I just ran it and it worked. What gives?

Does this still work? I'm working on getting this going for teachers in my district next year. 

My students are turning in assignments into their assignment folder and nothing is population in my assignment folder to view their work. Instead I have to go to the activity log and then select their assignment they turned in and then close it. Once I close the assignment, it finally populates into my assignment folder so I can grade and view. Any advice on how to just get them to automatically go into the assignment folder like they used to? thanks!

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Good-by old friend. 

gClassFolders is no longer being supported. It uses some elements that have been depricated by Goolge. I suggest using Google Classroom or Doctopus Add-on for your classroom organization instead. This was a great program that paved the way for many innovations.

I do encourage you to check out my other Add-ons: https://sites.google.com/site/edlistenscripts/gclassfolders

HI  Trying to set up my classes...Got all the info in the spread sheet and start to create folders.  Says folder created but not shared, problem with student email

Is there a way to modify the folders that are created and the folder structure?  I'd like easily create a folder such as "Class of 2016" and then have each student have a folder under that 

Good day,  I am having trouble sending files to my students they keep coming up "Error Sending File" and "Copied Files ID undefined". Any help would be appreciated. 

I have been having trouble sending files to the student assignment folders.  I can choose a file, and then it just stops.  Does anyone have this issue?

Is there anyone out there that wants to help maintain gClassFolders?  It needs some code improvement and I have several other projects I would prefer to focus on instead.

Question about assignment folder. If I post something in the Assignment folder will it automatically go into each student folder?
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