing with CloudKit here and I've added no logic to set up a basic user interface. We've got some labels, there's a date picker and I've added a segemented control for choosing whether we're interested in one day, one week or one month of data. Sure we could've done this UI several different ways. We could've had multiple date pickers but fo...
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                                            Apple CEO Tim Cook. For Apple, the good times keep on coming: New data from Kantar Worldpanel show that the Cupertino company's smartphone business is continuing to grow at Google'...
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Apple is Apple , No substitute for it ! 
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Top 5 HD Games For iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Here we have listed some the best games for iphone 6. The list includes games like NFS: No limits, Assassins Creed & more. These games for iPhone 6 are best yet for the iPhone 6.
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Built with a titanium diaphragm that delivers rich, deep bass In-line remote with convenient built-in mic, as well as volume and playback controls Stylish
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Faster, more powerful, and more capable than before, the thinner, lighter, tougher iPhone 7 rumours really are the best yet.
Every year the rumours seem to get better and better
Faster, more powerful, and more capable than before, the thinner, lighter, tougher iPhone 7 rumours really are the best yet.
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The iPhone 6 seems to be my "control group" in comparing camera changes on the OnePlus One. I compared it to the iPhone 6 before CM11 05Q, when it was on CM11 05Q (which promised camera improvements), so now I'm comparing the OnePlus One to the iPhone 6 to see how the new OxygenOS firmware handles. Check it out.
Camera comparison of the OnePlus One and the iPhone 6, with the OnePlus One running OnePlus's new ROM, OxygenOS
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Why all iPhones will soon include #Spotify. #music
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