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I have Samsung Chromebox Series 3 running Cloudready v66. I am disappointed to see that the bluetooth has stopped working, even though it worked in earlier versions, and that logging in makes a scratching noise on speakers that was not there in earlier versions. Anyone know more about these bugs and whether it has been noted to be fixed in future versions?

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I may have been inspired by the performance of my Dell Optiplex 3040 at Work running Neverware's CloudReady running dual 2K Monitors.

After using my mid-2011 Mac Mini at Home for 7 years (the machine was on most of the time), I made switch to Dell Optiplex 3647 Desktop running Neverware's CloudReady at Home this past weekend. Although the Mac Mini was still running great for its age, it started to run a bit slower when I hooked up an Acer H277HU 2K Monitor. I've powered the Mac Mini for the first time in many years.

Performance has been outstanding on the Dell Optiplex 3647 with Neverware's CloudReady and the Acer 2K Monitor. I had to show my wife some of differences with Chrome OS, but she learned very quickly. Overall, I'm very happy with using Neverware's CloudReady as my main Desktop at Home.
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11 year old laptop ? No problem ! Cloudready will resurrect it.

Flatpak support on cloudready for me is great .
Now I just need to figure out how to package minecraft as a flatpak.🤔

Has anybody here tried using Crouton to use a linux distro alongside Cloudready? It sounds harder than on real chromebooks (where the hardware is more standardised), or is it comparatively easy?

Just wondering . I like the UI of cloudready but I would like a change from time to time eg gnome Shell or KDE plasma. What are people's thoughts ? And can it be done ?

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I just noticed this announcement Although Flatpack is probably noticeably slower than "normal" installs on Win or Linux, I do think it would be welcome to be able to run Gimp, Libreoffice etc. on Cloudready-boxes. Has anybody tried? Some software is bound to be too slow on much older hardware, but it does mean that Kdenlive for video-editing for example (popular on linux), becomes available for those who run Cloudready on more powerful boxes.

I'd want to install on my Lenovo Ideapad 500 15ISK 80NT but it stuck on bootlogo... How i can fix that? Any idea?

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NeverWare's CloudReady has been updated to v61 on the stable channel. This latest update has patches for both Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities.

v61 also brings several interface enhancements like modified login screen and app launcher (as it does with Chrome OS).

I've updated all my systems for Home and Work including my Dell Optiplex 3040 Small Form Factor Desktop, and I hadn't noticed any degradation in performance.

For CloudReady users, v61 update is available now and highly recommended for the patches to Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities.
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