Hey Guys, I will be making a forums section, so if there is anything you guys want me to add to this pleas edo so!

Alright, The contest is going to be a Pokemon Battle Contest, anyone that has a DS and Black, White, Black 2, and White 2 Versions may participate! just write down your Friend code and make a registration form and your in! Winner gets Moderator on my Comunity! so wirte them up!

Rotation = 6 Pokemon
Triple = 6 Pokemon
Double = 4 Pokemon
Single = 3 Pokemon

here is the Format:

Freind Code:
Type of Game:
Pokemon Party (Max of 3-6 Pokemon)
What type of battle (Rotation, Double, Triple or Single):

Hey guys I am having another contest! more details later!

Ok Guys if you are not going to do the Contest then the Typhlosion Picture stays then I am giving you guys an oportunity to make a Typhlosion Picture that will be put on instead of this one AND you get Moderator but nobody is doing it so The Contest is off



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Liam!? Ey! Wy Y U steal my name X3

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got some new pokemon cards today

so quiet here :|

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This is My charactor for RPing (that is if you guys want to make a profile)
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