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How to solve the "bad source" prompting when installing

Hi, I tried to install liri apps using your AUR repository but I got error with gpg signature.
What should I do to solve this? Is flatpak better updated then AuR ?

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Stable packages are coming from AUR to the community repository of Arch Linux:

So thanks to Felix Yan for that.

This is good for users and less work for me. Hope that the desktop will be moved to the community repository as well once I have released it.

There was an error in the installation: prompt Bad source
I downloaded the ISO image from,However, an error occurred during installation, prompting Bad source.

Detailed errors are as follows: Bad source "/home/liveuser/example.sqfs"

In addition, I do not see this file in the liveuser directory.

I want to know how to solve it, thank you.

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Looks like was just updated while I was pickup up things missing from the Fluid backlog

Let's see what's new, for instance this is cool:

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Info sidebar is coming back to Files, now that the PageSidebar from the old QML Material is ported to Fluid.

#MaterialDesign #Fluid #Files #Qt #Wayland

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