Anyone know why GIFs don't work on the UBERSOCIAL Twitter App on iPhones?

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Hi. On latest version I can only do one search and then have to move to a different section if I want to do another. For example if I am on Timeline and do a search I would need to move to another section like Favorites or the search bar won't perform the requested search. Moto X 4.4.4

Do whatever reason I can't get Facebook to update in UberSocial. I'm logged in and it appears to still be authorized in Facebook. Last update was before I installed the current beta version.

When I long press on a tweet to open it up everything works fine. But once the tweet is opened, I cannot select any of the actions listed when I select "more" from the menu in the middle of the screen. The other options in the main menu..reply...retweet...favorite...and share all work.

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New beta version of UberSocial Android out today! 

What’s new:
- Ability to post & view multiple images in a single Tweet
- Post & watch videos & animated gifs
- Reworked gap detection

You can opt-in to receive the UberSocial Beta releases by joining this Community and then clicking the link below:

Please send your feedback to @ubersocialbeta on Twitter. Thanks!

I installed the beta and I can no longer view within Ubersocial any tweet attached photos. Web pages linked in tweets are viewed but no pictures.

My phone is a Motorola DROID 4. I also removed my twitter account from Ubersocial, stopped the app, deleted cache, deleted data files, uninstalled the app, shut down the phone, rebooted, reinstalled and still can't view photos. The small preview photos DO show next to the tweet text but a long press doesn't open the tweet photo. Nor does it show a photo if I long press a tweet with web link & photo link, launching the web first, then selecting the photo link. I only get a blank black window.

Bug in beta. If I "Show Profile" for a user then click on "Block", the prompt that comes back is "Block %s" then under that is "Are you sure?".  I noticed the "Block %s" in the prior beta too. Seems like the %s should represent a variable that should display the selected user for blocking but instead returns the literal "%s" text.
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