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1) posting of problems that you may have to get "peer to peer" suggestions
2) posting of Solutions how you have done/ accomplished
3) tidbits you have found in new versions or IDE
4) integration of 3rd Part Products., or use in other OS environments such as IOS, and Android for mobile.

This Community will NOT TOLERATE
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Andy Stapleton, Tim Fishbeck , Pete Halsted and the rest of the moderators...

Hello, I am using a date variable for the Input() function, and it is showing up in DD/MM/YYYY format. How do I change it to MM/DD/YYYY format?

[WX22] new version????

Is anybody able, to explain, how the Update policy from PCSOFT works?
In the french version, the last change has been at 19 July ( Version 220071k, update 4) and in US version the last change has been at 9 June and is called "final version" (version 220063m).
Does this mean, that the US version is "final" and NOT will be updating?
Where is the WORD-control in US version?
Are there any patches?
I which, i could buy a new version without any problem!

Hi everyone,
In the web application that I am developing, I want to capture the datetime of exit, but in some cases the person leaves click an X on the browser (or timeout). Do you know if there are functions to capture these events?

Hi everyone,

I need some proof/testimonies to convince a Company to move to WX mostly WebDev. WAS performance, Connection Limitations and Server Loads. They have some legacy software and have been in the trade for a long time, with a big client base. What I tell them and what WinDev says about themselves is not the determining factor. They want to hear from people who took the leap and are not looking back. Any help would be much appreciated.

Good morning, has anyone tried sending an array of structure to a windev webservice and receive another array of structure?

[WM22] Get social networking features like WebDev

Good afternoon.

There is a way to use social networking features in WinDev Mobile 22 to, for example, share, give like, follow, etc. as in the Social Networking buttons of WebDev?

Thanks in advance.


[Example 1]

Trace(MyFile..PhysicalName) display "MyFile"
HChangeName(MyFile, "CIAO")
Trace(MyFile..PhysicalName) display "MyFile"
HChangeName(MyFile, "SI")
Trace(MyFile..PhysicalName) display "MyFile"

[Example 2]

HChangeName(MyFile, "CIAO")
Trace(MyFile..PhysicalName) display "CIAO"
HChangeName(MyFile, "SI")
Trace(MyFile..PhysicalName) display "CIAO"

[Example 3]

HChangeName(MyFile, "CIAO")
HChangeName(MyFile, "SI")
Trace(MyFile..PhysicalName) display "SI"


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Good afternoon, anyone got problems when updating stored procedures? when trying to update it, it tells me that it can't be updated because the .hsp library was created in a later version of windev, but we are using the same version. this is the error:


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Webdev Fatal Error

Just right clicking a newly created chart and this error pops up and terminates my work :)

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