I am starting to write up a peer-reviewed article to describe the development of the cancer tag ontology and how it may affect development of other tagging systems in healthcare.

Do you want to help? Send me a message here or on Twitter +Matt Katz, MD (a.k.a. @subatomicdoc). I would like to do something collaborative between patients, caregivers, advocates, clinicians and researchers. I will be setting up a project outline soon.

Thanks, and I hope you are having a great holiday season!

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Hi folks:
It's been a while, but I wanted to give you the preliminary data for the hashtag project.

From April 2011 through the end of June 2015, there were 762,103 tweets by 117,064 user accounts using the cancer tag ontology. The most active had live chats.

Thank you to +Audun Utengen +Patricia Anderson +Mike Thompson +Deanna Attai +Claire J +Don S. Dizon as coauthors for the article, and to +Lee Aase +Mike Fisch +Thomas Lee +Robert Miller as collaborators and coauthors on the ASCO poster.

And thank you to everyone who finds the tags valuable and uses them. Any suggestions and feedback is welcome as I'm sure it will continue to evolve.

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I thought that the topic of our next Tweetchat might interest this crowd. It's about searching online for health information post-diagnosis. Feb 2nd, here's the link.

+Matthew Zachary  of Stupid Cancer and Emily Drake have started using #ayasm  for adolescents and young adults with cancer.  This fits well, but three questions:
1.  Does the AYA apply only to cancer? Is it used for other diseases?
2.  What are the issues to consider vis-a-vis minors's health on Twitter?
3.  If it's OK for AYA, should we adopt #pdcsm  for pediatric malignancies?

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Many thanks to Mike Craycraft for adopting and advocating for use of #tscsm  for testicular care.

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Exciting news! +Symplur has created a page to host the tags we've proposed.  Given how much attention Symplur gets around its healthcare hashtag project, +Patricia Anderson and I are both hopeful it will bring more discussion and debate.

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One of the planned things we added for the #gyncsm  tweetchat was designing a disclaimer for participants since it does involve some risks as well as benefits.  Any suggestions for improvement? Do you think it's necessary?

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#gyncsm  is off to a great start.  Thanks to +Dee Sparacio and Christina Lizaso for great organization and effort to launch. We had a lot of well known folks on Twitter including  +AnneMarie Ciccarella join Wednesday night.  44 Participants, 453 tweets.  More analytics from Symplur here:

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#gyncsm  plans to go live next Wednesday, 9PM EST.  I wrote this tweet disclaimer and it's been adopted.  

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I came across this article while learning more about hashtags.  +Chris Messina is credited with developing the idea.  
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