(Scene changes to McIntyre Dojo)

(Scene starts in the future)

(Scene begins outside of McIntyre Castle in the backyard)

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There there my pet( as im peting my poison horse )
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(New scene)

(Nighttime is set as Dark Griffin™ is standing on a tree branch and looking ahead)

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Thank you for the Promotion NeoQueen Beryl... I will use my moderator duties with honor and respect.
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(Arrives at McIntyre Castle. Lands and powers down. Turns head and looks back) Maaaan, I don't EEEEEVER remember Shadow, Sonic, and Metal Overlord Sonic being in violation for freezing time for 10 seconds! PSH! Chronos.. The Chronos that I remember is a bear from Johnny Bravo! HAHAHAHAHA!! Nice TRY, +Selene Lunaris Tsukinonaku​ and +Usagi Tsukino Sailor Moon​! (Walking to the door, opening it, walking inside and closing the door). Beryl? Are you home? (Starts walking) Yo Michael! Eddie? Justin? (Gets quiet and runs upstairs to Beryl and Michael's bedroom and sees something in shock) WHAT the BULL??? (Walking inside and squats down looking at it) What IS this stuff?? Something isn't right. (Using telepathy) Shadow, can you hear me?

The Shadow™: (Using telepathy) Yes, Shadeed.
Me: Hey, yo. I'm here at McIntyre Castle in the master bedroom and I see some strange purple stuff. What IS this?
The Shadow™: That's poison. NeoQueenBeryl has been captured and Michael has been frozen in a poison Crystal.
Me: (Eyes get big) WHAT???!!!
The Shadow™: He's at my lab and Anthony is there with the triplets. I'll teleport you there if you'd like.
Me: By all means! (Being teleported)
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Honey im not fealing good

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( pools his ear) Dante may i have a word with you
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