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Updated patch for all 3 products currently available online...

drop box link below

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I thought it would be interesting to start a discussion here regarding PC Soft and their still poor push of their products outside France and the fact they rely on developers to setup groups and communities.

I've been using WinDev and WebDev for many years now and in that time I still feel that if I really want to be immersed into the Eco system then I really need to learn French and visit France for conferences.

It also shows in the products they produce where there is a lack of tutorials in English coming from PC Soft. There are so many parts to WinDev for example, not just the development IDE but also telemetry, monitoring, deploying and so much more. But I sometimes don't even realize functionality exists until I see some French video from their Tech events and try to decipher what they are saying in the automatic translation.

It's frustrating as their products are amazing and I get amazing productivity and speed of development compared to using Visual Studio and .NET or NODE and JavaScript.

PC Soft could be so much more and a platform that could really be the future for developers around the world. They obviously have a lot of talented people working for them and it would be so good to see them push the English version. Maybe they need to open offices in UK and US with a small team to promote the business and fund the Tech conferences.

What do you think?
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Need more English videos & Conferences
I'm happy the way things are
I don't really care :)

Greetings Gang...

So, 2 questions...

1. has anyone else ever seen HADD kill the HFSQL IDE and Manta before

and if so,

2. does anyone know how to fix it (yup tried re-indexing and repairing memos).

the app is written in WX15 (way back in WX15 times) and I'm in process of writing a new one. it just happened to have died a few weeks too early is all

Hello, I have a few buttons in my project where I cannot edit their code. They seem to be part of a template, so I don't know if that is the reason why. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


I'm trying to deploy some code that I have working on my local dev machine but when I run it on the production server. I get this error:

Error at line 24 of Global Procedure GP_MagTekOpenDevice process.
DotNetDelegate function called.
Unable to create WL.CWLDelegate_void_OnCardRequestCompleteEvent_string> object (C:\My Projects\Tourcube22 - Clean\Exe\Tourcube\Tourcube.dll assembly)
Unable to open E:\TourcubeRoot\Heritage\EXE\Tourcube.dll assembly
Error returned by .NET Framework:
Could not load file or assembly 'file:///E:\TourcubeRoot\Heritage\EXE\Tourcube.dll' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.
Unable to open assembly

If you look at the section...

WL.CWLDelegate_void_OnCardRequestCompleteEvent_string> object (C:\My Projects\Tourcube22 - Clean\Exe\Tourcube\Tourcube.dll assembly)

...windev is trying for some reason to use the local path from my dev machine to create the DotNetDelegate.

Here is code that intitializes the delegate

// declare delegate

CardRequestCompleted is OnCardRequestCompleteEvent dynamic
CardRequestCompleted = DotNetDelegate(GP_MyRequestCompleted,"OnCardRequestCompleteEvent")

//register delegate


All my DLL's are in the EXE directory on the production server and I can run the sample code for the device I am trying to communicate with and all works fine. I can not for the life of me figure out why the error is referencing a directory path my dev machine (rather than the server where I am running code) where it is trying to create the delegate. It's like the imported assembly has a reference in it somewhere that I can not see.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong? How to get around this?


I need to audit log when someone uses the export button on a table. Is there an event I can use to trap when this occurs?

Is there a way to retrieve the key value of an associative array?
gaaMyStuff["X"] = y
If i know y, can I get the key value? - Like this? AArrayKeyValue(y) = "X"

Good morning, I'm having some trouble trying to prevent users from going back to the software after logging out, I've tried using some code in the Synchronization of PAGE_ but it does nothing, and I can't use the prevent from using the browser "Back" key to go back to this page because it looks bad and also prevents going back to the page while being logged in. Maybe I'm using wrong the synchronization code, any tips?

Hi all again. I need soome brain storming. I have been trying to get the WM Bluetooth 4 app to work on a Samsung Galaxy Tab E. Having no luch with the connecting part of the app I borrowed a Moto G phone from my FTC team i mentor. When i load the app on the phone it works fine!
Does anyone have a idea on why it would work on a phone but not a tablet? Phone has Android Version 6 installed
Tablet has version 6.01 installed.

Greetings gang,

What the hell is the deal with when connecting to a Postgres database (when running with a HyperfileSQL database) that it creates public.fic

turns out public.fic is different on my test machine to my server and I have no idea why or how to resolve it.

any and all info on this would be greatly appreciated

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