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MEMBERS: This is Pagan Militant Community. We want Paganism, we support Paganism. We are Paganism. We will stand for Paganism. We are NOT Christian. We are Pagan.
We want a new system of government that promotes Pagan principles, Pagan values, Pagan Culture.
We want Gods and Goddesses to have a remergence of worshippers. This will please our Gods and Goddesses and bring goodness upon our race, humanity.

THE OFFICIAL PAGANISM of this community is called "MAGICO-PAGANUS" I made that term up to describe THE NEW PAGANISM,
wheras in ANCIENT Paganism they often believed in prophesies such as Ragnarok. ALTHOUGH Ancients were aware of Magic, most did not understand magic. THE CORNERSTONE of NEW Paganism, is that MAGIC, NOT PROPHESY BUT MAGIC, Is determiner of fate.
Instead of believing in prophesies and disgusting violent mythologies, use your MAGIC to protect all from injuries.
We are Wizard alliance for using our magic in alliance for AIM of PROTECTION, to prevent injuries from EVER happening.
I used to have visions of injuries, but I instinctively knew that no injuries could ever be done. I learned how to protect using magic, daily meditation, and being TRUE Wizard Good.

So Magico-Paganus, although ANCIENTS DID Practice Magic, they didn't fully understand it.
As humanity evolves it grows Magically. New Pagan System of Government will ensure that children are taught in school, how to do spellcasting.
But we should use MAGIC to establish this empire NOT WEAPONS (EXCEPT MAGIC)
Magic and friendship of Gods and Goddesses, giving worship to Gods and Goddesses in return for MY SUCCESS!!! IT IS Good!!!!!!!

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WHAT THE Jewish Flag represents:
Triangle POINTING UP Symbolizes Male Force (Penis) and Triangle Pointing down symbolizes Female Energy (vagina)

King David, in a time of war and division among Jews, decided to make a symbol of unity, as Taoists call it "Yin Yang" Male and Female, Positive and Negative, Force and receptiveness, but never mistake them for good and evil - they are both neutral, equal threads of power that take on Positive Force and other takes on Negative Receptiveness - It creates harmony!!!!!

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Today is Ares' Day!!!! HE Is God of violence, aggression and Masculine brute force!!!! May Ares' agenda of war be fulfilled!!! HAIL To Lord Ares, Amen!!!!

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PAGANS: Help get Temple To Zeus, King of Gods, Glorified and Thanked!!!!!!!!!

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O Ares Mars, Violent Lord of Aggression,
I sacrifice to you this
Please grant me --

Great Ares Mars, who rules violence and masculine brute force,
I appreciate THE PAIN You cause humanity,
From Greeks to Norse,
Your gift of war you give generously,

So I request in THE NAME Of pain,
IN THE NAME Of physical suffering,
IN THE NAME Of physical torture,
IN THE NAME Of physical hurt,
That you grant my request, AMEN!!!!

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Mount Olympus is a place with lots of history and magic. What I found out about this place really strengthened my faith and I believe it will strengthen yours too.
Let's start out with "Zeus's Crown". Every morning, with the rise of the sun the clouds form shadows on the edge of the mountain that look exactly like God Zeus, there are even photos of it. A Temple to Zeus was also found there, that's why it's called "The Throne of Zeus".
There are strong electromagnetic fields that sent shivers down people's spines and NASA was even thinking of going there to do some experiments (I don't know if they did in the end though).
Many locals - as well as tourists have reported noticing young women singing and dancing naked in a river nearby the mountain. Many say they might've been the Muses.
Some others have reported hearing voices of people talking to each other near the Tsakalopetra cave while they were hiking, but they couldn't locate the individuals that were talking or the place where the sounds were coming from.
Let's not forget about the pyramidal peaks of Olympus that were said to be build thousands of years ago by either humans or the Gods themselves. Many scientists have discovered that those pyramids have the exact same angle as the three stars of the zone of Orion in the sky. They are called the "Three Realms". Two of the three stars are in a straight line, while the third is 27 degrees. The 3 stars of Orion have the same degree angle and exact match with the 3 pyramids of Olympus. That's why people believe the pyramids aren't....natural.
*There's even more proof out there of their existence, this is just a few things I found about them and their "home".*

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New Picture of my homemade Altar to Ares-Mars-Tiw God of Violence, Aggression and Masculine Brute Force...
Red Chair is used as HIS Altar (Red is HIS Color)
THAT STATUE Of Lord Ares came ALL THE WAY From Athens Greece to be dedicated to HIM...
Above HIS Statue is his symbol cut out from fabric....
HIS Altar is still being renovated so stick around for more....
Hail Ares Mars God of Violence, Aggression, and Masculine Brute Force, AMEN!!!!

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Altar to Ares-Mars-Tiw God of violence, aggression and Masculine Brute Force....
That is a Greek Statue of Lord Ares that came ALL THE WAY From Athens Greece just to be dedicated to Lord Ares...
This Altar is new and will have more equipment for Sacrifices in time....
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