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Thunderclap and his flock of five flew across the sky in search of food. With an injured wing, the large Nyctosaurus was flying unsteadily.

(Open RP)
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Quotes:"Never give up" "BE DETERMINED" most of all "Follow Your Dreams"
Name: flora
Gender: Human in the Day Unicorn at night
Rank: 7
Race: Magical
Kingdom: Mythical Unicorns
*Likes/Dislikes Like: Horns\Hate: Bad Unicorns
Personality: Fun\ Joker\like to eat
Powers/Gear/Weapons: Unicorn horn \ sleep dust \ death spell
Appearance: (roses for a mane\ flowers coming out on horn)
*Love life: Pegus hornborn
Bio: (Heyyy I am flora. I am half human and half unicorn(don't judge). My love is a fictional character named Pegus hornborn. I have a lot of powers and yeah that's all there is!!!

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Dose any one know this fandom called mystery skulls if so comment or like (art not mine)
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Animated Photo
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It can't be
I droped 1 follower ;~;

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Can I have another profile with her

I run trying to fly to my kingdom but then you (to open for max of 2 people)

Nightmare Moon stood on her balcony of her castle (its the kingdom *the Storms Arrow ) watching her children of the night playing in her gorgious night* I love it here she looked at the barrier protecting her kingdom that her and Griffius put up a few years ago but if only I wasn't so stupid into thinking I could trust Dractavian. He betrayed me and I was lucky enough to have his brother as now my true allience.
Nock Nock Nock. Ford was at the doorway Ford: what's up? walks over and puts his arm around me Me: Nothing. Just morning over my mistake again he squeezes me tight Ford:I know it was a mistake and- Me:A mistake that costed my only chance of reforming my brother and yours too! I turned my head and began to silently cry
Ford: Luna I -Me: Its Nightmare Moon Ford! That's never going to change. Ford smiles Ford: you will always be Luna in my eyes I look at Ford and hug him Me: I promise you I will get Stanley back from them. He wont be a statue forever, even if it costs me my life. I promise. Ford: I love you Luna Me: I love you too (free for roleolay)

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Quotes: "The storm provides!" "Hey, where ya going friend?" "I've seen the eye of the storm, and I forgot what fear is!" "No! A Re-le-vation, ok?" "Well, look who got Relevated!"

Name: Thunderclap

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Rank: Flock Leader

Race: Pterosaur (Nyctosaurus)

Kingdom: Northwest U.S

Likes: Storms, Wounded animals

Dislikes: Arlo, Spot, Nash, Ramsey

Personality: Thunderclap is a master of deception, offering to assist lost travelers at times but will soon reveal his antagonistic nature; devouring the wounded or dead and antagonizing those who protect potential food/prey.

Powers/Gear/Weapons: Flight, Talons, Sharp and tooth-filled beak

Love Life: None

Bio: Thunderclap was a Nyctosaurus who used to be scared and shy until he had a 'Relevation' when he saw 'the eye' of a storm. Believing the storm released him of fear, he renamed himself 'Thunderclap,' going by the motto that 'the storm provides.' Following a violent storm, an Apatosaurus (Arlo), and an immature Neanderthal (Spot) were found by Thunderclap's flock after becoming lost. Thunderclap volunteered to assist Arlo in returning home and told him his story, but soon revealed his antagonistic nature upon devouring a small fox and fighting his flock over it. When he realized that Arlo was hiding an animal, he began to become suspicious and eventually set his eyes on spot. Spot escaped, but Thunderclap and his flock chased Spot and Arlo until they were met by two tyrannosauruses (Nash and Ramsey) who drove them away from Arlo and Spot. Poised to devour spot and not giving up, he returned and attacked Arlo, stealing spot from him. He and his flock would fight over the Neanderthal child until Arlo eventually returned, defeating Thunderclap's entire flock along with their leader himself by casting them into the river, leaving them unable to fly. Thunderclap and his flock managed to survive, trying to follow more storms in search of wounded victims, while Thunderclap is left with flying difficulties due to the tear in his wing left by Spot. They are now the deadliest hunter-scavengers in Northwest America.´╗┐
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Name: Liana´╗┐
Doesn't have gender but is call her/she´╗┐
Rank: Low class gem´╗┐
Race: Gem
Kindom: Sal's Kindom (Sal's Helper)´╗┐
Likes: The impractical jokers and nice gems
Dislikes: Hateful Gems and Books´╗┐
Has a nice personally
Wepon: Sword´╗┐
Bio: Liana was born in the kindergarten about 50,000 years ago. She was abandon by Mean gems. Sal find her and turn Liana as a god/helper. She was also in the war about 8,000 years ago. She now lives in the earth.

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