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name: moonlight
age: 13
gender: female
angel or demon: dark angel
powers: has the power to Summon shadow items and animals
parents: unknown
Bio: (unknown)
Personality: secretive, loner, lonely
sexuality: straight

The hell is a happy point

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((open rp, if you wanna see my profile of my oc. Its around there just scroll and you'll see the same picture as the ome down there.))
I was walking through the woods alone like always minding my own business, I hears a branch snap, I looked in the direction it came from. Then you...

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name Mealine
age 14
gender female
angel or demon angel
powers has energy daggers that stab people and give them nightmares
*parents* unknown
Bio lived very poor in a farway city
personality shy,quite,kawwaii, sweet
sexuality straight
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Name:Senpai Killing name:Jason Likes:Killing Scaring and Setting things on fire Dislikes:cops agents detectives or people Personality:Mean Physcopath anger fear

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Name:_____Gogito Uchiha
Age:_____Unknown, but probably about in the 20s.
Demon or Angel:_____Angel
Bio:_____I am a Saiyan, who is the second son of the Saiyan Prince, Vegeta.
Likes:_____Training, and his family and friends
Personality:_____Very kind, protective, energetic, confident, and will surpass any limit
Dislikes:_____Anybody evil, losing friends, losing fights
Title: The Limit Breaker(given by +Midori Gurin)
Powers (up to 2):_____Different Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan God transformations, and the ability to harness Ki and God Ki energy

1:Super Saiyan
2:Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan
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Name: Thom. E Geminison

Age: 17

Nickname: Tommy, Thomas, Tom

Gender: Male

Hero Name: Vhaos

Hero Appearance:

He is a Dream-Walker

Vhaos have a arifical driven suit know as K1 of the Kivato house. The Suit in general is based on Dark Ages Spawn but it have a long jacket with the shoulders blades pop out as you see the shouder armored blades as a dark semi purple tear cape was showed. The suit in general is color is dark red for the whole thing as there white and gray all around him

His boots is the same side as it was sleek  as it help with fast foot work. He have bladed gloves that have hidden blades to help him fight

Imagation Generation and manipulation


There Two  major flaw into this as it power sorce it with blood. As it used the user blood to make it work If he does not have anymore blood he can die. But the suit does feed on blood on who he fight.

The other flaw is the dream. The suit also run on dreams so it need to be in the little of good and bad to make it blend good. If he is sad his dreams wont come to life.

Personality: Thom is bag full of something as he is a dude who keep to himself a whole lot as he does not talk about what wrong. But beside his bottle up acting he does have a heart of a oni warrior as he fight back any evil forces. Also he does not trust any new peoples and tend to work alone.

Bio: Thom  have a speech imperment and a learning disabiliby. As he want to make friends and find true happyness in his life. He also does not talk that offen. But with every happy road lead into a chosen warrior

Enter the Kivato House a House it full of redemption and making dream come true as he saw the user of the Valos Suit. When it was raining there was a car coming fast as a small kid was walking as the car was going to hit him. Thom push the boy away and he got hit thus he dead and was grand enter into the Kivato household as they begin to see what was happening

One of the Dream-Walker name Paige woke him up as she explan what was happening as thom freak out. "Relex young thom... we have chosen u to take over something" as he show him the suit of them "We called it Vhaos" as both thom and the suit watch each other as it jump on thom thus making Vhaos a real thing


Dont put him as Angel or Deman

He is a Dream-Walker  (A watcher of dreams and  imagation)

Yes he does have many powers but he only use the dream powers. The rest he only use when he really use it

I dont really want a title....
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Name zeros
Age unknown but was in the dark ages
Race god
Gender male
Bio missing his left arm from battle with the demon king
Likes death humans a good fight
Dislikes gun shots dragons demons Angels
Personality helpful to humans
Sexuality straight human god demons Angels if he loves he loves
Title the angel slayer
Powers immortal PS he can be imprisoned
uses trees and fire
Weapons sythe

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My character
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His sythe

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name: zane                                   name: zack
age: 16                                           age:20
demon or angel: demon              demon or angel: demon
gender: male                                  gender: male
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Name:Ayano Aishi/Yandere Chan
Gender: female
Sexulity: Straight
Angel or demon:angel and demon(angel if normal demon if I have the demon hands)
Bio:ships Midori with Yandere Dev and has a crush on Senpai I currently attend Akademi High school I also got arrested by the police Alot
power:none unless using Cirno
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