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Hi guys. I'm TJ Trevors, the Spider-Man of (fan created) Earth 5! Welcome to Daily life of Spider-Man! This community is for all web heads to come and enjoy themselves, while also talking about what it is to be Spider-Man. Enjoy yourself and have fun guys!

Admin speak:
Welcome Spider Fans! This community is for any Spidey fan and I hope this community will help us make friends and come together as a true Spider Fan Family. If you need anything feel free to ask me or the mods. Hope you enjoy the community!

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Happy National Spider-Man day!

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I'm so happy I got one of these now!

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cooking a meal at Avengers towers. I chop onions with my costume on. +Peter Parker​ and +Mj Gaming​ walk in the door and see me. I nod to signal 'sup' and they give me an awkward look
Me; What?!
Peter; Why are cooking with your costume on?!
Miles;Yeah dude that's really wei- Gah! My eyes!
Peter; My eyes hurt!
Me; My costume prevents the onions from stinging my eyes
Peter; Makes sense. Anyways guards eyes What are you making?!
Me; Tattertot casserole.
Miles; That makes sense
Me; Yeah well it's dinner tonight
Peter; I want something else!
Me; We are broke. Remember?!
Peter; Oh right.....
Me; At least +Sean Schools​ is appreciative and he even volunteered to help me
Sean gets cheese and tattertots
. . . An hour later. . .
Me; Done!
Peter and Miles are hesitant at first but once they see +The Marvelous Spider-Man​ eat a spoonful, they decide to take a bite
TJ; Dude this tastes great! You have a real talent for cooking
Me; Thank you TJ?!
Miles: Dude this is actually good. Great even!
Miles pulls out phone and takes a photo. He posts it on Instagram and tags me in it
Peter; I agree this is awes-

Crime alert blares off. The sinister six were harassing a group of citizens, trying to take over Manhattan
Peter; Guys let's go
Miles, Peter, Sean, and TJ run off. I get up, I look at everyone's plates and eats their food. Sean yells from the hallways
Sean; Ben, you comin'?!
Me; Yeah rp....

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Main enemies of the Kingpin

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