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Five weeks ago, someone requested a combination of the Russian and the Zukelandic flags.
I think that's quite easily done, the Russian flag goes 'white-blue-red', top to bottom. The Zukelandic flag goes 'black-white-blue' top to bottom. Since the Zukelandic and the Russian flags have 2 of 3 matching colours, it'd make sense to just realign the Zukelandic colours in the Russian order.

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Need too make men great again!


So any body still here? Seems to be empty and no new post, why?

I guess I am the new Joseph Goebbels to people now, and that includes being called a Nazi.

Well, lately I have Change my name for safety reason, same with my IP. Address, I have been heavily induced with politics so people don't like me, it's very... Frustrating.

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A im emperor justin 1er of kingdoms of riviere du loup do you want me alliance

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À in alliés yoir
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