What is Media Literacy?
For centuries, literacy has referred to the ability to read and write. Today, we get most of our information through an interwoven system of media technologies. The ability to read many types of media has become an essential skill in the 21st Century. Media literacy is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and create media. Media literate youth and adults are better able to understand the complex messages we receive from television, radio, Internet, newspapers, magazines, books, billboards, video games, music, and all other forms of media. Media literacy skills are included in the educational standards of every state—in language arts, social studies, health, science, and other subjects. Many educators have discovered that media literacy is an effective and engaging way to apply critical thinking skills to a wide range of issues.

Media Literacy Project’s approach to media literacy education comes from a media justice framework. Media Justice speaks to the need to go beyond creating greater access to the same old media structure. Media Justice takes into account history, culture, privilege, and power. We need new relationships with media and a new vision for its control, access, and structure. Media Justice understands that this will require new policies, new systems that treat our airways and our communities as more than markets.

Media literacy skills can help youth and adults:

- Develop critical thinking skills
- Understand how media messages shape our culture and society
- Identify target marketing strategies
- Recognize what the media maker wants us to believe or do
- Name the techniques of persuasion used
- Recognize bias, spin, misinformation, and lies
- Discover the parts of the story that are not being told
- Evaluate media messages based on our own experiences, skills, beliefs, and values
- Create and distribute our own media messages
- Advocate for media justice

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Hi, I'm Osku from Finland. I'm working as a coordinator of pedagogy development in University of Applied Sciences. I also teach media literacy in our department of social sciences. I'm very interested in media literacy, especially I'm studing my second Master's degree in media culture and communication. I'm pretty excited to qet in this community. Thank's!

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The word media refers to the technology by which information is delivered to an audience. The media industry consists of businesses that produce and distribute television and radio programs, motion pictures, and commercials along with video and audio recordings, games and publishing.

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Excited to work with the students at BCC to mount a media history exhibition as part of a larger media curation project. The project is designed to document and curate media histories with particular emphasis on Caribbean media. The images shown here are part of the students' final project for the course 'History and Development of Mass Communication'.

Find out more about upcoming projects at https://tarawilkinsonmcclean.wordpress.com
Media Museum Project
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Hello everyone, me again

Like I mentioned in my previous post +Eavi Eu  ( European Association for Viewers Interest) and I have produced a new video on Media Literacy, what it is, and why all media users should care.It is the second episode of the series ( feel free check out the first also on our youtube channel)

We are asking to media passionates to show support for our Media Literacy awareness video! We would love for you to watch and give us your thoughts  on our educational video on Media literacy awareness ( which we hope you’ll enjoy). Also, we are axing for everyone media literates to share the page and spread the word as possible!! Your support is much appreciated. Thank you



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Good Morning everyone,

I have teamed up with EAVI ( European Association for Viewers Interest) to produce and promote a video on Media Literacy, what it is, and why all media users should care.


We are asking to media passionates to show support for our Media Literacy awareness video. This series of video has been produced in multiple languages so that it can be viewed all across Europe.  We would love for you to share our educational video on Media literacy awareness ( which we hope you’ll enjoy) on your facebook pages. Your support is much appreciated. Thank you


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Hey everyone, I've been dead on this page for a long time. What ideas or thoughts would you find valuable to orient this community around? I would love to get some more engaging conversation going. 
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Best Practices in the classroom
Resources to use for instruction

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The Season is about to start. Like many,I'm excited. My teams and players are going to have big years. Academic season starts again this fall.
With the ridiculously low percentage of black males thriving as students on all levels,the time has come to change the paradigm . Anyone can teach black males however the best leaders of young black males will always be experienced black males. The school to prison pipeline is real.  Too many educational initiatives toward black males lack input or leadership from experienced black males. A fact that decreases the odds of success for the initiative.
I've had the pleasure of working with the #PerfectVision20/20 team. A group of 20 black men with various educational backgrounds designing strategies to assist black males advance academically on all levels,especially collegiate. If you work with black males add   https://www.facebook.com/PerfectVision2020 to you media list and connect. LET'S MAKE THIS THE BEST SEASON EVER!!! 
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